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Hello All.

Just thought that I'd send out an initial blog after having just now joined this group/website.

I'm from Melbourne, currently living in Chicago and desperately looking for work.  Oh, and I do follow the Sydney Swans, have been since they were South Melbourne and have some very vivid memories of them when under their old name.

I like collecting football items and am a big stats fan - so the AFL Yearbook is one of my favourite books.

As for players, well, of course I do like the Sydney boys, especially Brett Kirk and Adam Goodes, but also like to watch just good plain football.

Speak soon.



Posted by admincms on April 05, 2010

Welcome aboard.  Glad to have you with us.  You'll find lots of footy fans from all backgrounds here including many Americans like myself.   Roos last season as coach of the Swans... how will it end?

AFANA Chairman Emeritus and Site Admin

Hi -

I live in Chicago too. Would love to chat with you. Drop me a line or give me call. I'm in the phone the book. Sydney is my second team. My voice was shot for three days after the 2005 GF.

My emails (besides the website address) are:

ausfooty[at)comcast[ dot }net or lisa[at)misterinc[ dot }com

Good luck with the job hunt. Been there, done that.

Lisa Albergo

P.S. I have a footy trivia board game but no one to play with

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