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AFL To Ease Rookie Recruitment Rules

With the pool of available talent being stretched at draft time due to the introduction of the Gold Coast and Western Sydney teams, the AFL has eliminated the age restriction for rookie-listed players. At present, only one player over the age of 23 is allowed to be rookie-drafted.

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Pre NAB Cup News

Awards, NAB Rules, Tribunal Changes, Injury Updates

The league is set to hold their annual AGM in March, at which time they will present 10 past and present players with AFL life memberships.The announcement was made recently with seven current players reaching the required 300 games. They are Adelaide's Tyson Edwards, North Melbourne's Brent Harvey, Sydney's Michael O'Loughlin, Richmond's Matthew Richardson, Melbourne's Adem Yze and senior field umpires Shane McInerney and Stephen McBurney.

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Interchange Changes

Bring a note from home?

The new interchange system, in which an interchange steward must accept and approve a written interchange request, has already undergone modifications. A number of clubs complained that the overly complicated process, which would not allow a player onto the ground until the paperwork was complete, was too slow and sometimes left a team one player short.

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From The Past: Origins of the No-Offside Rule


By Keith Campbell,  special to

A notable absentee from the original 10 rule MFC set of May 1859 is the English football off-side rule.  Various football historians have written historical and sociological accounts of the reasons why it was not included.

From The Past: Origins of the Laws of Australian Football


By Keith Campbell,  special to

This will be the first in an occasional series of brief articles covering the origins of the rules and later the laws of our great game of Australian rules football.  Before we get into the rules and laws it is timely to remind all of the fans of our sport about one person often overlooked in discussions about our own favorite football code. That Footballer and Cricketer person is of course:

Thomas Wentworth Wills (1835 to 1880.)

Footy FAQ

Australian Rules Football Frequently Asked Questions. What you want to know about Aussie Rules football.

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