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TV/Events Calender indicates tonight's game between Geelong and Port Adelaide is being carried on TSN2 and ESPN2 here in Canada. I watch on TSN2 but the game is not on TSN2's schedule for 12:00 Sunday. It is, however, on ESPNs schedule ( I don't get ESPN2 ). Any insights?



Posted by admincms on April 09, 2011

Hi Alan,

Welcome to our site.  I moved your post to the Forums since it was not specific to the article on the AFL coverage changes. 

The schedules for TSN2 are for Canadian viewers, the ESPN2 are specific to US viewers only. 

TSN made a late schedule change and did not advise AFANA or the AFL about it. We learned of the change only hours before the replacement game, Collingwood vs Carlton was scheduled to air.  We posted an alert on our Facebook page and on Twitter.  I apologize that it didn't get posted here or on our Google Calendar.  It was too late for me to get that done and make my early morning alarm clock call.  By the time the rest of the staff got the word, it was long past the end of the Coll v Carl match.   We will be expressing our displeasure to TSN and the AFL has already complained. We take pride in having the right info all the time but sometimes the networks fail to cooperate. 

AFANA Chairman Emeritus and Site Admin

Posted by Rob (not verified) on September 06, 2011

Hi. TSN2 was scheduled to broadcast Carlson v. St. Kilda this past weekend. When I went to watch the game, I discovered that my PVR had recorded 3 hours of sports highlites. Apparently TSNs didn't cover this game even though they had previously said they would. Also, there's nothing on the schedule for the beginning of the finals series this weekend. Has TSN2 stopped covering AFL?

Hi Rob,

To the best of our knowledge nothing has changed as far as TSN2 coverage.   I will forward this report to the AFL and TSN and see what we can learn.  Thanks for bringing it to our attention. 


AFANA Chairman Emeritus and Site Admin


We (and the AFL) received the following terse explanation from TSN's programming manager:

"In terms of last week, we made a change to our schedule. We aired the Collingwood vs. Geelong game live on Fri. September 2 @ 5:30am on TSN2.  The change was reflected in our website."

We will again ask that we (and fans) be notified when this occurs.  The manager did not say when the change was made or when their web site was updated. 

In better news, we are advised that TSN2 will add the Carlton v Essendon game on tape delay this weekend to the existing coverage. 

AFANA Chairman Emeritus and Site Admin

Posted by Anonymous (not verified) on September 09, 2011

What "exisitng coverage" are they adding to? Seems this is the only game lst on TSN2 other than the Grand Final. Your schedule also seems to indicated the Grand Final is tape delay at 12 noon, rather than live at 12 midnight? Is this correct?? Thanks!


Subsequent to that message, we asked the same question and it appears that this weekend, Carlton v Essendon is it.  As for the rest of finals, coverage for the next two weeks will be announced on a week by week basis.  The Grand Final is currently listed as on a 12 hr delay.  We advised the AFL of this and they are following up as TSN has a contractual obligation to carry the GF live.  TSN has said they already have two live events at the same time and can't accommodate it.  No need to panic just yet.  We've been here many times before over the past sixteen years and experience tells me to give the AFL a week or so to resolve before we take further action.  Stay tuned.

AFANA Chairman Emeritus and Site Admin

Posted by DjFIL (not verified) on September 11, 2011

They have two channels (TSN/TSN2), plus the online feeds they can offer. One will be showing Rugby World Cup live... but there shouldn't really be anything else live at Midnight thru 5 AM. They better keep up their coverage of the finals series, and they better have the Grand Finals live. Makes me wish that the coverage was back with Setanta Canada, even if it would had cost me extra money. On a side note, I just noticed as posting this that Carlton v Essendon is being showing on tape delay (started 7-10am PT) on TSN2. However no future listings (for next weeks matches) are currently loaded in to my digital guide (which goes forward 2 weeks).
Posted by Anonymous (not verified) on September 14, 2011

TSN posted to their online schedule that they will show the West Coast - Carlton semi-final on delay at 12:00 noon EDT on Saturday, September 17. I presume it will be available on TSN.CA around the same time.

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