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I'm new to this forum and just starting out !

Back To The Future: Why AFANA Matters

About three years ago, I wrote an entry on my blog here at on "Why AFANA Is Important Even If You Don't Get The Footy Now".  My argument then, in a nutshell, was this:  If the only time you support what we do is when you are happy with the coverage, we might not be there on the day when you are not.  Or alternately, if you only visit our site when you feel you need us, don't be surprised if we aren't able to help you.

Setanta bit me hard

 I pray ESPN2 will deliver

Well that was nice payed to switch on Setanta sports in round 18 watched 1 game, then went to check out this weeks games to find Setanta had dropped the BALL.

 I get ESPN2, but I only get to see the GRAND FINAL, I have checked out ESPN360 and the picture is not the best at all, least it's free.

I just hope I get to see my Mighty Saint's play a game, ESPN360 does not have the Saint's games for rounds 19 or 20.

I believe the Saint's will Win the Grand Final, it just would be nice just to view the lead up to the Final.

Now What?

Kimber Smith and Joe Fidler, new interim leadership for AFANA, discuss moving forward after the new television and broadband coverage.

...ESPN will offer live matches via broadband, so we’re a little better off than we were four years ago.  As far as broadcast goes, we’ve been promised a live Grand Final on ESPN2 for 2009.  Next season?  Four games and a live Grand Final.  Maybe more.  Maybe not.   America One and MHz Worldview will offer delayed match coverage and highlights.

And that’s what we have through 2011.
So what do we need to do now?...

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The ESPN Deal And History

One of the luxuries of being the "Chairman Emeritus" is that I get to help but I'm no longer responsible for the nitty gritty between the AFL, networks, and AFANA on TV issues.  I can also offer my perspective as the "old man" on the block -- the gray haired veteran with (hopefully) sage wisdom.   Now that the details are finally being published on the new AFL contract with ESPN and TSN in North America, I can also talk more freely without jeopardizing contract negotiations. 

Fans are already starting to weigh in and predictably

Chairman's Departing Message

Fellow footy fans,

Today is my last day leading AFANA (see announcement here).  It's been a ride that at times has been frustrating, exhilarating, discouraging, hopeless, thrilling, fun, and just plain hard work.  Now, at the end, it is a relief and as one door closes, another is opening.  More on that later.

First, I need to publicly thank a few people.   First, to my two co-founders:  Wade Hinkle and the late Richard Lipp.   Without their encouragement, foresight, and motivation, I wouldn't be here and AFANA wouldn't exist.  Thank you for your belief in me and in the potential of this organization.   To our outgoing editor, my long time friend and colleague, Ann Solomon:  You've never failed me personally or professionally and I can never repay you. You have always listened

Robert Harvey

Congratulations to Robert Harvey of St. Kilda on a fine career! We will miss you! Back in 1996 I went to the 100th Grand Final and had the time of my life.

Funny AFL Math or Comparing The Wrong Numbers

In the following article in the Herald Sun, AFL CEO Andrew Demetriou defends the AFL's case for a 2nd team in Sydney:  Two into Sydney a nice fit  I read this with some interest and a couple of the numbers he uses caught my eye:  He makes the interesting argument that the one team in Sydney is equivalent to 1 player for every 159,000 residents while the same number for Melbourne is just 1 per 11, 000.   Hmm, well let's see what that really tells us.

The Future of Australian Football in North America

With the conclusion of the 3rd International Cup this past Friday in Melbourne, it is probably time to take a look at the future direction of the sport in North America.  As I wasn't there in person and depend on the match reports of our friends at to evaluate the results, I will not critique the performance of the USA and Canada squads in detail, as that would be unfair.  Rather, I want to discuss what it tells us about the future of the sport here.   I am sure it is a great disappointment to both teams that they finished 6th (Canada) and 7th (USA); particularly as the US team had high hopes of winning the Cup.

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