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AFANA Top 4 Tipping Contest - Weekly Results

This is the weekly update on the AFANA Top 4 Tipping Competition.

Each week we will post the results here for the competition.   You can follow who is atop the standings.

As per last year's Top Four competition you will have 2 chances to change your tips, but that will be whenever YOU decide. You can send in completely new teams, or make some small edits. To do this, just send another e-mail with "Top Four" in the subject header and your teams will be changed. It's that simple. The ladder will reflect how many changes each has made so you can track progress and plan your next change!

To sign up and to learn the unique rules for this comp go to:  Top 4 Tipping Contest Registration page.

The AFL draw for each round is here:  AFL Fixture.

Good luck - now onto the details:

AFL Weekly Preview Round 22 2007

by John Loffler

(Last week 6 from 8 total 103 from 168 = 61.8%)

Well footy fans and tipsters another season of home and away games comes to a close on Sunday night. I suppose at the start of the season the AFL, when setting the fixtures, thought there might be some interest in a Carlton against Melbourne match at the ‘G’ as the last game of the season but alas, they got that wrong. Here’s a game during which the Carlton supporters will be barracking for the Demons, there won’t be a single fight or altercation between the fans as they will have a common bond and rumour has it that the umpires have all nominated to do this game on the basis that each and every one of their decision will be applauded, except, of course, if there is a free kick given to the Blues in front of goal, but as that has been a rare occurrence during the year anyway don’t expect it to change for this match!!

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AFL Weekly Preview Round 21 2007

by John Loffler

(Last week 3 from 8 total 97 from 160 = 61.2%)

The game of tipping is measured in points. An absolute hopeless effort last week with 3 correct and no doubt those that follow my previews religiously (are there any of you actually out there?) would have been cursing me apart from the Collingwood versus Melbourne game which I tipped against the Pies for psychological reasons. Really though,

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AFL Weekly Preview Round 20 2007

by John Loffler

(Last week 6 from 8 total 94 from 152 = 61.8%)

My voice is a bit hoarse singing that ridiculous Richmond theme song in the shower all week so I doubt whether I will be so generous when determining the winner of this Friday night’s game. Neighbours think I’m involved in some wildlife group aimed at saving Sumatran or Siberian tigers. And the poem about Richo?

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AFL Weekly Preview Round 19 2007

by John Loffler


(Last week 5 from 8 total 88 from 144 = 61.1%)

The coaching merry go round featured strongly all week in AFL news (particularly when it was discovered that Terry Daniher had nominated his twin brother Neale to look for a coaching position instead of him) only to be displaced by the Akermanis statement about performance enhancing drugs use by a West Coast player whose name shall not be mentioned for fear of legal retribution. The problem is that Akers was believed so much that the drug testers descended on the Eagles headquarters here in Perth like a group of politicians on a holiday from parliamentary sittings. Who knows what the truth is and

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AFL DEMO on Dish Network "NOW"

Yes, I have found tonight  Sentanta  Demo on Dish Network, on chanel 284 I have not looked in to the future of this but thought I would share. Check it out if you can.

AFL Weekly Preview Round 18 2007

by John Loffler


(Last week 6 from 8 total 83 from 136 =61.0%)

The situation with the coaching vacancies and ruminations is spoiling the end of season rush for the finals. No individual is bigger than the game but try to tell that to a press that is hungry for any sniff of a rumour about which team is going to be coached by which person. And as important as that is remember, the teams who are going to be there in the last couple of weeks of September don’t have any coaching vacancies.

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AFL Weekly Preview Round 17 2007

by John Loffler


(Last week 5 from 8 total 77 from 128 =60.2%)

If you’re a bit like me and coming about nowhere in the tipping, or you’re up in the top 10 in the tipping competition but still 8 points behind, you would have welcomed all the stuff going on about the AFL coaches at the moment. This is a total distraction from supporting your team or concentrating on your tipping

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AFL Weekly Preview Round 16 2007

by John Loffler


(Last week 5 from 8 total 72 from 120 =60.0%)

Another week and another coach gone!! It looks like we’re into that “fall on your sword” cycle that seems to crop up every so often when we need a bit of a clean out of AFL coaches and some fresh faces in the commentary boxes of Foxtel, 7 and 10!! I don’t know about you guys but to be a journalist in the golden days you needed a bit of nouse, a bit of intelligence and some ability to sense what was a stupid question or a stupid headline as opposed to a question or headline of meaning or smart grammar, perhaps a bit of alliteration.

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AFL Weekly Preview Round 15 2007

by John Loffler

(Last week 7 from 8 total 67 from 112 =59.8%)

Tipsters, it has been a hard road to travel this season but last week’s 7 was a good result and I bet many of you were kicking yourself for ignoring the preview no doubt due to some pretty ordinary picks in the past. But looking at the total of 67 which is a low overall percentage it is still up there relative to the front runners and

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