Robert Harvey
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Congratulations to Robert Harvey of St. Kilda on a fine career! We will miss you! Back in 1996 I went to the 100th Grand Final and had the time of my life.

Grand Final Party Texas
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Does anyone know of any grand final parties in the Austin or San Antonio areas, please respond to, getting desperate and dont want to miss the grandy

Cheers Peter

Funny AFL Math or Comparing The Wrong Numbers
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In the following article in the Herald Sun, AFL CEO Andrew Demetriou defends the AFL's case for a 2nd team in Sydney:  Two into Sydney a nice fit  I read this with some interest and a couple of the numbers he uses caught my eye:  He makes the interesting argument that the one team in Sydney is equivalent to 1 player for every 159,000 residents while the same number for Melbourne is just 1 per 11, 000.   Hmm, well let's see what that really tells us.

The Future of Australian Football in North America
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With the conclusion of the 3rd International Cup this past Friday in Melbourne, it is probably time to take a look at the future direction of the sport in North America.  As I wasn't there in person and depend on the match reports of our friends at to evaluate the results, I will not critique the performance of the USA and Canada squads in detail, as that would be unfair.  Rather, I want to discuss what it tells us about the future of the sport here.   I am sure it is a great disappointment to both teams that they finished 6th (Canada) and 7th (USA); particularly as the US team had high hopes of winning the Cup.

Learn About the Game
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Game history available from Geelong Advertiser

Swans to play Barry Hall this week (Round 17)
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Excitement in the Swanies'  side this week. 

Round 17 AFL Tips - One person's opinion
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With a glass of wine at hand to ease the pain, I've finally made my Round 17 picks.

Round 16 Tipping -- Results and Critique.
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Should have gone with the home teams.  Favorites fall.  5-3 won both Round 16 tipping competitions, and it wasn't me.

Round 16 Tipping -- A tough round to call.
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Round 16 tipping is pretty much a coin flip.  How should one approach making the choices?

Round 15 Tipping -- Results and Critique
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Sometimes you do alright when you make picks using a coin.

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