AFL DEMO on Dish Network "NOW"
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Yes, I have found tonight  Sentanta  Demo on Dish Network, on chanel 284 I have not looked in to the future of this but thought I would share. Check it out if you can.

2007 Grand Final
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 G-day everyone, I have moved he from Australia, I have tried to follow the 2007 season on the BigPond Broadband web site. But it has to buffer every 5 minutes and is very low res.

 I've been tring to find out if at least the Grand final may be on one of the Dish Network channels since this is what I have available to me.Can any one help?

Getting my footy fix, MacGyver style
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Like any footy fan in the US, I was distraught midway through the 06 season when I found out that Fox Soccer Channel was dropping AFL like it was hot. I was looking forward to watching the Swans-Eagles GF 2.0 in Sept but was relegated to refreshing the AFL site to keep track. Now, I have full-on internet - via my Tmobile Dash. Not exactly ITVN, I know, but at least now I was able to get signed up for footy scores via SMS thanks to www . textmefootyscores . com, but this still isn't enough for this footy fiend. I also have a modded Xbox which is able to play imported games, and I just received AFL Premiership direct from Aussie, the first footy video I played since demoing a similar game for the PS2 at Federation Square on GF 05 weekend in Melbourne. (Now, I don't condone altering your Xbox at all, first off..)

Setanta Works Toward Wider Distribution
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Editorial by Rob de Santos, AFANA Chairman

Perhaps the most common complaint that AFANA gets about the TV coverage these days is from fans whose TV provider is not DirecTV:  "I don't/can't/won't get DirecTV, so the coverage is no good to me until it is on my cable or satellite provider.

We understand that and very well.   It  affects the majority of our own officers, volunteers, web staff, and journalists based in the USA and Canada (believe it or not)

Taking the Plunge!
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Well, I just ordered ITVN service for the upcoming season. I was really bummed that footy wasn't on the now-Fox Soccer channel anymore, as it was my only outlet for footy. I didn't know about ITVN until the season was nearly over with and decided I'd wait until this season began to get it.

Since we're just about there, I decided to try it out. Based on some reviews I've read and talking with fellow AFANA peeps who have it, it seems like it'd be worthwhile to try it out. I'm excited too because not only will I get footy, I'll be able to see Gaelic football!

I'm hoping it t

From the Boundary Line
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Well firstly I had better introduce myself.  Michael Brown (Mike, Mick, Browny, etc) is my name and I am one of the Photojournalists located here in the home of Aussie Rules, MelbourneVictoria.

Having been a Photographer for around 20ish years I thought that I could not possibly love my job anymore than I did...that was until I was asked if I would be interested in shooting AFL for AFANA.

Gambling and Professional Sports: Why the AFL Situation Was Predictable
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The AFL and the Australian media are caught up in a story about 4 players accused of betting on AFL matches or some aspect thereof.   All of the players, to the extent public comment has been made, deny betting on their own club and claim that the bets were small potatoes stuff, as little as A$10.    Perhaps that will prove to be the case.  But no one, not the AFL, the AFLPA, the Aussie media, or sports fans should be surprised.

For the record, I am not an anti-gambling crusader and while I think most gambling, particularly by non-professionals, is money wasted and you would be better off putting it in a bank, I don't believe that we should completely outlaw it.   However, past incidences in other leagues and professional sports should have long ago told the AFL that it's open embrace of organized betting in Australia and it's endorsement of gambling on it's matches was at odds with it's warning to young, wealthy footy players not to be bet on their own sport.  If mother AFL can reap the rewards why shouldn't some 19 year old sitting on an AFL bench with cash in his pocket?

What a day!!
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Well hey there peoples. In particular any Eagle fans out there.
The grand final was fantastic, if not extremely stressful towards the end. I was on the edge of my seat and i do not remember how i got in the air after the final siren, and that is not because of any alcohol comsuming! I actually had a mild asthma attack from screaming & yelling so much or at least trying to - every time i did i would start coughing and having difficulty breathing.
Everyone was dancing around the room clapping and cheering, and no there were no Sydney supporters invited- especially after last year, imagine if that happened again. This year we had tears of joy, of course we had to stop that quickly as it would ruin our face paint.

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the Dockers are 4th not 3rd on the list

GF telecast in Montreal??
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Hi everyone whos going to be in Montreal for the AFL GF.

Where will be the place to see the match and what time??

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