2017 North American TV Coverage Is Still Up In The Air
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(Ed note: 3/23/17 7:00 PM EDT. We have added almost all known schedule listings to our TV schedules page. We still await the official announcement from the AFL and Fox Sports. TSN did issue a press release today.
3/22/17 9:15 PM EDT. We have now confirmed the round 1 schedules with all parties. We also will be adding Round 2 to 5 for Fox to the schedules page in the next 24 hrs. However, we understand that contractual issues remain between Fox and the AFL. 
3/22/17 4:00 PM EDT. We have posted the schedule info we have so far on our TV schedules page but nothing has been officially confirmed by the AFL, Fox Sports, or TSN. We anticipate an announcement in the next 24 to 36 hrs. More will follow as available.)

With a little over two weeks until the 2017 AFL season kicks off, the league and its North American broadcast television partners are still in the process of negotiating television rights for the 2017 season and beyond. The AFL is hopeful that the deal is finalized before the Round 1 opener of Carlton v Richmond on March 23rd.  This applies to both US and Canada.

While AFANA understands this is not ideal, we are encouraged that the parties involved are still negotiating and are hopeful that an agreement can be reached quickly. None of the parties has indicated that any specific problem is the cause of the delay and we discourage fans from uninformed speculation. While the delay is of concern, we do not suggest fans take any action at this time.

All games will still be streamed on WatchAFL Global to subscribers, regardless of the current broadcast television situation.

Important Note to TSN2 Viewers in Canada
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Due to a scheduling conflict with NBA coverage, TSN (Canada) has moved live coverage of North Melbourne v Richmond on Friday evening (5/8/15 11:30 PM EDT) to TSN5. We suspect this is a one-time event.

TV Schedule Canada- Google Calendar Version
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TV Schedule US- Google Calendar Version
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Preliminary Info on 2013 AFL Coverage on TV and Internet
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[Revised 8 Feb 2013 with details on Fox plans and Canada and 10, 11, and 12 Feb with more on AFL-TV. Revised 27 Feb with more from Fox. Revised 13 March with more on Fox. Also initial TV schedules were posted on the main TV schedule page.. Readers on the home page please press "Read More" below to see this entire article. Also see the comments.] AFANA has some preliminary information on the internet and TV coverage for the upcoming 2013 season. We will be updating this post over the next few weeks as more information becomes available. Here are the main points to know:

* The AFL has indicated that Fox Soccer Plus (FSP) will provide the same coverage in 2013 as in 2012 and that means two live matches per week with occasional repeats. Fox has not yet responded to our inquiries so we do not have confirmation from their end. However, since this is consistent with what both the AFL and Fox said was the agreed deal for 2012-2014 we have minimal concern. [Update: 27 Feb.: Fox has replied, telling AFANA in part: "We will be broadcasting the 2013 AFL Season. There will be a minimum of 2 live games per week on FOX Soccer Plus, in HD, with the season kicking off Saturday, March 23rd. We will be broadcasting every playoff match including the Grand Final."]

* AFANA is aware of various reports on the plans by Fox to convert several existing channels to national sports channels

Grand Final Day Events and Timeline 2011
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The following is the time line for the the Grand Final day events including key times for match and TV related activities.   All times are listed first in Australian AEST and then in US EDT.  This is based on information from the AFL, AFANA, press reports and past history. This story will be periodically updated with late information.  Click on "read more" to see the entire table of events.

Start Time AEST Start Time US EDT End Time AEST End Time US EDT Event US / Can Network Coverage
10:00 AM 8:00 PM 12:30 PM 10:30 PM Season in Review / Grand Final Day from the MCG (Relayed from Ch. Ten Australia) 3AW radio pregame begins ESPN3.com (TV Internet only at this time)

2011 Grand Final Live on ESPN3 and ESPN2 in North America, Delay on TSN!
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ESPN2 and ESPN3 in the USA will carry the Grand Final between Collingwood and Geelong LIVE on Friday night / Saturday morning, September 30th / October 1st.  US coverage on ESPN3.com will begin at 8:00 PM EDT Friday including most pre-match festivities; Coverage will continue until 4:00 AM EDT Saturday concluding after the awards ceremony.   ESPN2 will join the live coverage in progress with the pre-game at 12:00 MN (Midnight) EDT and continue until 3:30 AM EDT Saturday. First bounce is about 12:30 AM EDT. Canadian coverage on TSN (not TSN2) will be joined in progress at 1:30 AM EDT and run to 4:00 AM. The entire Grand Final will be repeated on delay on TSN at 11:30 AM on October 1st and conclude at 3:30 PM.   TSN.ca will have live coverage beginning at 11:30 PM EDT. through to 4:00 AM. (Canadian fans should press "read more" below and see our full info on this issue).  If you have no access to any of the preceding options, the game will be live on LiveAFL.tv.  If available to you, then you can signup at (removed- obsolete).  Fans should check our TV Schedule page for details on the coverage and our TV Info page for more information on ESPN3, ESPN2, TSN, TSN2, and TSN.ca.   For those looking for parties, see our listings on our Grand Final Party page.  We have a timeline of Grand Final Day events posted here.   (Note:  the only live coverage in North America is via these outlets and they are available nationally via cable and satellite services -- see our TV Info page.)

AFANA Now Accepting 2011 Grand Final Party Announcements
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Are you or your group hosting a Grand Final party?

Once again, AFANA is accepting announcements of Grand Final parties. If you are hosting a Grand Final party and want AFANA to post it on our site complete the form at the "Go to form" link below this article.    

If you are a party organizer (no matter how big or small) or your footy club, social club, Australian American Chamber of Commerce, Aussie pub, etc. are planning a party please let us know.  If we know, we can direct local fans and out of town visitors to you.  Last year, many of the individual party listings were read over 1000 times each on our site!  Our listings cover the entire globe.  If there is a party somewhere around the world then we want to have it listed!  If you haven't started planning your party, now is the time to do so.  

Follow the "Go to form" or "read more" links below to submit your announcement.  We recommend that if you have a user account on this site, you log in prior to completing the form.
Party listings are here.

2011 Grand Final Parties Around North America and the World
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2011 AFL Grand Parties AFANA Logo

Looking for an AFL Grand Final Party in your area? You can reach all of our listings by clicking on the drop down box at the bottom of this article.  (Home page readers need to click on "read more" below this teaser to see the rest of this article and the drop down box of party listings is at the bottom of that page.) Clicking on the city names above this page will take you a special web page with links to every article we have related to that city including the party page but be sure to scroll down if necessary.

Are you hosting one and would like to promote it?  Once again, AFANA is accepting announcements of Grand Final parties.  If you are hosting a Grand Final party and want AFANA to post it on our site, send the details to us  
The page to enter info on your party is here. 

As of 9/26/2011, the Grand Final is live in the USA on ESPN3 from 8:00 PM EDT Sept. 30th with Grand Final day events through to 4:00 AM.  ESPN2 will pick up coverage live and in progress with the pre-game at 12:00 MN EDT 1 October through to 3:30 AM EDT.  LiveAFL.tv will also have live coverage. AFANA will post this and any updates on our TV pages (TV schedules).  For Canadian fans, as of 9/29/2011, TSN has added coverage on TSN (not TSN2) joined in progress at 1:30 AM EDT through to 4:00 PM. The full Grand Final will be aired on repeat beginning at 11:30 AM to 3:30 PM.) TSN.ca will have live coverage beginning at 11:30 PM EDT through to 4:00 AM. Canadian fans please see our story here.


2010 Television Coverage for US and Canada Announced
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The 2010 season TV coverage for North America is finally becoming clear. For the most part, coverage will not be different than what was the case in August and September of last season. The primary US coverage will be via internet broadband on ESPN360.com. This is free if your ISP has a deal with ESPN [about 50% of US homes including internet providers Comcast, AT&T, Verizon, RCN, Insight, Frontier, Cavalier, Charter, Mediacom, Conway, Grande Communications, etc. It is also available at no cost to U.S. college students and U.S.-based military personnel via computers connected to on-campus educational networks and on-base military networks].  We will be posting round by round schedules for virtually the entire AFL season shortly. Round 1 will have

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