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Round 19 Free on WatchAFL
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The AFL and Rightster have announced that Round 19 of the 2015 season, the "Multicultural Round", will be free on WatchAFL (both live and on-demand replay). WatchAFL is the internet streaming video service for footy fans outside Australia. If you haven't tried the service, this is an excellent chance to do so. AFL Multicultural Round 2015 logoIn addition, for replay only, all matches will be available in an alternate language in addition to English. We have the live coverage schedules for WatchAFL on our TV schedules page. WatchAFL Global Pass streaming serviceRegistering for a "free" pass will be available beginning on August 5th at the WatchAFL website. They have also announced that each game will be available in one additional language besides English for replays only. Languages include Greek, Hindi, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Italian, Spanish, and Arabic, depending on the game.

Adelaide Coach Murdered in Domestic Dispute
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by Johnson Leung reporting for AFANA in Melbourne assisted by AFANA staff in Australia, Canada, and the USA

The Aussie Rules community is mourning the tragic death of Adelaide coach Phil Walsh at just 55. Police and ambulance crews were sent to Walsh's home at Somerton Park, a seaside suburb 7 mi southwest of Adelaide city center, just after 2 AM Friday Adelaide time (12.30 PM Thursday US EDT) following reports of family dispute. They found Walsh with multiple stab wounds to his body. Paramedics treated him on the scene, but he could not be revived. Walsh's wife of 28 years, Meredith, was admitted to Flinders Medical Center with leg wounds and discharged the following day. Fans remember Phil WalshWalsh's son Cy, 26, was arrested by police a short time later outside a school friend's house at Glenelg East (1 mi north from Somerton Park), where he had been regularly staying. Cy was sent to the same hospital for psychiatric assessment and was charged with murder at a bedside hearing in Friday afternoon. He has since been moved to James Nash House, a secure mental health facility, and will remain in custody until a court hearing on September 15. We have details of the impact to US TV coverage toward the end of this article.

Note to US Viewers: AFL Coverage on FSP Affected by World Cups
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Note to US viewers of AFL coverage on Fox Soccer Plus: with the approach of the FIFA U-20 World Cup and the Women's World Cup in that round ball sport, the repeats of live AFL matches on FSP will dwindle dramatically over the next few weeks. At this point, you should not expect any repeats from week 9 through round 14. Coverage should begin to return to normal after July 5th, 2015. Once the events are underway many weeks have no repeats at all (although FSP have added some additional live matches). Accordingly, we encourage fans to check the TV schedules frequently and make sure you have the correct games and times programmed to record should you not watch live. Do not depend solely on your on-screen guide! DVR, cable, and satellite guides are not updated as often or as accurate as our listing. As is normal, we will be updating our TV schedule page several times a day and we will make sure that any last minute changes are posted as soon as possible. Coverage on other networks is not expected to be affected in a similar way. We will update this post if necessary.

Important Note to TSN2 Viewers in Canada
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Due to a scheduling conflict with NBA coverage, TSN (Canada) has moved live coverage of North Melbourne v Richmond on Friday evening (5/8/15 11:30 PM EDT) to TSN5. We suspect this is a one-time event.

HD TV coverage and Anzac Game in NZ
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A long running problem should now be resolved. Since the AFL coverage has been on Fox Soccer Plus, any match originating from the Seven network usually was transmitted in wide screen standard definition (SD). Due to DirecTV policy, viewers using that satellite network only received the game on the SD version of FSP. The HD channel (621.1) was blacked out. This affected only DirecTV customers but was the source of great frustration and confusion. As of Round 4, 2015, Seven network will be producing all AFL matches in HD. (Foxtel already does this.) Therefore, as of this weekend, DirecTV no longer has any excuse to black out live matches on 621.1. All viewers should benefit from improved picture quality.

Regarding this coming Friday, the game between St Kilda v Carlton is listed by FSP at 8:00 PM. The match is in New Zealand and by all the sources we have from the AFL begins at 11:00 AM Melbourne time which equates to 9:00 PM US EDT. Fans are strongly encourage to take this into account when setting their video recorders or planning their viewing of the game. We have advised FSP of the issue and await an explanation or correction. While it's possible that ANZAC pregame ceremonies are being included however in this case the time window for the game is too short. (Update: 4/23/15: The AFL has confirmed the start time of the game as 9:10 PM US EDT. Pre-game ceremonies start approximately 8:38 PM . Telecast start time will be 9:00 PM. We have confirmation of that from the AFL and FSP. Coverage will run until 12 MN EDT.)

TV Schedule Canada- Google Calendar Version
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AFL-TV Now Watch AFL Global and Subscriptions Open for 2014
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The AFL-TV internet service is returning for 2014 (see this earlier announcement) but has now been rebranded "Watch AFL Global" which we are referring to simply as Watch AFL here at AFANA. This season we will be including Watch AFL schedules on our TV schedules page right along with Fox and TSN. Here is the announcement from Rightster, which produces the service the for the AFL: "Watch every game of the 2014 AFL Premiership live or on demand with Watch AFL Global Pass. It's the official international subscription service for fans outside Australia. Watch AFL Global Pass allows you to watch games live on personal computers, tablets and mobile devices. You can also catch up on any of the action you've missed, or want to re-live,  with our On-Demand service. Watch AFL Global Pass also gives you Watch 24/7, a round the clock TV channel dedicated to AFL, so you can get your fix between matches. Watch 24/7 shows include classic quarters, football panel shows, player interviews, match replays and other great AFL content. Being overseas doesn't mean you can't keep up to speed with all the footy action and we offer a wide range of great value subscriptions to suit everyone those on both long and short trips abroad. To find our more and subscribe just visit WatchAFL

*Service not available in Australia"

(Ed note: updated 2/20/14:) Subscription prices are similar to 2013 with an annual "pass" priced at US$139 (A$149). You can also subscribe with a monthly payment of US$25 (presumably about $150 for the season) or you can buy it week by week when you want at US$15. Finals only passes may be offered later in the year. Coverage of the NAB Challenge is free so you can try it out now at no cost and see if it works for you. Another option is to bundle Watch AFL with an AFL club overseas membership. At least 14 of the 18 clubs are participating so far. Contact the respective club membership departments for more information. Bundles typically include a Watch AFL Global Pass, club merchandise, and member benefits plus a subscription to AFL Record for iPad. AFANA hopes to add it's own affiliate sales option later. Thus far, only an Android (Google Play) app link is on the Watch AFL page (and which will soon be available in an updated version). AFANA has been advised that an Apple app is being tested so that link will appear eventually. (Disclosure: AFANA receives a small portion of subscription revenues made through our links to WatchAFL Global and these funds are used to promote footy in the USA and Canada.)

TV Schedule US- Google Calendar Version
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Fox and TSN Extend Contract to 2016 and New TV Page Debuts
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AFANA has confirmed that Fox Sports and TSN have both agreed to contract extensions that insure the AFL coverage will remain on those networks through the end of the 2016 season. The previous contact was set to expire after the coming 2014 AFL season. This means that coverage will remain similar this year to that of last season. We do not yet know when coverage will begin. It will start no later than Round 1 in mid-March, however some coverage of the pre-season NAB Challenge series is possible. Once we have those details, we will update this website. For US viewers the primary coverage will remain on Fox Soccer Plus and for Canadian viewers on TSN2. We've are still unsure how much coverage to expect on Fox Sports 2 however we anticipate some coverage there. The amount of that coverage may vary according to the other sports available to FS2 at any given time. (Update 2/25/14: Fox has confirmed we can expect 2 games per week on FS2, usually on delay. TSN in Canada has confirmed we can expect 1 live and 1 delayed game per week in 2014.)

We are also thrilled to tell fans of the most significant change to way we present TV schedules to you since 2006. Our TV schedule system is finally fully data base driven and maintained. This allows us to bring you capabilities we have been unable to with the old page. The web address of the schedules page has not changed so all of your saved links will still work. What you will see now is all of the schedule information in one display and presorted by network. Want it sorted differently?

Changes Coming to AFL Coverage This Week
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News has begun to leak out on the future of Fox Soccer Plus (FSP) and programming carried by it, including Aussie rules football. We caution everyone that what follows is uncertain, not confirmed by any official source at Fox or the AFL, but based on information we have gleaned from multiple sources and web sites. We will update this story as more information becomes available. Updated 8/13/13 with more recent info on the schedule on FUEL/FS2; updated 8/14/13 with more on FS2 availability. This post is about US coverage only and no impact is expected to Canadian coverage. Updated 8/28/13 with confirmation of some details from FOX via the AFL. 

Beginning tomorrow (8/13/13), AFL programs will begin appearing again on FUEL later this week.. On Saturday morning (8/17/13), FUEL will become Fox Sports 2 (FS2). This weekend live AFL coverage, not just repeats, are expected to begin on FUEL / FS2. We are working to add the schedule we've obtained to our web site TV page. Be patient, there is much to do, and we will get it fully updated over the next few days. (As of 8/13/13, we have added all of the FS2 coverage we are aware of but further updates are expected.) At this time, we do not know if it will continue on FSP in parallel to FS2 or disappear from FSP at some point. Initial indications are that FS2 will carry a limited AFL schedule and FSP will continue. We do not know if it will affect Grand Final coverage but we are confident we will have live Grand Final coverage on FSP or FS2 or both. Update: As of 8/28/13, we have the following from FOX via the AFL, in part:

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