AFANA Weekly Tipping Contest - Updated Results

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Ron Abrahams, reporting for AFANA,

Greetings AFANA Tipsters,

This is the update on the AFANA Weekly Tipping Competition for 2017.

Please check the football fixture for exact timings.

Ladders will be placed here once the 2017 season starts.

2016 Results are:
* AFANA Members Tipping Results, Round 23. It remained a close challenge for the Prize Tipper but Glenn Brownstein hung on to last week's 1 point buffer to win the 2016 AFANA Tipping Competition. 
Someone will be in touch soon Glenn with details of a prize.

#       TIPPER                  WCE     GEEL    ESS     SYD     PORT    GWS     STK     HAW     FRE     R23     TOTAL SCORE
1       Glenn Brownstein        N       Y       N       Y       Y       Y       Y       Y       N       6       147 
2       Brian Bay               N       Y       N       Y       Y       Y       Y       Y       N       6       146 
3       Philip Rusch            N       Y       N       Y       Y       Y       Y       Y       N       6       145 
4       Ross Mair               No Tip  Y       N       Y       Y       Y       Y       Y       N       7       143 
5       grandpop                N       Y       N       Y       Y       Y       Y       Y       N       6       142 
6       Fred Schwinghammer      N       Y       N       Y       Y       Y       Y       Y       N       6       140 
7       Brody Finney            No Tip  Y       N       Y       Y       Y       Y       Y       N       7       139 
8       Lisa Albergo            N       Y       N       Y       Y       Y       Y       Y       N       5       135 
8       doctorwhodds            N       Y       N       Y       N       Y       Y       Y       N       5       135 
8       Boston Brewer           N       Y       Y       N       N       Y       Y       Y       N       6       135 
9       Karl Wall               N       Y       N       Y       N       Y       Y       Y       N       5       132 
10      abes                    N       Y       Y       N       N       N       N       Y       Y       4       130 
11      Canadian Nemo           N       Y       N       Y       Y       Y       Y       N       Y       6       123 
12      Jeff Hemelt             N       Y       N       Y       Y       Y       N       Y       Y       6       122 
13      Gerry Daley             No Tip  No Tip  No Tip  No Tip  No Tip  No Tip  No Tip  No Tip  No Tip  3       100 
(N denotes wrong tip, Y denotes correct tip, No Tip denotes no tip entered & defaults to away winners, 2 points bonus for tipping all 9 correct)

You can view all the results at the ESPN Footytips page for the entire Competition results and stats.

Congratulations to the tippers for the season and we look forward to you continuing to tip in 2017. Good luck if your teams are playing in the 2016 Finals series.  
Ron Abrahams
AFANA Weekly Tipping Comp Coordinator

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