Which Match Should Be Match of the Week on MHz Networks for AFL Finals Week 3?

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Voting has concluded for 2008; this page will again be open to contributions before the 2009 season next March. 

Each week, MHz Worldview & MHz Network 1 will show a "Match of the Week" voted on by you, the viewer!  Fans choose which match they want to see by simply voting in the weekly survey.   Matches are taken from the live or delayed matches aired for that round by Setanta Sports.  (MHz Worldview/MHz Networks 1 matches are aired with a one-week delay.)

We encourage you to vote for the match you would most like to see, either because you feel it was the best, most exciting, interesting, or important.  You decide…and fans rule!  We'll tally your results here at AFANA and let MHz Worldview/MHz Networks 1 know which match is the one requested by popular demand.  Voting closes each Thursday night prior to each round, US time. (Please note: If technical issues occur that are beyond MHz Worldview/MHz Networks 1 control, the channel reserves the right to air a substitute match for that week.)


Which match would you like to see on MHz?

Your e-mail address.  We ask for your e-mail address in order to assure that you are not a "spam bot" and in case we need to contact you for any prizes awarded through this fan poll.  Thanks for your understanding.

Please tell us why you follow Australian football. 


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Please show some Fremantle Dockers Games

Can you please show some Freo games, they are the third biggest club in australia according to membership, and always draw big crowds. I just dont understand why Setanta would not show alot more of the Dockers games. Im currently living in london and the general feedback from most Australians living over here is '' Why don't we see more Fremantle games on Setanta?''

I think you guys are doing a great job, but please can you start showing more Fremantle games.



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We'll include that in our feedback to Setanta

Hi Draz,

We regularly encourage Setanta to air all the AFL clubs a representative number of times and not to show the same clubs over and over.  They are somewhat at the mercy of the Australian networks though.  If the Dockers never appear on Aussie TV in the time slots that Setanta can pick up the games, no one outside Australia will see them either.  It's been a problem for some time that the AFL relegates certain clubs, particularly the Perth clubs to the Sunday games only which hurts their exposure outside Western Australia. 

Thanks for the comments, and we will share them with the AFL.  

From the advance schedules, the Dockers are on the schedules for Rounds 3 and 6.

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TV Airing Chicago


I'm sure you have all been asked this quite a bit, but I can't seem to find a pub in IL who consistently airs Australian Football. I see certain pubs carry Setanta, but when I ask them about Aussie Rules, they think I am talking about Rugby or Soccer, and say they don't air it, or tape it. I've actually been playing Aussie Rules since I was 12, and want to get some friends into it, but can't seem to find any games to show them. I see this channel WYCC, but I am guessing you can only watch that on a digital tuner on a tv. I just want to see a few games this season. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You.



If you could reply to this e-mail as well, I would also appreciate it.

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Re: TV airing in Chicago

Hi Neal,

If you can find pubs that carry Setanta then it's a matter of being proactive.  You need to tell them when the sport is aired (check our schedule pages and adjust for your local time) and ask if them, if you come in, will they put it on at least one TV for you (as long as they have Setanta via DirecTV or DISH they get Aussie rules whether they know it or not!).   And make it worth their while by showing up and buying some of their wares.   After that, you might well be able to get them to tape a match for you here and there, particularly if you bring a friend along.   You can't assume they will understand that it is different than soccer or rugby but does that matter?  Not one iota really.  All you care is that they will put it on when you want to watch.  Save the sales pitch for when it's on the screen and you can get them to take a look.  On our TV pages there are links to the Setanta venue (pub) list.

Yes, the coverage on WYCC is on one of their digital subchannels that carries MHz.  The answer to that is to get a tuner box (the government coupon program is underway so you can get a $40 off card) and hook it up to an analog TV and if necessary, an antenna, and away you go.  That's all there is to it.  (Now if you get cable, you can also call and ask your cable company when they are going to carry all of the digital channels of WYCC...  for what it's worth).

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Please show the Roos!

Hello all,

First, let me say thanks for bringing us the Match of the Week. I've been a footy fan since for nearly two decades now and look forward to every monday night. I have one small issue, though. Why are the same teams featured every couple of weeks? In the past 4 weeks, we've seen the Swans twice and Carlton twice. In addition, we had the Lions, the Magpies, the Crows and the Cats. I missed the Round 7 vote, but the teams we can vote on for this Round 8 match again include the Cats, Swans and Pies. This means that as of round 8, one team will have been featured at least 2, maybe 3 times in the past 6 weeks! That's a bit much, guys. We're not even halfway through the season. Please include some of the other teams!

I've been watching the MHz broadcast for years, but I can't remember the last time I saw a North Melbourne game over the past two years. Granted, I may have missed a week, but if I'm seeing 3 or 4 games featuring the Swans/Pies/Blues, etc. a year and no games with North or the Bulldogs, then a serious look at how games are selected for each week needs to occur.

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RE: Please show the Roos!

Hi Sean,

Thanks for your comments.  Let me explain what is going on here.  It's not MHz fault that you don't see North Melbourne.  The matches which fans vote for determine which of the listed ones are selected and aired.  So, to that end, if not enough fans want to see a North match (assuming one is available) then you won't see it.  Democracy means those who step up decide the winner.  Given the small number of weekly votes, even a handful of North fans might tip the outcome. 

Now, how are the matches for voting chosen?  Simply, those are the ones that Setanta (not MHz or AFANA) choose to air for the round involved.   Setanta does exercise some prerogative in which ones they choose but fundamentally, it is what is available from the Australian networks at the times Setanta has open for live matches.  Unfortunately, the tendency of the AFL to schedule North at the "wrong" times (and I say "wrong" here not in the negative way) means that they don't get picked often.  

AFANA has repeatedly emphasized to Setanta, the AFL, and all the networks that they need to air every AFL club at least a couple times a season regardless of ladder position or other factors.  This insures that fans of that club do get to see them occasionally.   So far this year, 10 of the 16 clubs have appeared on  MHz at least once and one more (so far unaired club) will appear in Round 8 regardless of which of the 3 options are voted in by the fans.

Hope this explains the process a bit better. 

AFANA Chairman and Site Admin

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