Which Match Should Be Match of the Week on MHz Networks Next Week?

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Voting for the 2009 season has now concluded. 

Each week, MHz Worldview & MHz Network 1 will show a "Match of the Week" voted on by you, the viewer!  Fans choose which match they want to see by simply voting in the weekly survey.   Matches are taken from the live or delayed matches aired for that round by Setanta Sports.  (MHz Worldview/MHz Networks 1 matches are aired with a one-week delay.)

We encourage you to vote for the match you would most like to see on MHz Networks, either because you feel it will be the best, most exciting, interesting, or important.  You decide…and fans rule!  We'll tally your results here at AFANA and let MHz Worldview/MHz Networks 1 know which match is the one requested by popular demand.  Two matches will open for voting each week this season (and the match not selected may air between October and December).  Voting closes each Thursday night prior to each round, US time. (Please note: If technical issues occur that are beyond MHz Worldview/MHz Networks 1 control, the channel reserves the right to air a substitute match for that week.)

Which match would you like to see on MHz next week (vote for one or all - but only one will be aired next week)?

Your e-mail address.  We ask for your e-mail address in order to assure that you are not a "spam bot" and in case we need to contact you for any prizes awarded through this fan poll.  Thanks for your understanding.

Please tell us why you follow Australian football. 

Type the characters shown in the picture above; if you can't read them, submit the form and a new image will be generated.

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