Re: We're working on that...
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Been here for years never noted a Forum. am i alone ?
not over here every year i guess........ but still.
Great job posting about games.......... over this side of the world. 5 stars

Have any newsletters been sent out yet?
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What's going on with AFANA?
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What's happening out there? The ladder hasn't been updated since Round 19, the home page hasn't been updated for weeks. Does anyone know what's going on?

I'm worried because this is my only American source for footy news.

Contacting Local Sports Editors / Reporters
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Any ideas on contacting Local Sports Editors and writers in the USA?

Stragedies, do's and don'ts?

I could be wrong but with Grand Finals coming up they would see the best and I'm sure many of the larger city editors probably have access to Setanta and other sports channels.

Should we send them a copy of a game along with the one page rules and the more detailed rules?  Would there be copywrite problems if we sent them a copied version as private individuals?

Of course, if things already look secure with Setanta playing the games next year, we could wait on this till next year.

What is this?
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Okay, I still haven't got this goofy new site figured out.  I finally figured out that I needed to create a gallery before I could upload pictures into the gallery.  But how do I look at an image gallery?  If I click the "image galleries" link on the left, I can edit my gallery.  But I can't look at it.  Based on what I've seen so far, I would like to downgrade my vote regarding this site.  I find it confusing, hard to use, incredibly non-intuitive.  I am NOT impressed.

  -- KC Swan

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