Footy in North America

Two Fan Surveys for North American Fans
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Fellow footy fans,

There are two surveys going on you may want to participate in and give some feedback on the views of fans in the USA and Canada:

The annual AFL fan survey is here:

The Collingwood football club is also conducting a survey of "overseas fans": (Survey link removed as survey closed)

On both we would appreciate it if you "write-in" AFANA as a footy news source since we were overlooked. You can also comment on the Collingwood Facebook page in the US or Canadian section (scroll down the timeline a fair bit). That's at: 


2011 AFL International Cup
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Starting next week, both the US and Canada will be taking place in the 2011 AFL International Cup in Sydney and Melbourn

Join the "Stateside Footy Virtual National Grand Final Party"!
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The American cable access TV show "Stateside Footy" is looking for Grand Final party footage!

Moving to San Francisco
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Hi all,

It appears we are moving to San Francisco for 6 months in October.   Is there a club in San Francisco where my son can play?

Aussie Rules Footy in Winnipeg, Manitoba
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For any people in Manitoba who want to get involved in footy, an article appears in the Downunder Club of Winnipeg's publication "The Southern Yarn" asking expat Aussies in Manitoba if they are interested in starting an Aussie Rules club to compete against other clubs in Minnesota, Calgary, Toronto, London and Ottawa.

The benefits of this to people like yourself would be that the club could co-ordinate AFL watching events (grand final), be in constant touch with like minded individuals.  Having live amateur games played in your area offers the secondary benefit of growing awareness and participation which in turn creates more demand for television coverage.

Anyone interested should contact AFL Canada

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