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This is the weekly update on the AFANA Top 4 Tipping Competition.

Each week we will post the results here for the competition.   You can follow who is atop the standings.

As per last year's Top Four competition you will have 2 chances to change your tips, but that will be whenever YOU decide. You can send in completely new teams, or make some small edits. To do this, just send another e-mail with "Top Four" in the subject header and your teams will be changed. It's that simple. The ladder will reflect how many changes each has made so you can track progress and plan your next change!

To sign up and to learn the unique rules for this comp go to:  Top 4 Tipping Contest Registration page.

The AFL draw for each round is here:  AFL Fixture.

The weekly match results are here:  AFL Reviews.

Good luck - now onto the details:

The current AFL Top4 is:


* AFANA Top 4 Tipping Results for Round 23, 2016

                                         CURRENT PICKS                                   
 Name                   Change  PICK 1  PICK 2  PICK 3  PICK 4  W23    SCORE
 Alan Croome            2       HAW     SYD     GEE     GWS     8       130
 John Boblick           2       HAW     SYD     GEE     GWS     8       124
 Philip Rusch           2       HAW     BUL     ADE     GWS     3       121
 Ron Abrahams           2       HAW     SYD     GWS     GEE     7       113
 Jim Baldwin            1       SYD     HAW     WCE     NOR     6       94
 Steven Perkovic        1       NOR     GEE     SYD     GWS     6       94
 Matt Harting           2       GEE     SYD     NOR     HAW     7       86
 Donald Lutes           0       SYD     WCE     GEE     FRE     6       82
 Sol Helix              0       WCE     HAW     SYD     FRE     4       70
 Jon Zeitler            1       NOR     GEE     SYD     GWS     6       67
 Seth McElvaney         1       GEE     HAW     SYD     GWS     8       66
 Rob de Santos          2       HAW     GWS     SYD     GEE     6       62
 Most popular picks     0       WCE     HAW     FRE     SYD     3       51
 Lisa Albergo           1       ADE     GEE     HAW     WB      5       49
 Roger Vanderhorst      0       FRE     WCE     NOR     HAW     1       35
 David Sutherland       0       RIC     POR     HAW     NOR     2       32
 Michael Cline          0       FRE     HAW     WCE     RIC     2       29

0 indicates no Joker played
1 indicates 1st Joker played
2 indicates 2nd Joker played

This now completes the Top4 competition for 2016 and the winner by a clear margin was Alan Croome. 
Congratulations Alan, someone will be in touch soon to sort out a prize for you.

Thanks to all the participants and we look forward to seeing you back again in 2017.

AFANA Top 4 Tipping Comp Coordinator

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Hawks  0  0  0  0.00  0
Swans  0  0  0  0.00  0
Cats  0  0  0  0.00  0

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Brisbane Women  4  0  0  201.5  16
Demon Women  3  1  0  120.9  12
Blues Women  2  2  0  137.5  8

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