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Australian Rules Football Television Coverage in 2015

We have full schedules at this link.
We have weekly radio listings for the AFL at our AFL Radio page

This page will give you the basic facts you need to know about TV Coverage in the USA, Canada, and Mexico in 2015 and is expected to be largely unchanged from late 2014. Information will be updated as necessary throughout the 2015 season. For the latest schedules see the TV schedules page. Nationwide coverage of Aussie rules in 2015 for North American fans is as follows:

  • Fox Soccer Plus (nationally in USA - for Canada see below). Primary coverage in 2015 is on Fox Soccer Plus (FSP). FSP is the subscription counterpart to the former Fox Soccer channel and is a distinct channel. (Do not assume if you used to get Fox Soccer that you necessarily get FSP, too. You may or you may not.) FSP carries 2 to 4 live and tape delayed matches per week and frequent repeats. FSP is an additional charge on most cable systems. On some (e.g. DirecTV) it is $14.99 per month, on others including Time Warner cable it is part of a package of sports channels priced at $8.99 a month (may vary slightly by area). It is available to customers of some cable companies including DirecTV*, DISH, Verizon FiOS, AT&T U-verse, most Time Warner Cable and Brighthouse systems, Cox, Cablevision, BlueRidge, Bendbroadband, SureWest, FullChannel, Frontier, RCN cable, and others. About 65% of US homes can receive FSP. FSP will carry some finals live (others will be on FS2 or tape delayed, see below). FSP (only) will have the 2015 Grand Final live. FSP will also carry the AFL highlight show each week. FSP has a contract running through the end of the 2016 AFL season. See our TV schedules page for the latest schedules. Should Fox convert FSP to another Fox channel or eliminate it, it is probable that the AFL will land on another Fox channel in the future. Based on Fox statements, we only know that Fox has not made any decision public.

    *DirecTV customers (only) should note that matches not originating in high definition (HD) are not aired on the FSP-HD feed (ch. 621.1) on that service. These are flagged on our TV schedules page each week with HD or SD codes.

    There are live and repeats of AFL coverage also on...
  • Fox Sports 2 (FS2) (nationally in USA by satellite and cable, debuted on 8/17/13 and was formerly Fuel TV). Fox Soccer 2 is a sports channel that is included in some extended cable packages and is part of an extra fee sports tier in others. FS2 is expected to reach over 70% of US homes during 2015.Coverage on Fox Soccer 2 consists of both live and repeated matches To date, FS2 has carried two live matches per week.
  • TSN Canada (TSN2, TSN1, and (nationally in Canada) carries two matches per week on TSN2; with one live and the other delayed most weeks. Highlight programs are available on TSN2 is available on many cable and satellite systems in Canada. The matches aired on TSN2 and TSN may be different than those aired in the USA.  Occasionally matches appear on TSN1 but so far nothing on TSN3, TSN4, or TSN5. TSN has a contract running through the 2016 season. Coverage of the Grand Final will be live on TSN2 as it has been for the past several seasons.
  • RDS Canada (RDS2, RDS1) French language coverage in Canada is on “RDS2” and is delayed one week. Occasionally a match appears on RDS1. The match is one of the TSN2 matches. La couverture dans la langue française pour le Canada est sur “RDS2”.  Parfois un match apparaît sur "RDS1". Il est retardé d'une semaine. Le jeu est un des jeux sur “TSN2”.
  • Claro Sports México Spanish language coverage in Mexico is on Claro Sport and delayed up to one week. La red es «Claro Sports» en México y en Español y retrasó una semana.
  • Internet coverage: There is live and delayed coverage of all matches of every round via the Watch AFL service (officially referred to as Watch AFL Global Pass). This is a subscription service for video and fans can sign up here. Subscriptions can be by week, month, finals only, or annual (US$139 for the entire season; monthly payments of US$25 or one week only at US$15 - see comments here on pricing). As a way to entice fans, coverage of the NAB Challenge (preseason) is free. All matches of every round are available live. Reports indicate the service does work on non-Windows PC's including Macs and Linux machines now as well as mobile devices including the iPad™ . An Android app is here. See our main article on 2014 internet coverage and our article on the contract extension to 2016 for more info and useful user comments on Internet coverage.  (Disclosure: AFANA receives a small portion of subscription revenue made through links to WatchAFL from our site and these funds are used to promote Aussie rules in the USA and Canada.)

    Some fans are connecting their computers to their televisions to watch the matches from the online services on a bigger screen. (Sorry, we cannot offer technical advice on how to do this but feel free to ask for assistance from other fans in our discussion forums by clicking on "Talking Footy" on the drop down menu and following the links. There is extensive help available by searching the Internet.)

    The AFL has a YouTube channel with selected match highlights, interviews, and other short segment video (but not full matches or TV programs). During the NAB Challenge some games are available only via and the AFL smartphone apps and these will be listed on our schedules with "" as the network. These games may also be linked via some club websites and use AFL media video and Crocmedia audio.
  • Fans on the west coast of North America and in Hawaii may be able to access the Australian Broadcasting Company's Australia Plus Television (A+ TV) (Formerly Australia Network. A+ TV was launched on 9/28/14, following the Australian government's decision to end funding for the Australia Network.) A+ TV has said it will provide live coverage of 5 or more AFL games per week. The games are available "free to air" (FTA) on the Intelsat-18 satellite however a large pointable dish and clear western horizon is required. Reception west of the Rocky mountains may be possible but difficult due to the low angle of the satellites on the horizon and the weak signal. Access in Hawaii may be possible with 1.5 to 3 ft diameter dishes. For more information and schedules see the A+ TV web site. For more information on FTA satellite reception see the links below. As far as we know, the A+ TV is not available on any US or Canadian cable or satellite system nor is distribution planned. 

There is no coverage on Fox Sports Net, any ESPN outlet, or Setanta Sports in 2015. Coverage on MHz Network and it's affiliates ended on July 7, 2012 for undisclosed reasons. The coverage schedules on FSP, TSN2,and FS2 are the same everywhere in the USA and Canada respectively. There are no regional feeds of those channels. In other words, you get the same programs at the same times (adjusted for your time zone) regardless of what state, province, or city you live in.

To get DirecTV checkout this link:

To get DISH Network check out this link:

To get Free to Air satellite check out these links:
Sadoun Sales (installer and hardware provider):
Aeonsat (hardware provider)
A FTA system installed will cost about $200 or so.

To get Roku check out this link

AFL Standings

 W  L  D %   Pts
Dockers  4  0  0  135.32 16
Giants  3  1  0  133.22 12
Magpies  3  1  0  128.32 12
Swans  3  1  0  125.00  12

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