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What is going on with LIVEAFLTV???

I can't get espn 3 , so this is my only option , and it hasn't worked for 2 weeks.

Anyone out there , with some info?

Posted by admincms on June 22, 2011

Hi Eldrongo,

This is the first report we are aware of that has been down.  Is it possible to get more information (dates, what games you were trying to view, what exactly happened [no response, hang, freezing, game not available, etc.])? Did you contact Perform or Telstra and what did they say, if anything?

I'm happy to take it up with the AFL, Perform Ltd, and Telstra but I will need to know more.  Thanks.


AFANA Chairman Emeritus and Site Admin

Posted by Tim (not verified) on June 22, 2011

Rob, Here's the email I received from LIVEFLTV today. I have been writing and writing and complaining and complaining since June 12 and 5 times have been told "it would be fixed" "soon" "as soon as possible" "they are now available" "in the next 36 hours" and "at the earliest". Never was a reason provided. Anyway, I wonder if the round 12 and 13 are going to be replaced. Sounds like someone started using new software to do the conversions and it was a "flop". Just conjecture. Sure has been a tough two weeks... no footy on Father's Day... and my wife is furious because "SHE LIVES FOR FOOTY". Tim Dear Customer, As you may be aware there has been an issue with some of the Video on Demand (VOD) not playing correctly for Round 12 and 13, the VOD affected is some of the quarter by quarter (1, 2, 3, & 4) replay’s. We have been experiencing intermittent issues with our video encoding process (which creates the online VOD from TV pictures). After extensive investigations, we have identified the root cause of this issue and we have been working round the clock to implement a comprehensive fix to ensure we do not have these issues again this coming round and to avoid such issues in the future. Please be aware there has been no issue with other VOD or live matches, with these continuing to work fine. We apologies for the inconvenience, and understand the frustration this must cause. Regards, LIVEAFL.TV Team ________________________________________________________________________ CONFIDENTIALITY - This email and any files transmitted with it, are confidential, may be legally privileged and are intended solely for the use of the individual or entity to whom they are addressed. If this has come to you in error, you must not copy, distribute, disclose or use any of the information it contains. Please notify the sender immediately and delete them from your system. SECURITY - Please be aware that communication by email, by its very nature, is not 100% secure and by communicating with Perform Group by email you consent to us monitoring and reading any such correspondence. VIRUSES - Although this email message has been scanned for the presence of computer viruses, the sender accepts no liability for any damage sustained as a result of a computer virus and it is the recipient’s responsibility to ensure that email is virus free. AUTHORITY - Any views or opinions expressed in this email are solely those of the sender and do not necessarily represent those of Perform Group. COPYRIGHT - Copyright of this email and any attachments belongs to Perform Group, Companies House Registration number 6324278.
Posted by admincms on June 22, 2011

Hi Tim,

Thanks for that info.  I will follow up with the AFL and Perform, Ltd. but hopefully the problem will not recur. 


AFANA Chairman Emeritus and Site Admin

Posted by Tim (not verified) on June 27, 2011

Rob, I thought I would relate to you that the LIVEAFLTV is STILL having significant problems with their "replay" content. I wrote them a few days ago, because some of the quarter VOD's were not playing. I got the following reply from them yesterday: ========FROM LIVEAFLTV======================================== Hi Tim, Thank you for your email. We appreciate you bringing this to our attention. We are aware of the issues you have mentioned and are working to rectify them as quickly as possible. Again thank you for your patience while we resolve these. Best regards, Jessica Customer Services ________________________________ From: Sent: 26 June 2011 20:47 To: customerservices Subject: RE: Feedback regarding: General enquiries Beth, We are glad that most of the quarter-by-quarter VOD is now working. I thought I would bring two issues to your attention in case there are still some issues you might not be aware of. Yesterday, we were watching the Haw Ess game, and the third quarter would not play. Rd14 Haw v Ess (Q3) (Jun 25 2011) Today (Sunday USA) we were watching the Port NMFC game, and the third quarter would not play. Rd14 Port v NMFC (Q3) (Jun 26 2011) Checking back, the Rd14 Haw v Ess (Q3) (Jun 25 2011) is now available. Just thought I would appraise you of these issues. Tim ============= END OF INSERT FROM LIVEAFLTV=========================== Rob, if you have ANY influence in these matters, would you PLEASE communicate the extreme frustration of starting to watch the first quarter of TWO different matches ONLY TO FIND THAT THE SECOND QUARTER wouldn't play. What a WASTE OF TIME. Please ALSO NOTICE that there is a "tab" at the top of their website labeled "CATCHUP TEST" which has never been there before and was NOT explained to members... but when I just went back to the site to be sure I spelled it correctly, IT HAS DISAPPEARED. Well, still no email explaining the problems or promising correction. As I said... VERY FRUSTRATING. This has prevented us from watching content since Round 11... and that was a LONG TIME AGO and MUCH FOOTY HAS GONE OVER THE d*mn..... yeah... I know... DAM. Tim
Posted by admincms on July 01, 2011

Hi Tim,

Apologies for not releasing your post sooner but I have been traveling and without full internet access.  

Thanks for the update.  The AFL has been made aware of this thread and promised me more information eventually.  They've said most of the problems were confined to Rounds 12 and 13 but obviously some are continuing.  I share your frustration.  Whatever is going on at Perform, Ltd. (which is the technology provider for Telstra in this service) it isn't good.  Please continue to keep us all informed and I will continue to follow up with the AFL and the other companies.


AFANA Chairman Emeritus and Site Admin

Posted by Tim (not verified) on July 14, 2011

Rob, Just wanted to report that they are still having troubles with the LIVEAFLTV service. Time and time again they report "everything is fixed now" but games continue to be missing. We are waiting and waiting and waiting to see the Rd 15 Collingwood game... but it and others are missing. We've been given two weeks credit... but the missing games are still missing almost two weeks later. Here's my latest letter to them and the reply and the "free two weeks letter": Thanks for continuing to take an interest in this. Tim (my letter============================================) Sent: 07 July 2011 23:30 To: customerservices Subject: Re: **Compensation** Hi Colin, Ruth, and Jessica, As I sit here... reading your words about "the assurance that the service is now working correctly"... I think back over the last few days of frustration when I have hoped to find ALL the Round 15 quarter replay available. Of course, only some of them are... and others... well... Rd15 NMFC v St K (Q1) - Missing Q2 Q3 Q4 Rd15 Coll v Haw - Missing Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 etc. etc. So, perhaps you can write to confirm that the problems from 3 weeks ago still exist... and your technical team mislead you. Inconvenience??? Oh yeah... and am I enjoying the remainder of the season??? Not exactly... of course, you are in control of that issue. With great frustration, Tim (their reply============================================) Hi Timothy, Thank you for your email. Firstly please allow us to apologise for the delay in supplying the match highlights and/or full match replays. a have been liaising with our Australian partners who provide the video content for the site. They have been experiencing some technical issues ensuring that the video content is available for us to upload to our sites. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience this has caused but rest assured we are working to get this resolved as quickly as possible. We fully expect the replays to be up in the site within 24 hours. We thank you for your patience and understanding. Best regards Ruth Customer Services (their two free weeks letter============================================) >>> customerservices 7/6/2011 5:44 AM >>> Dear Customer, We are writing to confirm that two weeks compensation has been added to your account due the issues with uploading content on the website. We have been assured by our technical teams that the service is now working correctly and that all missing content is available from rounds 13 & 14 of the regular season. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience that was caused and we hope that you enjoy the remainder of the season. Best regards Colin . Colin White Customer Services Manager

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