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Have just received an email from, using the AussieSportTV mailing list (is that legal ?) to say that they have now taken over the distribution of the AFL coverage into the USA, and other countries.

They are guaranteeing  live games each week with full replays available 26 hours after game time.

And guess what, the price has gone up from $55pa to $85pa.

And while the increase in price can be justified because live games will be shown, they are unable to show all games each week, so you may not see your favourite team live for weeks on end.

What do others thing ?

Posted by admincms on March 23, 2011

Hi supamac,

I don't think that's what has happened here.  The ASTV service has been replace by but under the hood it appears to be provided (still) by Perform, Ltd of the UK under subcontract to Telstra/BigPond and the AFL.  The technology has been upgraded and the prices changed.  The use of the mailing list is legal since the service changed names but the same entities (Perform, AFL) control it as they did before.  We have a front page article posted today about this. 

The games available live via the AFL service will continue to be those NOT aired on ESPN3 each week just as last season.  Our front page article will include more info like this as will our TV pages as quickly as we can get the details confirmed and added. 

AFANA Chairman Emeritus and Site Admin

Posted by Christopher Moerman (not verified) on March 24, 2011

I just spoke to a representative on the phone at ESPN, regarding their replay policy, as I have been waiting all morning for the 'Carlton v Richmond' game too appear on the replay section. He said they WON'T be archiving AFL games in the replay section this year??? do you have any information about this? is ESPN3 now only any good too us if we watch the game at 4am live? does anyone else have information on this? regards, chris.
Posted by admincms on March 24, 2011

Hi Chris,

To the best of our knowledge, there hasn't been a change but I will contact ESPN and the AFL for clarification on this.  The policy, as given to us last year, is that the shows are to be available for 72 hours following match start on ESPN.  My guess would be that the person you spoke to was misinformed.  Being the first match of the year, it's possible that the failure to post the match immediately was an error.   To be sure, we will check and if necessary post any changes. 

To all readers:

If you post a comment and are not logged into the site, your post immediately goes into moderation (and the screen you see after posting should tell you that).  Please do NOT re-post your message as this may get you tagged as a spammer.  If you register at the site (FREE) and then log in, your posts will appear immediately. 

-Rob de Santos
Chairman Emeritus. Australian Football Association of North America

Posted by scottjon on March 24, 2011

I would expect that Rob is correct in his assessment that whoever you spoke to was misinformed.  I just finished watching the archived Carlton-Richmond game, so I know it's in the library (I also watched part of it live during the night).  Of course, I have no idea how many hours passed between the live match ending and the archived program being listed.

I also have to add that it's a serious pleasure to be able to watch this on our big plasma screen via the XBox360 interface.  Totally different feeling than watching it on the laptop!

Scott Dakins

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