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(Ed. note to web surfers: This discussion thread is dated and most of the information from 2008 no longer applies. For the latest on TV coverage including online see our TV Info page.)

As an australian, and a big Aussie Rules fan... having just moved to the US, I'm keen to find out the ins and outs of downloading full AFL games off the internet... does anyone have any advice etc? would love to know more... cheers.

Posted by Swans500 on January 04, 2008

Chris, Google up xyzxyz...or simply get DirecTV and pay $14 a month extra for access to Setanta Sports and get 3 live games per week,

Posted by admincms on January 04, 2008

Hi Chris,

Welcome to and the USA.  You'll find some reports on this site about other fans experiences using the web site.   Search for that or "download" or other terms related to this to find these.  Beyond that, there isn't  much we can tell you. 

While I wouldn't suggest that you want to do this, anyone thinking of using tools such as Torrent tools to distribute AFL matches should know that it is likely illegal in both the US and Australia and any such distribution is unauthorized.   So, we can't help people do that without making ourselves accessories.   It would also irreparably damage our relationships with the AFL, TV networks, DVD manufacturers, and others.   All of whom we have to work with in order to get TV coverage of the AFL for fans in the USA and Canada.   And our goal is to help fans in any (legal) way we can to get more footy. 

We understand why people want to do this.  However, we think that with ITVN and Setanta there is minimal reason to do this, and the subscription fee is a lot cheaper than the potential consequences if you do so illegally.

See our FAQ item on this:
Posted by Swans500 on January 05, 2008

Apologies for my previous post, but after checking everywhere on-line, I see I have been under an illusion for some time.

When home video recorders first became available in Oz, we were informed it was illegal to record most TV material with the exception of sporting events, live programming and news etc. This information was also quoted on video cassettes for years. It appears that all changed in 2006....I missed it. I am old school.

Posted by admincms on January 05, 2008

It is legal for you to record off air (VHS or DVD or DVR) to watch later or make archival copies of material you own.   But, big BUT, you can not share it with others, make it available for download, display it or sell it for profit, etc.   It's called "fair use" in US copyright law.   So, what is illegal is distributing the copies via torrents or downloading them from web sites.   If you watch something (movie, TV, sports, etc.) over the web from a source not authorized by the copyright owner, that is a violation of law.  If you post it on a web site and tell people they can download it, or provide promotion or links for them to do so, that may be a violation of copyright law.  There is one exception.  I can post small snippets or quotes or segments for editorial and journalistic purposes.   What defines that "small" is a question at the heart of the legality of some posts on YouTube and other places.  It is the provision (see the bottom of the page) that AFANA acknowledges allows someone to link to, quote a portion of, etc. from this site.  But if you post a page from here in its entirety that would not be permitted.  Those snippets are also considered fair use and what allows "movie reviewers" to do their jobs.
Posted by ovalball on January 09, 2008

However, we think that with ITVN and Setanta...

A word of warning from this Yank Aussie Rules fan. ITVN is about to go belly up. I was a subscriber until 3 weeks ago. Currently they take subscriptions and your money, but do not seem to be shipping boxes. You can't reach them by phone or email. Service has become intermittent.

Unfortunately, Setanta Broadband does not have the IP rights for Aussie footy, so that avenue is closed off. If you can get DirecTV or DishNetwork you're good to go, but the rest of us will just have to cry in our beer(s)--which I am currently doing.

Think I'll have another-----

Posted by admincms on January 09, 2008

... we are looking into the situation regarding ITVN.  Whether ITVN survives or not, it doesn't change the arguments on this thread in any way.  

See my post on the situation, they are still "on the air" and appear to be at least somewhat alive. 

If they fail, then we will be working with Setanta and the AFL on an alternative.
Posted by mcpish on January 18, 2008

Now that the TV coverage is actually very good in North America, any chance of getting Setanta to air The Footy Show this year?   That Sam Neuman guy is a blast the way he eggs on and teases Gary Lyon. 
Posted by admincms on January 18, 2008

The Footy Show is a commercial product not owned by the AFL but by the network that produces it (Nine).   Given that, it is unlikely we will get it here for two reasons:  Setanta would have to pay commercial rates over and above the AFL contract to get it; and secondly, Nine no longer has AFL rights so there is no relationship to work with. 

More likely we can get another football related program from Ten, Seven, or Foxtel but at this stage I doubt we'll get it during the first half of 2008, if at all.  Sorry.

AFANA knows that some fans want this; we're just think that getting all 8 games each week is a higher priority right now.  But we'll pursue it as soon as there is a opening to do so.
Posted by mcpish on January 19, 2008

Yeah I definitely think the show has great appeal.  I've been able to watch it every week for the past 2 years now (using methods which I shall not mention) and find that it greatly enhances my enjoyment of the AFL each week.  There's great chemistry on the show especially between Sam and Gary.  Although I'm not a big fan of Trevor Marmalade, he feels like an extra 5th wheel which isn't really needed. 

I like how it's sort of  mixture between a late-night talk show, a sports magazine show, and a comedy act.  There really isn't a show like that for North American sports.

Posted by admincms on January 19, 2008

The issue with Nine's Footy Show, aside from cost and legalities, has always been whether your view is shared by the average American and Canadian fan.  And aside from australophiles and ex-pats, that's debatable.  I can count the number of highlight videos we sold of the Footy Show a few years ago on 2 fingers.  Plainly speaking, most fans, even those who had seen the show, didn't want it.  I surmise that this was probably because it is humor based, and humor is a cultural phenomenon.    This issue comes up annually so we have a FAQ entry on it:

The days when I was the odd American fan among dozens of ex-pat fans of the sport here are gone (which means that AFANA is succeeding, by the way!).  Today, over three quarters of the fans are American or Canadian born and that makes it even more unlikely we would go for a humor based show over a purely football based show.  It has to  be sold to the network as a way to help get subscribers.  Thus the Footy Show might work or it might not.  To get the network to take the risk I'd have to show that the money risked was offset by the potential viewership gain. 
Posted by admincms on July 22, 2015

Thanks, Tracey.  You'll find that info is widely available on this site. Just check our TV Info and TV schedule pages.

The message you replied to was 7 years old so back then, it wouldn't have been an option and I doubt anyone is still reading that thread.

AFANA Chairman and Site Admin

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