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(Ed. note: This comment was moved as it was attached to an unrelated story.) gday i have just arrived in the us from oz and ihave heard bout the bad news that noone is playing the afl this year,or it hasnt yet been decided can you please keep me updated.Also in relation to, i tried watching the full match replays and i only have an internet stick and the quality was very poor it kept stopping and starting.I didnt subscribe, i just clicked on the replays,do you think its because of the internet stick or the fact that i havent subscribed? I dont want to pay the money and not be able to watch any of the games. If you have any response can you help me out cheers GO CATS

Posted by admincms on March 13, 2012

Hi Ben,

See the front page story on the announcement of TV coverage for the US today. 

It is hard to know specifically what your problem is with  You do need a high speed connection and the service is not always reliable unless you have a recent vintage computer and run a common operating system.  However, during the subscription signup process this year you can test the video.  I would say that if that test is not good enough for you, you shouldn't subscribe.

As they used to say on TV adverts for automoblies here, "your mileage may vary". 

AFANA Chairman Emeritus and Site Admin

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