AFL Signs WADA Policy

Posted on: 7/24/2005 at 1:03pm ET

New Code Effective Nov 1

G'Day Footy Fans -

AFL Bows to Government Pressure
The AFL announced last week that it will adopt the WADA code at the completion of the 2005 season. The decision was made after discussions with the WADA and Senator Rod Kemp. The league still has to finalize its consultations with the clubs, the AFLPA, and other key stakeholders.
The league had been in agreement with WADA on performance-enhancing drugs such as anabolic steroids, but the authorities had divergent views regarding illicit drugs which are non performance-enhancing.
Players are only at risk of a suspension under the existing AFL's drug code for cannabis use if they test positive on three occasions, while under the tougher WADA code, players can be suspended for a year for a first offence and can receive a life ban for a third offence.
It is believed, however, that the AFL will continue its out-of-competition testing, something the WADA does not do. This in itself leads to a conundrum whereby a player who tests positive for recreational drugs such as cannabis or ecstasy out-of-competition would be subject to the AFL's code of private counseling and education but a player who tests positive on game day would be subject to the harsher WADA penalties - including facing the Tribunal and being publicly named as a drug-user. Under WADA rules, a first cannabis offence can incur a one year ban with further offences leading to life bans.
The AFLPA issued a statement saying it was not surprised the AFL finally agreed, given the significant political and financial pressures it was under to do so.
While the Association is in full support of the objectives of the WADA to rid sports of performance enhancing drugs, it does have grave concerns with some aspects of the WADA code and the consequences for the players.
Andrew Demetriou is adamant that the AFL's code is the most appropriate for Australian Football and will continue to make submissions to both the WADA and Australian government regarding the penalties for recreational drugs, especially cannabis.


Rex Hunt Apology
Radio football caller Rex Hunt, known for coming up with very amusing and off the wall comments regarding players and on field action, apologized last week to Collingwood's Leon Davis for what Davis perceived as a racial slur. The incident happened when during the call of the Essendon/Collingwood match in Round 16 when Rex referred to Davis' poor performance as being "black as a dog's guts". Rex actually caught himself and cut himself off in mid-sentence.
Although the comment was not meant to be a racial slur and Rex admitted it was a slip of the tongue, Davis said even what many might perceive as a minor issue can still hurt.
Sources at Collingwood said the issue was not resolved with a phone call Hunt made to Davis earlier in the week as the Hunt appeared not to understand that even though the comment was unintentional it had caused hurt. Davis said while he had never encountered a racial slur playing football, he had "pretty much put up with it all my life" off the field.
Hunt acknowledged he had not fully understood that a "genuine slip of the tongue" could hurt a person.
A mediation meeting later took place between Davis, Collingwood president Eddie McGuire, Davis' manager Liam Pickering, AFL indigenous programs manager Michael Long, and representatives from the AFL and 3AW. Hunt was profoundly remorseful for the comment. In a public statement, printed in the Melbourne Age, Hunt said, "(I've been) cut to the bone. Because I have hurt a fellow human being, a fellow Australian, a fellow league footballer. I now realize that slips of the tongue are no excuse and if I have hurt anybody by my remarks of any race or creed, I humbly apologize...I (will) continue on with my broadcasting style, but fully aware that what I say, I'm responsible for. It is not about black against white, me against him....I have a responsibility and I genuinely am sincere in my apology towards Leon, his family, and the indigenous people of this country if I have caused any hurt."
Hunt was prepared to disqualify himself from broadcasting until Davis accepted the apology, but Davis that would not be necessary.
The AFL will explore the idea of requiring all media seeking AFL accreditation to attend a pre-season program to help educate them on racial issues.
Hunt coined the term "black as a dog's guts", which he used to describe how something was dark or not good, in 1990 when he acquired a black labrador named Mister.

No To Extra SA Games
Despite the agreement between the AFL and SANFL for games only at AAMI Stadium being canceled, Andrew Demetriou has again nixed the idea of more matches being played in SA next year.
While the SA Cricket Association, which is in charge of the Adelaide Oval, admitted that the AFL has the right to decide where AFL matches are to be played, it now is free to try to lure Melbourne based clubs to The Oval with a promise of financial benefits.
The Melbourne Demons, who now play one "home game" per year in Brisbane, are already considering doing the same in SA, with a match against either Port or the Crows at The Oval.
But Demon chairman Paul Gardner left it to the SACA to present a submission to the AFL.
Other clubs which might be targeted by the SACA include the Western Bulldogs, Hawthorn, and Geelong for games which don't turn over large gate receipts in Melbourne.

The AAMI Stadium agreement was signed by the SANFL and AFL in September, 1999, to secure State Government loans for the northern grandstand at AAMI Stadium. The AFL still owes $9 million, which is to be paid back over the next 9 years. The agreement was signed in order to protect the large financial investment in AAMI.
Games at The Oval could cause a substantial loss of revenues - sponsorships, catering, and marketing - at AAMI. However, that could be countered with the SANFL promoting other events at AAMI, such as concerts and other sports.
Crow chairman Bill Sanders and Port CEO John James, however, both favor games exclusively at AAMI.

Under 16s Scores
The U16 tournament commenced in Melbourne last week. Here are the first results

TAS 15.14 (104) QLD 13.8 (86)
NT 9.14 (68) NSW/ACT 11.7 (73)

SA 24.22 (166) WA 9.15 (69)
VIC COUNTRY 10.7 (67) VIC METRO 9.11 (65)

Charges Laid:

Michael Gardiner (WCE), striking Lion Chris Johnson: intentional conduct (3), low impact (1), behind play (2), and body contact (1), equaling 7 points, a Level 3 offence, 325 demerits and a 3 game suspension. Gardiner accepted an early plea, reducing the penalty 25% to 243.75 demerits and a 2 game suspension.

Dean Cox (WCE), striking Lion Jamie Charman: reckless conduct (2), low impact (1), in play (1), and body contact (1), equaling 5 points, a Level 1 offence, and 125 demerits. He has a clean record which reduces the penalty 25% to 93.75 demerits. Cox accepted an early plea, reducing the penalty by another 25% to 70.31 demerits and a reprimand with the demerits held over toward any future infringements.

The MRP tossed out the match day charge against Brisbane's Jamie Charman. It was the view of the panel that Charman's bump on Eagle Brent Staker was not deemed to be a reportable offence.

150 games: Clint Bizzell (MELB), Josh Francou (PA), Ben Mathews (SYD)
100 games: Matthew Whelan & Daniel Ward (MELB)
50 games: Quinten Lynch (WCE), Martin Mattner (ADE), Mark Williams (HAW)
50 club games: Nick Davis (SYD)


The club has been hit with another financial disaster, with the Australian Tax Office now demanding several hundred thousand dollars in unpaid taxes going back 5 years. The taxes are related to the club's successful poker machine operations at a suburban social club.
While the tax office has not yet determined the exact tax figure, Carlton is looking at a devastating liability due to the success of the poker machine set-up at Laverton, one of the most successful venues in the country.
It is believed that the Blues' tax position - which could come close to a $1 million bill - looks certain to lead to a massive restructure of the complicated relationship that exists between the football, cricket, and social clubs.
Club director Bruce Mathieson's licensed poker machine connections have provided several options for the club to consider, but would lead to the club having to dissolve or merge its social club.
The Carlton problem follows a ruling by the taxation office that social clubs connected with sporting clubs do not qualify as not-for-profit organizations.
One option being considered by the board is the Manningham Hotel - with which Mathieson has close connections. It is now the after-match headquarters for the Brisbane Lions' Melbourne games.
Carlton is gathering legal opinions in its bid to fight the potentially crippling tax bill and had not ruled out seeking financial assistance from the AFL if needed. The Blues have until the end of next month to lodge an appeal against the ruling or lodge a return for the social club.
Carlton president Ian Collins labeled the ruling questionable, but said the club needed to "follow that through and get the proper advice in regard to that".
In the past four years, Carlton has posted record losses of $7.5 million in 2001 and then $11.1 million last season as it devalued assets at Optus Oval. Once the losses were assessed, the club came up with a 3 year plan to turn their fortunes around. This current tax bill could throw that plan into disarray.
The Blues had thought the social club, as part of a sporting body, was exempt from tax but with the new ruling it is almost certain the relationship between the football club and social club will be altered in the near future.
Collins has tried to remain upbeat, saying there is always a positive to come from adversity and the club will continue to move forward.

Carlton has again put its uncontracted players on notice, president Ian Collins saying that the club will take a hard line in negotiations and not cater to players' contractual "whims".
During a speech at the club's pregame president's luncheon, Collins said the club could not afford to carry players who were not contributing and would not retain players whom they thought were not good enough to play at AFL level.

Carlton has set its sights on Saint star Justin Koschitzke, who is out of contract at the end of the season. Club officials are believed to have contacted Koschitzke's agent, former Cat Liam Pickering, with an offer. Sydney is also believed to be interested.
Koschitzke's market price has risen considerably over the past month as his form and on-field leadership role have helped lift the Saints back into top-four contention.
Should Koschitzke remain with the Saints, which is the most likely scenario, Pickering said it would be for a lot less than what he might earn elsewhere.

The club has re-signed of Andrew Walker, Jarrad Waite, and Luke Livingston. Walker was given a two-year deal worth just under $200,000 a year, while Waite signed a new three-year contract worth more than $700,000. Livingston was given a one-year deal to rebuild his career.

Jarrad Waite 22, was recruited to Carlton in the 2001 AFL National Draft as a 3rd round father-son selection from Benalla/Murray U18's. Jarrad made his AFL debut in 2003, and has played 44 games and kicked 41 goals.

Andrew Walker 19, was recruited to Carlton via the 2003 AFL National Draft as a priority selection, No.2 overall, from Echuca/Bendigo U18's. Andrew made a stunning debut in 2004 when he collected 26 disposals. He played 15 games in Season 2004 and has played 14 games in 2005 taking his games total to 29

Luke Livingston 22, is a talented defender who had no luck in 2004 when he injured his back in the preseason and took until Round 18 before he could force his way back into the seniors.He was a 1st round selection in the 2000 Draft, was drafted from Kerang/Bendigo U18's. Luke made his AFL debut in 2002 and has played 39 games for Carlton.

The club is still haggling with Scott Camporeale (29), Lance Whitnall (25), and Matthew Lappin (29). All 3 want 3 year contracts, but Collins said clubs could no longer afford such a luxury.
Coach Denis Pagan is hoping the club can come to terms with the 3 stars, saying the club cannot afford to lose such quality players.

Wayward forward Brendan Fevola was in hot water again after making a false claim that he was bitten by Docker Justin Longmuir. He complained to field umpire Justin Schmitt, who then asked Fevola if he wanted to make a formal complaint. Fevola said yes and Schmitt turned the report over to the AFL for investigation. Under questioning from AFL Investigations Officers, Fevola retracted his original claim.
Rather than keep the matter confidential as is normally the case, the AFL decided to make an example of Fevola and its tougher stance against false accusations by embarrassing him and releasing a public statement regarding the matter. Fevola was also sanctioned $5000, which was suspended, but will be invoked should he offend again within 12 months.

Injury Update:
Adrian Deluca, foot stress fracture, 1 week
Brett Thornton, calf, 3-4 weeks

Shortly after the team's capitulation to Essendon last week, president Eddie McGuire confronted the club's match committee and football department, putting them on notice that further performances of that ilk would not be tolerated.
McGuire left the Channel Nine commentary booth after the match to speak with the match committee and football staff, telling them that the loss "totally unacceptable", coming on the heels of a 78-point flogging by the Brisbane Lions.
A livid McGuire is believed to have said: "We can't keep serving up that crap. I want you blokes to go away and think about how we can fix it."
Among the group were Coach Mick Malthouse, assistant coaches Guy McKenna, Gavin Brown, Brad Gotch, and Adrian Fletcher, as well as CEO Greg Swann, football operations manager Neil Balme, and football manager Mark Kleiman.
One club insider, noting that McGuire had remained calm when delivering his ominous message to the match committee, observed that his quiet tone was more menacing than "when Eddie yells".
McGuire was not so upset at the loss itself, but the way the team capitulated to what he believed to be an equally inexperienced and threadbare Essendon..
McGuire has been frustrated by his side's inability to match its financial might and power with on-field results in 2004 and 2005.

And in an effort to try to "fix it" - as McGuire implored - CEO Greg Swann will head up a review committee which will involve outside consultants. The entire football operation including coaches, medical staff, fitness staff, playing list, list management, and administration will be looked at.
However, Coach Mick Malthouse's position is secure, with one year left on his contract.

The player leadership group last week disciplined young players Dane Swan and Julian Rowe for being over an hour late for a training session last weekend after their loss to Essendon.
Both have been regular senior players this season, although Swan has been in better form.

Ruckman Josh Fraser is unlikely to play again this season with the club opting to rest him and determine if surgery is required to repair his knee. Currently, specialists believe rest should clear up the problem.
Fraser has struggled for fitness, and consequently form, since he had what was regarded as a relatively minor preseason knee operation. He developed an infection in the knee following the surgery and never fully recovered, with the problem restricting him to just 5 games this season.

Heath Shaw debuted this week. Shaw, drafted by Collingwood with cousin Brayden two years ago, was named on the interchange bench alongside Jason Cloke.
Shaw, the son of former Magpie skipper Ray and Rhyce Shaw's younger brother, has spent the past two seasons at Williamstown after being picked up at No. 48 in the 2003 draft.

Sean Rusling returned from a shoulder injury this week, but Shane O'Bree was out this week with a heel injury.

The Lions were again involved in a new attendance record, with the match against the Eagles at Subiaco attracting the highest ever attendance (41,524) for games between the 2 sides. The previous record was 39,666.

Injury Update:
Brad Smith, knee, season
Beau Waters, groin, 4 weeks
Andrew Embley, foot, 4 weeks
Jeremy Humm, ankle, 3 weeks
Aaron Edwards, knee, 3 weeks
Ashley Hansen, thigh, 2 weeks
Josh Wooden, shoulder, 1 week
Adam Hunter, knee, 1 week

The club unveiled a new 200 game honor board at the Gabba last week which will include Fitzroy, Brisbane, and Brisbane Lion players. The board will be hung in the players' rooms with a replica planned for the members' area.
The board itself has been christened the Curcio-McIvor board, in honor of past players Frank Curcio and Scott McIvor.
Curcio was the first Fitzroy player to reach 200 games. He began his career in 1932 and was always one of the first players picked each week. Curcio was a strong and powerful ruckman who was also a very competent back pocket player with a good mark and kick. He was renowned for knowing how to use his weight to gain an advantage as well as being a
protector of his teammates.So highly rated was Curcio that he was selected in the back pocket in Fitzroy's Team of the Century. He was captain of Fitzroy from 1938-1941
and represented Victoria on three occasions. He played his 200th game in Round 2,1946 against Collingwood, and retired at the end of 1948 with 249 games to his credit.
McIvor holds an equally special place in the club's history as the first Brisbane-based played to register 200 games, doing so with the Brisbane Bears and Lions after starting his career at Fitzroy. Originally from Wilston-Grange in the QAFL, McIvor represented Queensland at interstate level as a teenager and was recruited by Fitzroy in 1985. He was runner-up best and fairest the following year, and then won the award in 1987. A Queenslander through and through, he returned 'home' at the first opportunity to join the Bears in 1988, finishing 3rd, 2nd and 4th in club champion voting in his first three years at Carrara. He eventually boasted eight top 10 best and fairest finishes, was club vice-captain in 1990-91, and was member of the Bears' first finals side in 1995. McIvor was a member of the very first Brisbane Lions side in 1997 before he retired due to injury at the end of that year, and was also an assistant coach in the club's first two premierships.
McIvor and his wife Adrienne were guests at the dinner, while Curcio's son Michael and his wife Jenny were flown from Victoria to represent the family on the evening.
The unveiling and dinner were attended by 500 guests.

Jonathan Brown is a week-to-week proposition for the remainder of the season with an adductor muscle strain that is often a precursor to osteitis pubis.

Jarad Brennan (thigh) played his first game since Round 1. He had limited ground time in the reserves but got through unscathed. First year draftee Luke Forsyth also played for Suncoast after groin problems sidelined him since March.

He may be somewhat shorter and lighter than his famous older brother, but scouts are already keeping a keen eye on 17 year old Timothy Brown. Tim is currently playing for South Warrnambool in the Hampden League, with the Geelong Falcons in the TAC Cup and the under-16s for Victorian Country (Warrnambool is on the southern coast of Victoria, about 150 km SW of Geelong - Lisa).
The Browns are also cousins to Ben Mugavin, whose father Noel played for Fitzroy and Richmond. Ben is playing in the same side
Richmond football director Greg Miller watched a the pair in a recent game and believes both have promise.
Their age makes them eligible for this year's draft but selectors tend to look at the national championships, just completed in Melbourne, for potential draftees. Miller said selectors were still gathering information on players and would make their choices in November.
Leigh McCluskey, who coaches the two teens said both are good strong players,but that their best football was still ahead of them.

Sean Cavanaugh, who plays Gaelic football for County Tyrone, has been approached with a offer to travel to Brisbane after his Irish football commitments are completed and begin training with the Lions. Cavanaugh, 22, won't make any decisions until the Irish season is complete, but said he is keeping an open mind.

Injury Update:
Richard Hadley, ruptured ACL, resumed running 5 weeks ago, possible late season return
Chris Scott, received a 3 week suspension from the AFLQ tribunal in Round 14, week
Robert Copeland, dislocated elbow in Round 13, 2-3 weeks
Leigh Ryswyk, Round 11 quad strain with setbacks, 1-2 weeks
Justin Leppitsch, lower back disc, 8 weeks
Beau McDonald, PCL injury with complications, resumed running 5 weeks ago. Has not played since Round 14, 2003, possible late season return

Were boosted this week by the return of Jordan McMahon (hamstring), Rohan Smith (ankle), Daniel Giansiracusa (finger), and Chris Grant (knee).

Brad Ottens (groin) and Brenton Sanderson (virus) returned to the side this week, but David Johnson missed after suffering another hamstring injury, with Paul Chambers (knee) also out. Forward Steve Johnson, who has missed seven weeks with an ankle injury, was named as an emergency.

Coach Terry Wallace has put Greg Stafford on notice, giving him 6 weeks to "knuckle down" and show his worth to the Tigers. He has been in and out of the side all year for a number of reasons, the most recent being a 2 week suspension for "jumper punching" Sydney's Jason Ball.

Scans confirmed that Richmond defender Darren Gaspar suffered a grade-one hamstring strain and will miss two to three matches. It's a big blow to the Tigers as they are also without veteran defender Andrew Kellaway, recovering from a broken jaw.

Daniel Wells has agreed to a 2 year contract extension even though his current contract was not due to expire until next year.
Selected at No. 2 in the 2002 national draft, Wells already has played 55 games and won Goal of The Year last season with an amazing midair scissors kick after marking the ball.
Coach Dean Laidley described Wells as a rare talent who would only improve.

Veteran defender Glenn Archer and Leigh Colbert will be given until the end of the season to make a choice between retirement or another year. Glenn Archer indicated last week that he would like to continue next year and hopes to open negotiations soon. Both have had excellent seasons this year.

Has been severely depleted by a flu bug which has swept through the club. James Hird, who was due back this week after missing last week with a fractured finger, was out. He one of about 16 players who missed a fair chunk of training due to illness.It was so bad, the club had to cancel a Friday training session in Brisbane ahead of the Saturday game.

Mark Bullen, named as an emergency, was too ill to travel, as were Jason Winderlich and Ricky Dyson. Jay Nash, Angus Monfries, and Sam Hunt were all named as emergencies.
As late as Thursday, up to 6 players were still under the weather.

Injury Update:
Matthew Allan & Adam Ramanauskas, knee, season
Andrew Lee, OP, season
Joel Reynolds, foot stress fracture, 2 weeks
Jason Laycock, calf strain, 2 weeks

Defender Ty Zantuck, who hasn't played since Round 12 due to a knee injury, played with Bendigo in the VFL this week. According to Coach Kevin Sheedy, the knee was worse than what many people realized and Zantuck was close to needing surgery.

The Crows were set to draft talented youngster Bryce Gibbs this year under the father/son rule, but have been informed that his father Ross, did not play enough games with Glenelg within the proper timeframe to make Bryce eligible under the rule.
For Bryce to qualify, Ross needed to have played 200 games for Glenelg between 1970 and 1990. Gibbs played 253 games for Glenelg, but his 200th came too late, in 1991.
He also needed to have played his 200th game before the Crows came into the competition in 1991. He had played only about 160 at that time.
Bryce Gibbs, at 16 and 187 cm, has already been playing senior SANFL football for Glenelg across half-forward for two years and is averaging more than 20 possessions a game. He is a highly rated talent and will now attract the attention of a number of clubs.

Injury Update:
Hayden Skipworth, hamstring, 1 week
Josh Krueger, back, 2 weeks
Fergus Watts, ankle, 3-4 weeks
John Meesen, medial knee ligament, 4-6 weeks
Matthew Bode, shoulder, season

Simon Goodwin (groin) and Graham Johncock (leg) returned to the side this week.

QBE Insurance has extended its sponsorship for another 3 years, The company has been the major sponsor of the club since 1987.

From an early season Footy Show: Saints Steven Baker and Stephen Milne were guests on the show and turned up with a birthday cake for Trevor. The frosting was Kangaroo blue and white striped as the Roos are Trevor's team. Baker, though, had another present for Trevor - a St. Kilda baseball cap which he placed on Trevor's head.

Later, the cake ended up in front of Sam as he and Trevor cut pieces for everyone. Then Trevor snuck behind Sam and tried nailing him with it. He missed with most of the cake ending up on Sam's shoulder. Sam then decided to help Trevor by smashing a piece of the cake in his own face. The two traded a few quips, with Trevor making a remark about payback. Sam obliged big time, picking up most of what was left of the cake and letting Trevor have it right in the mush.

Matt Richardson was on the show, but was slightly hampered due to burning his finger on a hair-styling iron before the show and spent most of the show with his finger in a glass of ice.
He did, however, redeem himself regarding a cell phone and club sponsor Motorola. On a previous show, he had forgotten to turn off his phone and it rang on air. But it wasn't a Motorola cell phone. Club and sponsor were not too happy. On this particular show, Eddie asked him if his phone was off and this time he pulled out a Motorola model to show it was off and touted it as the best cell phone on the market.

On to the scores:

STK 4.4 9.8 15.14 21.17 (143)
COL 2.4 3.6 8.8 10.10 (70)
GOALS: StK - Koschitzke 5, Guerra 4, Milne 4, Gehrig 3, Ball, R. Clarke, Dal Santo, Goddard, Hayes; COL - Davis 2, Tarrant 2, Burns, Fanning, Lockyer, Lonie, Maxwell, Woewodin
BEST: StK - Ball, Hayes, Koschitzke, Maguire, Thompson, Fisher, Milne, Powell;
COL - Buckley, Davis, Wakelin, Clement, Tarrant

INJURY: StK - X. Clarke ( torn hamstring), Hudghton (hip); COL - Didak (ankle), Prestigiacomo (flu) replaced in selected side by Iacobucci
Clarke will miss 4-6 weeks

UMPIRES: McBurney, Ryan, Woodcock

ATTENDANCE: 45,576 at Telstra Dome

Collingwood came to play and started well in the early stages, but were at a disadvantage with Prestigiacomo out ill. It left the defence undermanned and Clement to play on Gehrig. While Clement did well early, it robbed the Pies of badly needed rebound. The Pies were first to the board through Lockyer within a few minutes of play. It would be the only time they would have the lead and it didn't last long. Milne came off the bench and immediately pounced when Egan's handball sailed over the head of teammate Johnson and landed with Milne. From the next bounce, the Saints cleared again with Thompson finding Dal Santo and Dal Santo breaking a Woewodin tackle to kick another. Lonie had a chance to get the Pies back into the contest but missed. Milne then converted from a free kick. The Saints, while looking the classier side in the middle, had chances to break the game open but missed several chances, including a poster to Koschitzke. The Pies weren't doing much better with Buckley also missing from 55 after a free kick. Koschitzke redeemed himself minutes later after a high tackle. Both sides wasted opportunities with Didak missing, then Milne hitting the post from point blank range after crumbing at the feet of Gehrig. Davis finally got one back for the Pies late in the term after Xavier Clarke was pinged for a throw and then hobbled off with his hamstring injury. More misses finished out the term, but it was the Saints by 2 goals at 1/4 time.
That advantage was soon four goals with Ball booting one to start the 2nd term, then Clarke was on the end of some handiwork which started with him, going to Gehrig, then back to Clarke for the goal. Davis, who worked hard throughout to create opportunities, goaled from the next bounce, but the Saints again replied through Goddard after Milne missed and Gehrig had his touched on the line by Wakelin.
Milne right in the thick of the action for the next several minutes for 2 consecutive goals in typical Twinkle Toes fashion. First, Milne took possession of the ball between the goal and point posts, ducked under a tackle and handballed back to Gehrig. The ball came back to Milne via Koschitzke for a clever snap. He then wriggled out of an attempted tackle by Lockyer and Woewodin to snap the ball back over the heads of his would be stoppers.
Neither side came out the term unscathed as Didak and Hudghton both came off after a brutal collision and Rusling suffered a shoulder injury when crunched by a Hayes bump. The Saint wounds could be assuaged somewhat as they went to 1/2 time with a 38 point lead.
Again, the Saints missed a few early chances to really humiliate the Pies, but still led by 40 points early in the term before Collingwood put up some semblance of a fightback as Tarrant seemed to move more freely in the term than he had in the first half and managed to shake his shadow Fisher. Voss was moved onto Buckley in an effort to quell his influence and Maxwell got the Pies going with a goal. Milne missed but Koschitzke took a great grab and goaled to keep the Pies at bay. Tarrant finally broke clear to kick his first of the match but the Pies gave away a free with Guerra and the Saints the beneficiaries. Again, the Saints missed through Baker and from the kick-in the Saints recovered only to have Baker dispossessed and the Pies inching closer through Lonie. The Pies moved the ball quickly from the center with Buckley finding Egan who found Licuria who found Tarrant 25 meters out. Burns got the Pies within 22 points when he was tackled after a mark and was awarded a 50 meter penalty. All the good work came undone when Fanning was pinged, then gave the umpire a spray, putting Koschitzke within range. Milne was again in the action, getting the ball to Gehrig for the next, and the Saints were away. Ackland, off earlier after receiving a knock to the leg, was back on but gave away a free to Wakelin. But the Pies couldn't cop a break with Wakelin putting it out on the full. The Saints recovered but Hayes hit the post. Wakelin had another chance, but the Saints got the ball back again and Koschitzke again found the big sticks. The errant kicking continued as his next hick hit the post before Guerra ended the term with a goal, giving the Saints a healthy 48 point lead at 3/4 time.
The final term was little more than a training run for the Saints with Hayes opening the term with a 55 meter shot on the run. From there, the Saints piled on 5 more goals through Koschitzke, Gehrig twice, and Guerra twice while the Pies could manage just 2 more through Fanning and Woewodin.
The 73 point margin eclipses the 68 point win they had over the Pies in 1944.
For the Saints, Koschitzke and Baker dominated the ruck with 19 and 14 hitouts respectively. It gave the midfield an armchair ride with Hayes (26 possessions, 8 marks), Ball (32), Thompson (23), and Guerra (19/9) running rampant. Fisher was terrific in defence with 19 touches and 9 marks. Gehrig may not have had a lot of stats, but his bullocking work opened up the forward line for others, especially Milne who had 21 touches and 7 marks.
For the Pies, Buckley battled to lift his side with 26 possessions and 15 marks despite having spells on the bench. Davis (21/6) was back to his dangerous best, as were Woewodin (18/8), Lockyer (21), Licuria (18), and Holland (17). Clement (14/7) worked hard in defence while debutant Heath Shaw (22/7) was impressive.
The Saints play Melbourne and Geelong in the next two games. Two more wins would clinch a finals spot.

HAW 5.3 12.6 15.7 19.13 (127)
CARL 5.2 10.5 12.10 15.13 (103)
GOALS: HAW - Williams 5, Everitt 2, Lonie 2, Franklin 2, Croad 2, Ladson, Miller, Taylor, Smith, Clarke, Lewis; CARL - Fevola 4, Betts 3, Stevens 2, Waite 2, Fisher 2, Longmuir, Lappin
BEST: HAW - Hodge, Jacobs, Smith, Everitt, Williams, Croad, Sewell; CARL - Stevens, Scotland, Fevola, Whitnall, Koutoufides, Carrazzo

CHANGES: HAW - Osborne (hamstring), Crawford (quad) replaced in selected side by Miller and Ries; CARL - Deluca (foot) replaced in selected side by Chambers

REPORTS - HAW - Brennan for charging Scotland by umpire Head

UMPIRES: Head, Wenn, Hendrie

CROWD: 31,459 at the MCG

Despite blustery conditions, both sides began the match well and showed intensity at the contests. But skill errors and some undisciplined play from the Hawks gifted goals to Waite and Longmuir inside the first 10 minutes of play. Williams got the Hawks rolling with a goal and Franklin and Everitt then chimed in to grab the lead. Carlton came back with a 3 goal burst of its own with Fisher taking a strong pack mark in the square. Goalsneak Betts crumbed 2 off packs within a matter of minutes as the momentum continued to seesaw.
Williams pounced on a loose ball and slotted the last goal for the term, giving Hawthorn a 1 point lead at 1/4 time.
Carlton started the 2nd term with another mini-burst of 3 goals, with Betts again sharking one out of pack. Hawthorn stormed back into the game as Lonie blasted two from outside 50. Then Miller crumbed one, and Croad and Taylor both goaled from strong marks and the Hawks were out to a 19 point lead midway through the term. The Blues appeared down for the count, but two late goals from Fevola dragged them back into the match and trimmed the margin to 13 points at 1/2 time.
What started as a free flowing, entertaining, and direct brand of footy changed dramatically after the break. Hawthorn went back to its frustrating habit of indirect play, chipping the ball around, and over-possession. If the Hawks were bad, Carlton was worse as constant skill errors crept in for both teams. But the Hawks still kept their advantage with goals to Croad and Williams giving them their biggest lead of the game - 23 points - midway through the term. But Stevens and Fevola both pounced on Hawthorn errors to once again drag the margin back to nine points. Williams scrambled through one more goal to restore Hawthorn's 15 point lead at 3/4 time.
The opening 10 minutes of the final term summed up the substandard nature of a match played between two bottom placed sides. Between them, they had eight shots at goal in that period, most of them very gettable, some of them extremely easy, but missed all of them. The poor kicks included a sprayed set shot from 20 meters out dead in front by Clarke, and a 20 meter snap from Fevola which went out on the full. Fevola fluffed a second shot as well. The normally damaging Stevens also sprayed a shot out on the full, and after winning a free kick immediately afterwards, missed again. Simpson missed yet another for the Blues, after which Hawks Miller and Williams also muffed chances. Amidst all of this, there were also howling errors from both sides. Lappin finally posted the first goal midway through term, but Clarke and Franklin slotted consecutive shots to give Hawthorn some breathing room. Fevola and Fisher goaled to give Carlton a sniff before Lewis sealed the match late in the term.
For the Hawks, Everitt was again at his dominant best with 20 hitouts, 20 possessions, and 5 marks. He had great support from Taylor (11). Hodge (34/7), Smith (27/8), and Lonie (18) were especially effective with long kicking and run through the middle. Others to see plenty of the ball were Croad (21/11) up forward, Jacobs (31/13) in defence, Sewell (24), Vandenberg (25), and Roughead and Lewis (19 each). The possession tally is perhaps more a testament to Hawthorn's overuse of the ball than its ballwinning ability or efficient use of it.
For Carlton, it was again the veterans Camporeale (20/6), Scotland (26/6), and Kouta (24) who led the midfield, although Carrazzo (18) also did well. Whitnall had perhaps his best game of the year with 25 possessions and 11 marks in defence while Fevola finally showed some good form up forward with 12 kicks and 5 marks.

WB 6.4 10.9 17.12 20.13 (133)
GEEL 2.3 5.8 11.10 14.14 (98)
GOALS: WB - Skipper 5, Eagleton 4, Smith 3, Giansiracusa 2, Robbins 2, Cooney, Hahn, Johnson, R. Murphy; GEEL - Kingsley 4, G. Ablett 3, Bartel 2, Chapman, Corey, Koulouriotis, Milburn, Mooney
BEST: WB - Griffen, Eagleton, Gilbee, Skipper, R. Murphy, West, Cross, Smith; GEEL - Kingsley, Milburn, Mooney, Bartel, G. Ablett

CHANGES: GEEL - Ottens (groin) replaced in selected side by S. Johnson

UMPIRES: Donlon, Kennedy, Schmitt

CROWD: 29,351 at Telstra Dome

In his post-game press conference, Bulldog Coach Rodney said his team wanted to make a statement. And what a statement they did make. Quite ironic, too as Geelong thrashed Adelaide in Round 12 and the Crows thrashed the Dogs in Round 15. Based on that alone, one would expect the Cats to be the stronger side. Not this time.
And while the experienced heads of West, Eagleton, Johnson, Smith did their usual fine jobs, youngsters Minson, McMahon, Murphy, Giansiracusa, Gilbee, Cross, and Griffen showed that the Dogs have a bright future. And while their finals hopes may be dashed for the season, they could well be spoilers for others still vying for a spot in the 8.
The Dogs were off to a flyer from the get-go with quick ball movement against a hesitant looking Geelong and applied plenty of pressure when they didn't have the ball. The result was 6 goals to 2 in the first term alone to open up a 25 point lead at 1/4 time.
The work rate continued in the 2nd term as the Dogs continued to chase, harass, and pressure the Cats into turnovers. Smith kicked two of his side's 4 goals in the term. The first was a freakish soccer kick across his body under pressure. With Minson winning the hitouts and the midfield running hard, the Dogs extended their lead to 31 points at 1/2 time.
The Dogs really set up the win in the 3rd term with 6 unanswered goals, blowing the lead out to 68 points before Mooney goaled for the Cats. Suddenly, the Cats came to life with 5 more goals to give themselves a fighting chance. When the Dogs added one more for the term, the lead was still 37 points at 3/4 time.
The Geelong fightback continued early in the final term with both sides trading 2 goals each. Then with just 8 minutes remaining, Kelly had a chance to get the Cats within 19 points with a 35 meter set shot. It hit the post. A clearing, 50 meter pinpoint pass from Griffen found Johnson in the middle. Johnson fired it into the forward line to a waiting Skipper who booted the sealing goal.
18 year old Griffen (21 possessions) was an absolute star across halfback, his skill and poise off a flank belying his tender years. Minson again was dynamic in the ruck with 20 hitouts. West again was a ball magnet with 31 possessions, followed by Johnson (25/6), Hahn (23/7), Cross (27), Eagleton (28/8), Gilbee (27/8), and McMahon (22/7), and Robert Murphy (22/13).
A furious Mark Thompson accused his Cats of taking the Bulldogs too lightly and admonished them to respect the opposition.

PA 7.4 10.6 11.8 14.12 (96)
RICH 2.3 7.6 11.9 12.11 (83)
GOALS: PA - Mahoney 4, Lade 2, Tredrea 2, Ebert, Pickett, White, Dew, S. Burgoyne, Pettigrew; RICH - Richardson 4, Deledio 2, Tuck, Hyde, Campbell, Pettifer, Simmonds, Tivendale
BEST: PA - K. Cornes, Kingsley, Mahoney, S. Burgoyne, P. Burgoyne, Dew, Tredrea; RICH - Tuck, Bowden, Coughlan, Richardson, Campbell, Hyde

CHANGES: PA - Montgomery (flu) replaced in selected side by Pettigrew

UMPIRES: Vozzo, James, Quigley

CROWD - 27,455 at AAMI Stadium

Port started with a massively tall forward structure featuring Lade, Tredrea, and White to stretch the undermanned Tiger defence and it was Lade who goaled straightaway from the opening bounce. The Tigers gave Port a 7 point lead with a rushed behind. The Tigers attempted clearance went out of bounds and Mahoney sent through another for Port from the throw in. The Tigers finally managed an attacking foray with a long Deledio kick finding Richardson. But Port then took control, banging on 3 goals through Ebert, Tredrea, and Pickett. The Tigers managed just one more through Tuck, but Mahoney added another to stretch Port's lead. Bowden replaced Hall on Tredrea as Port missed several more opportunities to boost their lead with White hitting the post and Shaun Burgoyne missing. It didn't matter as Port led by 31 points at 1/4 time.
As the 2nd term got underway, Hall was back on Tredrea and Bowden was again out at halfback. Chaffey was assigned a tagging role on Kingsley, who had been influential with 12 disposals in the first term.
It looked grim for the Tigers when Mahoney and Tredrea nailed goals within the first 5 minutes of the 2nd term, giving Port a 43 point lead. Minutes later, Hilton goaled for the Tigers. Shortly after that the rain started and it was the Tigers who handled the wet conditions better. White restored Port's massive lead, but it would be the Power's final goal for the term as the Tigers found run and began pumping the ball forward. Their next effort resulted in a rushed behind. A miss from Tredrea was sandwiched between goals to Richardson and Campbell. The Tigers continued attacking as Richo roamed upfield to mark 60 meters from goal. His kick found Deledio, but he missed. By now, the rain was pelting down and again Port missed a chance to extend their lead as Cassisi missed. A goal to Pettifer and a point to Coughlan had the Tigers within 3 goals at 1/2 time.
Richardson made it a 2 goal difference to start the 3rd term. Simmonds earned a free from a behind play infringement by Chad Cornes with the goal making the difference one straight kick. Dew then bobbed up with a trademark 50 meter bomb but Tivendale replied to keep the Tigers within 6 points. The Tigers kept pressing and a behind to Stafford and a goal to Deledio late in the term gave the Tigers an unlikely 1 point lead at 3/4 time.
The rain, which had stopped early in the 3rd term, returned for the remainder of the game. What would a Richmond match be without Richo missing a gettable goal? He did just that early in the final term and Port responded with a running goal to Shaun Burgoyne, who had been shifted off Krakouer and into the middle. Port kept attacking and should have sealed the game early, but a point to Walsh, a rushed behind, and a Primus shot which was touched on the line by a leaping Graham left the door open for Richmond. Richardson speared a goal from deep in a pocket to put the Tigers within 2 points but goals to Mahoney and Pettigrew either side of a Pickett had Port 15 points midway through the term. But 2 rushed behinds to Richmond were the only other scores as Port grimly defended its slender lead to the end.
The win leaves Port undefeated in 8 games against the Tigers at AAMI Stadium.
For Port, Primus won 26 hitouts in the ruck, while Kingsley (23/8), Kane Cornes (25/5), Peter Burgoyne (23/5), Dew (19), Francou and Cassisi (17) drove the midfield. Wanganeen (17) and Chad Cornes (14) led the defence while Tredrea (19/8) was dangerous as always despite the attention of Wakelin and Bishop.
For the Tigers, Tuck continued his great form (28/8) in the midfield with Coughlan (22), Hyde (21/8), Campbell (21), and Johnson (19) working hard. Bowden (23) and Graham (20) battled hard in defence while Richardson (16/9) was imposing up forward.

BRIS 5.3 8.9 11.11 17.12 (114)
ESS 1.7 4.9 10.13 14.17 (101)
GOALS: BRIS - Brown 5, Corrie 4, McGrath 2, Black, Sherman, Keating, Notting, McDonald, Lappin; ESS - Lucas 4, Lovett 3, Dyson 2, Bolton, Monfries, J Johnson, Lloyd, Welsh
BEST: BRIS - Brown, Corrie, Drummond, Voss, Michael, Lappin; ESS - Lucas, Fletcher, J. Johnson, Stanton, McVeigh, Peverill

INJURY: BRIS - Akermanis (hamstring); ESS - Johns (hamstring)

CHANGES: ESS - Hird and Rioli replaced in selected team by Monfries and Hunt

UMPIRES: Chamberlain, Morris, Ellis

CROWD: 36077 at the Gabba

But for some resolute defence from the Lions and wayward kicking from Essendon, the Bombers just might have found themselves close if not in the lead in the first term. The Lions, with Brown, McGrath, and Corrie feeding on the Akermanis led midfield delivery, looked have Essendon on the ropes with a 20 point lead at 1/4 time.
But Essendon straightened up in the 2nd term as the Lions now found themselves missing shots which could have blown the game open. Essendon fought back well in the term with goals to Lucas and Monfries - the latter coming after Lovett intercepted a misdirected Bradshaw handball. Suddenly the game was alive with the Bombers just 8 points down.
Brisbane booted the final three goals of the term with Brown getting the first after a strong high mark, then setting up Notting for the next. The last of the term had the Lions 4 goals clear at 1/2 time. The Lions lost Akermanis after 1/2 time to a hamstring injury and clearly missed his drive through the middle where he had amassed 15 disposals in the first half.
Brisbane stretched its lead early in the 3rd term with goals to Corrie and MacDonald, but Essendon roared back into the match with Jason Johnson starting the revival. Then Stanton goaled from a 50 meter penalty against Voss. Brown replied with a brilliant 50 meter snap from the boundary but Lucas kept the Bombers right in it with another free kick goal.
Macdonald then hit the post when running into an open goal. At the other end, the Bombers surged again with goals to Dyson, Lovett, and Lucas slashing the margin to just 4 points at 3/4 time.
Just minutes into the final term, the Bombers actually hit the front through Lucas, but 3 goals to Corrie and one to Brown gave the Lions a 21 point lead. Just as quickly as he was the momentary hero, Corrie then became the villain when he compounded a free kick by giving away a 50 meter penalty, resulting in a goal to Lloyd to kickstart another Bomber revival with further goals to Lovett and Walsh putting the Bombers within 2 points with 10 minutes left.
Lappin then dribbled one through to seal the game, despite being in the grips of several Bomber tacklers. Essendon still had a chance to pinch the game, Lloyd's shot on the run was touched on the line by Johnson and Welsh kicked wide from 20 meters. Those misses allowed McGrath to snap one final goal to ensure the win.
For the Lions, Black (36), Voss (28/6), and Lappin (29) shared 88 touches between them on the back of Keating (21) and Charman (10) winning the hitouts. Adcock 18/8), Drummond (26/8), and Johnson (21) provided plenty of drive from defence while Brown (14/9) and Bradshaw (17/10) combined well up forward.
For the Bombers, Hille (21 hitouts, 13 possessions) worked hard in the ruck and around the ground. Jason Johnson (23), Peverill (22) and Stanton (21) drove the midfield, with Stanton's speed crucial. Bradley (19/9) was also lively. Lucas (17/9) was prominent up forward while Lloyd was held to just 9 kicks and 1 handball.

ADE 6.2 12.5 16.7 19.8 (122)
KANG 4.2 7.5 10.9 16.13 (109)
GOALS: ADE - Welsh 6, Edwards 3, Ricciuto 3, Perrie 2, Shirley, Van Berlo, Thompson, Goodwin, McGregor; KANG - Grant 4, Harvey 2, Jones 2, Thompson 2, Rocca 2, Stevens, Sansbury, Harding, Rawlings
BEST: ADE – Welsh, Edwards, Burton, Ricciuto, Perrie, Thompson; KANG - Harvey, Grant, Sinclair, Harris, Colbert, Petrie, Jones

UMPIRES: Margetts, Meredith, Goldspink

CROWD: 25,263 at Telstra Dome

As one would expect from these two sides, both came out to play! And it showed with a fast-paced opening term. It was goal-for-goal early, before Edwards broke the trend with consecutive goals to give the Crows a 17 point lead midway through the term. Goals to Grant and Corey Jones reeled the margin back to 5 points, before Welsh kicked another to give Adelaide a 2 goal lead at 1/4 time.
The Kangaroos did well to restrict Adelaide early in the 2nd term, but Adelaide was also holding the Roos and it wasn't until halfway through the term that Grant finally posted the first goal, once more bringing the Kangas within 5 points. But the Crows seized control with Welsh, Edwards, and Shirley prominent as Adelaide booted 6 of the next 8 goals to take a 30 point lead at 1/2 time. Welsh had five goals to his name, Edwards was damaging with 3 goals and 17 disposals, the most of any player on the ground, while Shirley dished off 10 handballs, a key statistic in Adelaide's hard-running style of play.
The Crows opened the 3rd term with 3 more goals - 1 to Welsh and 2 to Ricciuto - to extend their lead to 49 points. But the never-say-die Kangaroos hit back with 3 of their own before Scott Thompson's late goal gave Adelaide a 34 point lead at 3/4 time.
The Kangaroos rallied in the final term, gaining control out of the middle. Goals to Harding, Thompson, Harvey gave the Kangaroos a real chance. When Rocca booted the next, the Kangaroos were within 7 points with 3 minutes on the clock. Then Thompson hit the post and Harding missed, Ricciuto goaled to steady the Crows as the Kangaroos kept attacking. But a Kangaroo error in the middle of the ground saw the Crows recover the ball and kick long to McGregor who marked and goaled just before the siren.
For the Crows, Biglands (27 hitouts) and Hudson (10 hitouts) gave the Crows plenty of opportunities with Burton (26/7), Ricciuto (26), and Edwards (24), and Perrie (17/6) finding plenty of the ball. Welsh (10 kicks, 5 marks) was deadly up forward as missed just one shot on goal.
For the Kangaroos, Petrie (14 hitouts, 15 possessions, and 10 tackles) was excellent in the ruck and around the ground, with Harvey (26), Simpson (20), Grant (14), and Harris (21) the usual suspects in the middle. Archer (17) and Colbert (23/10) stood tall in defence.

FRE 4.2 7.4 11.8 15.11 (101)
MELB 4.4 7.7 10.8 11.10 (76)
GOALS: FRE - McPharlin 4, Pavlich 3, Headland 3, Haselby 2, Carr, Schammer, Crowley; MELB - Davey 3, Neitz 2, Yze, Bruce, McLean, Green, Ferguson
BEST: FRE - Black, Headland, Haselby, McPharlin, Thornton, Bell; MELB - Green, Johnstone, Bizzell, Bruce, Carroll, Holland

INJURY: MELB - Rivers (right wrist)

CHANGES: FRE - Schofield replaced in selected side by Walker; MELB - Wheatley replaced in selected side by Bizzell

UMPIRES: Allen, Avon, Jeffery

CROWD: 31,028 at Subiaco

In drizzly conditions, Melbourne got the better start, with dangerous forward duo Neitz and Aaron Davey slotting goals inside the first seven minutes, but then Fremantle's own dynamic duo Pavlich and McPharlin replied. Hasleby and Neitz swapped goals before Headland gave Fremantle its first lead of the game, but Yze chimed in with one from a boundary after the siren to give the Dees a 2 point lead at 1/4 time.
The Dockers grabbed a 13 point lead with 2 goals early in the 2nd term, but Bruce slotted one from a tight angle and Davey followed with another before Pavlich kept the Dockers in touch with a soccer shot in the square. Davey added one more for the Demons to give Melbourne a 3 point lead at 1/2 time.
That lead was stretched out early in the 3rd term with goals to Green and Ferguson but two to McPharlin leveled the scores late in the term. Hasleby goaled at the siren to give the Dockers a 6 point lead at 3/4 time.
Schammer opened the scoring in the final term, followed by Pavlich and Headland. Then Crowley flew for a mark and played on from two meters out to give the Dockers a 5 goal lead and end the contest with the Demons able to add only one more goal for the match.
The loss is Melbourne's fifth on the trot, and leaves the Dees precariously balanced in eighth spot, despite having been second on the ladder just over a month ago. Things got worse for the Demons in the last term when young defender Rivers went to the bench with what appeared to be a serious wrist injury.
For the Dockers, Sandilands (30 hitouts) and Longmuir combined well in the ruck while Black (31) mopped up everything from defence and provided drive from halfback. Bell (27), Josh Carr (25), and Schammer (21) were excellent in the midfield. Parker, although conceding weight, did a sterling job in holding Neitz.
White (22 hitouts) battled well for the Demons with Brown (23/6), Johnstone (25), Green (23/6) and Holland (21) also worked hard. Carroll did well to restrict Pavlich.

SYD 3.2 5.7 9.9 13.10 (88)
WCE 1.5 6.8 7.11 9.13 (67)
GOALS: SYD - O'Loughlin 3, Hall 2, Jolly 2, Schneider 2, Ablett, J. Bolton, Buchanan, Davis;
WCE - Cox 4, Cousins, Fletcher, Lynch, Seaby, Staker
BEST: SYD - J. Bolton, Kennelly, Roberts-Thomson, Schneider, Mathews, Crouch; WCE - Fletcher, Glass, Stenglein, Banfield, Wirrpunda, Cox

CHANGES: SYD - Fosdike (quad) replaced by McVeigh; WCE - McDougall (flu) replaced by Jones

UMPIRES: Davis, McLaren, McInerney


The Sydney onball brigade more than matched the highly rated Eagle midfield with Williams doing the job on Cousins, and Schneider, Crouch, Kirk, and Bolton running hard, backing themselves and taking risks.
West Coast had plenty of opportunities besides Lynch's opening goal, but Sydney got numbers back in defence to limit Eagle options. Goals to Jolly, O'Loughlin, and Buchanan gave the Swans a 9 point lead at 1/4 time.
At the start of the 2nd term, Seaby went to the ruck and Cox was sent forward to be another tall target and the move reaped dividends. Cousins opened the scoring for the Eagles but Hall replied for the Swans at the other end. From there, the Eagles - and Cox - dominated. While Sydney managed just 2 more goals for the term, Cox was doing all the damage at the other end with 4 goals - a snapshot, a goal on the run, a free kick, and a mark - to give the Eagles a 7 point lead at 1/2 time.
The Swans came back strongly in the 3rd term with goals to Bolton, Schneider, and O'Loughlin giving the lead back to Sydney. Fletcher bobbed up for West Coast's only goal as the Swans finished off with previously unsighted Davis slotting one to give Sydney a 10 point lead at 3/4 time.
When Schneider and O'Loughlin goaled early in the final term, Sydney looked set to blow the game open as they took a 22 point lead. Goals to Hall and Jolly made it a 34 point margin, before Staker and Seaby goaled to narrow the gap to 21 points, but that would be it as the Swans pulled off one of the upsets of the season.
For Sydney, Jolly (14 hitouts, 9 possessions, 5 marks) and Ball (10 hitouts, 10/5) matched up well against Eagles Cox (14/12/5) and Seaby (19 hitouts) in the ruck while Buchanan (18/7), Kirk (26), Williams (21) and Schneider (17) led the midfield. Mathews (17) was excellent in defence as was Barry, who kept a tight reign on Lynch and Kennelly.
For the Eagles, Stenglein kept Goodes quiet while gathering 21 touches himself. Fletcher (19), Judd (21), and Kerr (17) worked hard in the middle and Wirrpunda (21) again did well in defence.


WCE 15 2 0 1832 1364 134.31 60
ADE 12 5 0 1595 1228 129.89 48
SYD 11 6 0 1455 1365 106.59 44
STK 10 7 0 1766 1451 121.71 40
GEEL 10 7 0 1708 1502 113.72 40
KANG 10 7 0 1587 1583 100.25 40
BRIS 9 8 0 1757 1542 113.94 36
MELB 9 8 0 1733 1701 101.88 36

RICH 9 8 0 1538 1635 94.07 36
PA 8 8 1 1527 1643 92.94 34
FRE 8 9 0 1615 1564 103.26 32
WB 7 10 0 1729 1815 95.26 28
ESS 6 11 0 1542 1795 85.91 24
COL 5 12 0 1466 1802 81.35 20
HAW 4 13 0 1450 1729 83.86 16
CARL 2 14 1 1471 2052 71.69 10

Williams (HAW) 61
Gehrig (StK) 57
Hall (SYD) 53
Richardson (RICH) 51
Tredrea (PA) 49
Kingsley (GEEL) 46
Robertson (MELB) 46
Pavlich (FRE) 45
Milne (StK) 45
Thompson (KANG) 43

Eagle Adam Selwood is the Round 16 Rising Star nominee.
Selwood, 21, celebrated one of the outstanding performances of his career last week when he shut down dangerous Brisbane midfielder Nigel Lappin.
Selwood gathered 24 possessions and took five marks opposed to Lappin, who had 20 possessions, many of which were in tight confines and under pressure.
Adam’s nomination comes the week after his twin brother, Troy, was nominated in Round 15.
(Ironically), Troy himself had a very quiet game with less than 10 possessions in the dame match.
Adam was drafted by the West Coast Eagles at selection No.53 in the 2002 Draft. He made his debut for the Eagles in Round 19, 2003 against the Adelaide Crows at Subiaco Oval.
He was set for a big 2004 season but a groin injury restricted him to just 3 games last year.
Adam has now played 17 games for the Eagles, including 12 games this season where his form as a run-with player has been very consistent.
He also had excellent games against Sydney (18 possessions), Melbourne (18), and Richmond (17).

And from Marc Century in NC:

Wolves 6.1 10.5 15.6 20.11 (131)
Rams 2.2 4.3 7.5 12.8 (80)

And that's it for this week.



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