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Subprime Crisis Hits Underperforming Pies!

Mind games among the plays

For the second week in a row, Lions champion, Jonathan Brown sat on Channel 9’s “The Footy Show” and wrote off the Bombers. The rest of the panel unanimously agreed. On sentiment, at least the Pies would be a ‘shoo-in’ to win. All week though, the buildup, the media interest and talk back radio was about Friday night’s, ‘mid season Grand Final’, the top of the table clash between the Cats and the Hawks. However, Saturday afternoon’s encounter between the two Melbourne powerhouse clubs was not without its media interest. During the week, Essendon Coach Matthew Knights announced that the Bombers had only 26 or 28, fit players from which to choose his 22. Pies coach Michael Malthouse suggested Knights improve his arithmetic.

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