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NAB Cup Final

by Tim Murphy

At Docklands:

Carlton   1.2.1   1.4.3   2.9.3
Brisbane  0.2.2   0.6.7   0.7.11

Goals: Carl: Fevola 4, Fisher 4 (incl. one 9-pointer), Carrazzo (9-pointer), Scotland, Koutoufides,
                    Russell, Whitnall, Stevens.
            Bris: Stiller 2, Johnson 2, Brown 2, Moody, Sherman, Wood, McGrath.

Best: Carl: Stevens, Murphy, Thornton, Fisher, O’hAilpin, Fevola.
          Bris: Black, Harding, Adcock, Stiller, Sherman, Fixter.

Michael Tuck Medal: Nick Stevens (Carl).


Other practice games:

At Princes Park:

North Melbourne  2.2   4.5   6.8     9.8.62
St. Kilda        4.2   6.5   7.9   10.13.73

Goals: StK: Milne 4, Voss 2, Ball, Allen, Rix, Brooks.
           NM: Edwards 3, Jones 3, Thompson, Archer, Thomas.

Best: StK: Harvey, Hayes, Dal Santo, Allen, Milne, X. Clarke.
         NM: Harvey, Jones, Edwards, Swallow, Hansen.

Injury: NM: Thompson (knee-season). A devastating blow.

Report: Hayes (StK) for high contact.

At Quandong Park, Mildura:

Richmond     3.2   6.4   9.9   10.12.72
Collingwood  1.4   5.7   5.10   9.11.65

Goals: Rich: Brown 4, Tuck, P. Bowden, Polak, Schulz, Foley, Tivendale.
           Coll: Cloke 2, Lockyer 2, Licuria 2, H. Shaw, Bryan, Rocca.

Best: Rich: Brown, Johnson, Tambling, Pattison, J. Bowden.
         Coll: Thomas, Cloke, Licuria, Davis, Burns.

At Football Park:

Adelaide   1.3   2.10   3.12   7.16.58
Fremantle  4.3   5.7    8.9   12.11.83

Goals: Frem: Tarrant 4, Gilmore 2, Pavlich, Sandilands, Peake, Browne, Solomon, Murphy.
           Adel: Bode 2, Bock, Burton, Hudson, Johncock, McLeod.

Best: Frem: Sandilands, Tarrant, Pavlich, Hasleby, Peake, J. Carr, McPharlin.
         Adel: Johncock, Bode, Bassett, McLeod, Bock.

At Stadium Australia:

Sydney         3.2   6.4   11.5    14.8.92
Port Adelaide  4.6   9.6   10.8   14.13.97

Goals: PA: Ebert 4, White 3, Willits, Lonie, Pearce, Cassisi, Bentley, Logan, Cockshell.
           Syd: Davis 3, Hall 2, Jolly 2, R. O’Keefe, Bolton, Laidlaw, O’Loughlin, Dempster,
                   Phillips, Goodes.

Best: PA: Pettigrew, Ebert, Pearce, Krakouer.
         Syd: Barry, Bolton, Fosdike, Hall.

Injury: PA: Pettigrew (ankle)

At Kardinia Park:

Geelong    2.5   3.10   7.13   11.13.79
Melbourne  0.2   2.7    6.8     7.12.54

Goals: Geel: Mooney 4, Gardiner 2, N. Ablett 2, Djerrkura, Tenace, Wojcinski.
           Melb: Robertson 3, Neitz 2, Miller, Jamar.

Best: Geel: Bartel, Mooney, Milburn, Wojcinski, Scarlett, Egan.
         Melb: Johnstone, Ward, Jones, Whelan.

Injury: Geel: King (cork calf).

At Casey Fields, Cranbourne:

Essendon   1.5   1.8   8.12   10.15.75
Hawthorn   1.4   6.6   7.8     9.11.65

Goals: Ess: Davey 3, Lloyd 2, McVeigh, Peverill, Dempsey, Slattery, Lucas.
           Haw: Williams 3, Franklin 3, Dixon, Boyle, Young.

Best: Ess: Hird, Monfries, Davey, Slattery, McVeigh.
         Haw: Mitchell, Hodge, Franklin, Lewis, Young.

Reports: Hille (Ess) for striking, Bradley (Ess) for high contact, Hodge (Haw) for striking and charging, 
              Crawford(Haw) for abusive language.

Injuries: Haw: McGlynn (head), Vandenberg (back).


At Subiaco:

West Coast  0.1   4.5    7.7   11.10.76
Footscray   4.1   6.2   11.5    15.6.96

Goals: Foot: Johnson 3, Eagleton 2, Cooney 2, Higgins 2, Minson, Robbins, Ray, Darcy,
                     Giansiracusa, Hargrave.
           WC: Lynch 4, Armstrong 2, LeCras 2, Hunter, Cox, Judd.

Best: Foot: Eagleton, West, Johnson, Cooney, Boyd.
WC: Cousins, Judd, Wirrpanda, Lynch.

Injuries: WC: Hansen (groin); Hunter (cut head)
             Foot: Grant (groin); Skipper (leg)

Two weeks to Round One!:

Melbourne v St. Kilda, MCG, Fri. night March 30th.
North Melbourne v Collingwood, MCG, Saturday March 31st.
Fremantle v Port Adelaide, Subiaco, Sat. evening March 31st.
Brisbane v Hawthorn, Gabba, Sat. night March 31st.
Sydney v West Coast, Stadium Australia, Sat. night March 31st.
Adelaide v Essendon, Football Park, Sunday April 1st.
Footscray v Geelong, Docklands, Sunday April 1st.
Carlton v Richmond, MCG, Sunday April 1st

List changes next week.

Cheers, Tim.

Article last changed on Monday, March 19, 2007 - 9:59 PM EDT

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