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The AFL and Setanta have confirmed a five year deal for live coverage of up to three AFL matches per round beginning this season in the US, UK, Republic of Ireland, Channel Islands, Isle of Man, and Canada and delayed coverage of the remaining five matches, schedules permitting. Coverage will be on the Setanta Sports channels in the US, UK, and Ireland.  AFANA has posted schedules for live coverage of the first three rounds for North America on our TV schedule page.  At this time, the coverage for Canada remains unclear but live feeds are expected on Setanta Canada when it launches this summer, however taped feeds are still to be announced for Canada. 

Here are the main highlights of the improved coverage on Setanta Sports this year:

Setanta will have exclusive rights to broadcast the following:

  • Up to 3 LIVE AFL Matches for each round of the Premiership Season (coverage in April will begin with at least 2 live matches per week)
  • Beginning in 2008, selected matches in NAB preseason Cup also live
  • All Matches in the AFL finals including the Grand Final live
  • International Rules Series - live if it continues
  • Delayed broadcast of 5 AFL Matches for each round of the Premiership Season

In addition, Setanta will continue to air the AFL one hour highlights program on an non-exclusive basis.   This provides fans outside Australia coverage on a par with that in major Australian cities for the first time.  AFANA congratulates Setanta and the AFL on this ground-breaking deal and is pleased we were able to be supportive throughout the long negotiation process.   MHz Networks will continue to carry the one and two hour taped programs as they did last year.

We will continue to update this story  more information becomes available.   Fans should also see our Chairman's blog related to this.

Article last changed on Monday, April 09, 2007 - 12:29 PM EDT


Posted by admincms on March 29, 2007

Thanks for the kudos, Swans500 but truly this did not come out of left field ... or the centre square.   This reflects 11 plus years of hard work by the people in AFANA and the faith of the folks in Setanta in the sport.   Last year (and you can read some of the stuff on this site) we took a lot of heat from fans who thought our belief in Setanta was misplaced and the TV deal for 2006 was the worst ever.  Now you know why we supported it. 


Just wanted to say this is fantastic news. I have already ordered my ITVN box and signed up for Setanta Sports. After struggling through last year watching choppy broadband games on, I am really looking forward to this great new extended service from Setanta. Thanks AFANA for your excellent work in making this happen. Tony.

Posted by Swans500 on March 30, 2007

Yeah heartfelt kudos go to AFANA, Setanta and all involved.

I've only been in the USA a season and a bit and wasn't aware of all this until now. As this stands, it seems as if I will get to see all Swans games, wheras when I was living in Perth that was not the was all Eagles and only 5 games a week were on free-to-air. This deal looks the best! I will now do the ITVN thing and hope that the stream is strong....if not....out with Comcast and in to DirecTV!!!!

Congratulations again.

Dennis James,


Posted by mgoblue on March 30, 2007

This is fantastic news! Quite possibly we can be watching the beginning of greater, more widespread support of footy within North America. With the availability of high-speed cable, Setanta will be able to reach a much larger audience that footy's previous US home, Fox Sports World, ever had. And with the increased number of games being shown, there are more chances to view, as opposed to the scant offerings when it was on Fox and ESPN.

I'm looking forward to getting my ITVN (should be in a day or two!),hooking it up and watching some footy action after a year of not being able to watch it.

My ITVN box arrived today and I had it hooked up in about 20 minutes (although did have to manually set the IP address). The quality is MUCH better than I had anticipated. I am have just settled down to  watch Kangaroos v Collingwood live and it is very watchable. Can't wait to watch the Cats live tomorrow night thump the Bulldogs. Anyway, just wanted to report a very positive first up experience with ITVN and Setanta.

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