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by Lisa Albergo reporting for AFANA from Chicago

Injury Report:
Scott Thompson, calf, ongoing assessment
Brett Burton, knee, 6 weeks
Trent Hentschel, knee, 3-4 weeks
Jarrhan Jacky, hamstring, 1-2 weeks
James Craig, hamstring, 2-3 weeks
Brad Moran, knee, indefinite
Brodie Martin, knee, indefinite
Andy Otten, knee, season

Source: David Burtenshaw, Club Media Release

Injury Update:
Ashley McGrath, elbow, ongoing assessment
Daniel Merrett, hamstring, 2-3 weeks
Jamie Charman, ankle, 2-4 weeks
Niall McKeever, knee, 4-6 weeks
Jared Brennan, ankle (LARS surgery), 5 weeks
Josh Drummond, knee, indefinite
Xavier Clarke, knee, indefinite

Forwards Jonathan Brown and Brendan Fevola both flew to Adelaide to see a specialist for groin problems. Both are, as of this report, uncertain for Round Nine but have not been ruled out - ed. note

Source: Sam Lord, Club Media Release and

Injury Update:
Paul Bower, quad, 3 weeks
Brad Fisher, knee, 1-2 weeks
Ryan Houlihan, hamstring, ongoing assessment
Kane Lucas, hamstring, ongoing assessment
Andrew Walker, collarbone, 4 weeks

Source: Stephen Wilson, Club Media Release

Injury Update:
Anthony Corrie, knee, 2-3 weeks
Tristan Francis, quad, 1 week
John McCarthy, hamstring, 1 week
Luke Rounds, shoulder, 2 week
Sean Rusling, calf, 1-2 weeks


Injury Update:
Ricky Dyson, knee, 2 weeks
Cale Hooker, hamstring, 3-4 weeks
Jason Laycock, foot, 6 weeks
Tayte Pears, broken arm, 1 week
Kyle Reimers, thumb, 1 week
Henry Slattery, ongoing assessment


Injury Update:
Greg Broughton, foot, 4-6 weeks
Des Headland, knee, 6 weeks
Luke McPharlin, knee, 8-10 weeks
Brock O'Brien, quad, 8 weeks, long term injury list


Injury Update:
Mitch Brown, leg, 1 week
Joel Corey, knee, 2-4 weeks
Marcus Drum, eye, 1-2 weeks
Steven Motlop, shoulder, 8 weeks
Brad Ottens, foot, 4-6 weeks


Injury Update:
Max Bailey, knee, ongoing assessment
Josh Gibson, hamstring, 6-7 weeks
Luke Lowden, groin soreness, 1-2 weeks*
Simon Taylor, broken leg, ongoing assessment*

*Wade Skipper has been elevated from the rookie list to the seniors to replace Lowden and Cameron Stokes has been elevated to replace Taylor.

Source: Leah Mirabella, Club Media Release

Injury Update:
Sam Blease, leg, 2-3 weeks
Jack Fitzpatrick, shoulder, 2-3 weeks
Max Gawn, knee, indefinite
Liam Jurrah, shoulder, 5-6 weeks
Stefan Martin, hip, 1 week
John Meesen, ankle, indefinite
Ricky Petterd, shoulder, season
Luke Tapscott, hip, 6-8 weeks


Injury Update:
Leigh Adams, hamstring, 1-2 weeks
Drew Petrie, broken foot, 1-2 weeks
Luke Delaney, broken wrist, 5 weeks
Liam Anthony, shoulder, indefinite
Ben Ross, groin/hip, indefinite

Source: Heath O'Loughlin, Club Media Release

Injury Update:
Daniel Bass, hamstring, 2-3 weeks
John Butcher, back, indefinite
Hamish Hartlett, quad strain, 2-3 weeks
Andrew Moore, groin, 4-5 weeks
Marlon Motlop, fractured foot, indefinite
Warren Tredrea, ankle (LARS surgery), 10-12 weeks, long term injury list
Matthew Westhoff, groin, 1-2 weeks

Graham Johncock, Bernie Vince, and rookie Matthew Jaensch have all been suspended for one week on the recommendation of the players leadership group. Johncock will serve his ban after he returns from a shoulder injury. He was disciplined for missing a rehabilitation session while Vince and Jaensch were disciplined for disregarding suggestions from teammates that they return to the hotel after the team's game in Round Eight. The duo stayed out until, as the club stated, " unreasonable hour".

Source: Daniel Norton, Club Media Release and

Injury Update:
Troy Taylor, knee, 1-2 weeks
Matt Dea, foot, 3-4 weeks

Source: Judith Donnelly, Club Media Release

Injury Update:
Jason Gram, hamstring, 4 weeks
Steven King, hamstring, 2 weeks
Luke Miles, stress fracture fibula, indefinite
Nick Riewoldt, hamstring, 6-8 weeks


Injury Update:
Craig Bird, foot, 1 week
Craig Bolton, achilles, 7 weeks, long term injury list
Jarred Moore, ankle, 1-2 weeks
Jake Orreal, back, indefinite
Mark Seaby, ankle, 10 weeks
Kristin Thornton, test, long term injury list*

Henry Playfair has been elevated from the rookie list to the seniors to replace Thornton.


Injury Update:
Daniel Kerr, hamstring, 8 weeks
Chris Masten, knee, 5 weeks
Ryan Neates, finger, 3 weeks
Tim Houlihan, foot, 2 weeks

Source: Anna Carew-Reid, Club Media Release

Injury Update:
Ayce Cordy, shoulder, season
Brad Johnson, achilles, 3 weeks
Lukas Markovis, shoulder, ongoing assessemnt
Robert Murphy, knee cyst, 2-3 weeks
Shane Thorne, knee, 9 weeks, long term injury list*
Callan Ward, groin,1-2 weeks

*Brodie Moles has been elevated from the rookie list to the seniors to replace Thorne.

Christian Howart has returned to the senior list from the long term injury list.

Source: David Mcnamara, Club Media Release

Article last changed on Wednesday, May 19, 2010 - 8:36 PM EDT

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