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by Lisa Albergo reporting for AFANA from Chicago

Ed. Note: Player information includes the draft selection number, club name, age, height, weight. Converted height and weight in parentheses.

BEEP TEST: A player must run between two points set 20 meters (22 yards) apart. A beep plays at intervals. As the test progresses, the interval between beeps reduces so the player must increase his speed. Once a player fails to match the interval, his score is recorded. Scoring is done in levels, with 21 the highest level. The next interval level is signaled by three rapid beeps.


14 - BRODIE SMITH (SANFL Woodville-West Torrens), 18, 189cm (6'2"), 78kg (171 lbs).  Midfielder/defender with a burst of speed and consistency. Played senior football with Woodville and was a member of the SA state team and named 2010 All-Australian.

61 - JARRYD LYONS (Sandringham Dragons), 18, 183cm (6'), 78kg (171 lbs). Smart, agile midfielder/forward who can win the ball in packs and get it to teammates.

82 - RICKY HENDERSON (promoted rookie) Versatile player who can play a variety of positions. Has excellent speed, a great leap, reads the play well. Debuted in 2010 and played 12 senior games in 2010.

97 - MATTHEW JAENSCH (promoted rookie) Small midfielder/forward with excellent kicking skills and composure under pressure. Debuted in 2010 and played 11 games.

107 - LUKE THOMPSON (promoted rookie) Athletic utility who can play a number of key positions but best suited to defense. Strong in the air and skilled at ground level. Represented Vic Country in the Under-18 tournament in 2009, has yet to play a senior game for the Crows.

Assessment: With the retirements of Goodwin, Edwards, Burton and McLeod, the Crows needed to stock up on midfielders. According to recruiting manager Matt Rendell, the club has plenty of talls from previous drafts. Pretty much got what they needed with the versatility of the players drafted.


5 - JARED POLEC (Woodville-West Torrens, SA), 18, 189cm (6'2"), 80kg (176). Strong, skilled, very fast midfielder who can also play forward. Very accurate by hand and foot, can take a strong mark (catch of the ball), was named U18 All-Australian. Started 2010 in WW-T reserves but did very well in national tournament which saw him progress to senior level. 

25 - PATRICK KARNEZIS (Oakleigh Chargers), 18, 191cm (6'2 1/2"), 80kg (176). Smart, athletic half-forward/winger with good balance. Strong mark, dangerous at ground level, good ball winner, can kick goals and set up teammates to do the same. Played soccer as a junior.

28 - RYAN LESTER (Oakleigh Chargers), 18, 191cm (6'2 1/2"), 83kg (182). Tall defender who can take a turn in the midfield. Versatile, a strong mark, good in contested situations, very fast for his size, has a booming and accurate kick, good hand skills. Can also play forward. Finished 10th with a score of 14 in beep test at draft camp. Represented Vic Metro at the 2010 U18 tournament.

32 - JOSH GREEN (Clarence (Tasmania), 18, 177cm (5'8"), 76kg (178). Midfielder with blistering speed who can also play forward. A ball winner in contests, excellent foot skills and endurance to run out tough games, did very well at draft camp, played in two winning premiership sides with Clarence, captained Under-18 team and was named Tassie MVP at tournament and Under-18 All-Australian.

65 - CLAYE BEAMS (promoted rookie) Left footy for several years to play cricket, but returned in 2009 and was rookie listed by Brisbane. Like his brother, Magpie Dayne, he is a midfielder with excellent endurance and skills. A good decision maker who can also play in defense.

Assessment: with Simon Black, Luke Power, Jonathan Brown and Brendan Fevola getting on in years, and the loss of Rischitelli and Sherman, the Lions needed to add some midfield and forward depth. The versatility of their draftees will give them plenty of flexibility.


18 - MATTHEW WATSON: (Calder Cannons, 18, 195cm (6'), 102kg (224). Big, burly defender who can also go forward. Long, accurate kick, reads the play well with the ability to know when to run off his opponent and can clear the ball from defense. Named U-18 All-Australian.

34 - PAT McCARTHY (Glenelg), 18, 196cm (6'4"), 85kg (187). Tall athletic defender who can also play in the ruck with occasional stints on the wing. Very good at ground level for his size (reminds of Dean Cox). Can also push forward and is a good mark, 2010 All-Australian.

42 - LUKE MITCHELL (Calder Cannons), 18, 198cm (6'5"), 94kg (206). Big, strong key forward who can take a strong mark. A shoulder reconstruction saw him miss most of the 2010 season but he concentrated on improving his speed and agility while sidelined. Accurate kick for goal.

67 - ANDREW McINNES (Dandenong Stingrays), 18, 191cm ((6'2"), 86kg (189). Strong, versatile defender who can play on a variety of forwards. Tough, hard-working competitor who studies his upcoming opponents. Can also go forward in a pinch.

70 - NICHOLAS DUIGAN (Norwood), 26, 186cm (6'), 85kg (187). Running defender who is strong overhead.

85 - JEFFREY GARLETT (promoted rookie) Speedy small forward with great goal sense and the ability to apply pressure on opposition defenders. Debuted in 2009 and has played 30 games and kicked 51 goals.

99 - DAVID ELLARD (promoted rookie) Small, lively forward who was rookie listed in 2008. Has played seven senior games.

108 - SIMON WHITE (promoted rookie) Versatile defender/forward with a good leap and strong in the air.

Assessment: Needed and got several tall, running defenders and a key forward.


45 - ALEX FASOLO (Claremont), 18, 180cm (5'9"), 80kg (176). Clever half forward or midfielder, strong in the air, good ball winner with a turn of speed. Played some senior football with Claremont and represented WA at U-18 tournament. Finished top 10 in hand efficiency test at draft camp.

46 - DANIEL FARMER (Sandringham Dragons), 18, 188cm (6'1"), 84kg (185). Tall defender with good speed and skills. Top 10 at draft camp in agility run.

60 - KIRK UGLE (Swan Districts, 18, 172cm (5'6"), 69kg (152). Extremely fast small forward who can push into the midfield. Very good kick for goal. Top 10 at draft camp in 20 meter sprint and kicking test.

76 - PAUL SEEDSMAN (Eastern Ranges, 20, 188cm (6'1"), 70kg (154). Quick, agile midfielder.

77- TRENT STUBBS (East Coast, 18, 186cm (6'1"), 77kg (169). Small forward who was a Hawthorn NSW scholarship player.

91 - JARRYD BLAIR (promoted rookie) Crash and bash midfielder, well balanced, accurate disposal of the ball, strong tackler. Won the Morrish Medal in 2008 (juniors TAC equivalent of the Brownlow), played 9 senior games in 2010 including the two Grand Finals.

92 - LACHLAN KEEFFE (promoted rookie) Came from a soccer background, athletic and can play ruck, forward, and defense.

104 - TOM YOUNG (promoted from NSW scholarship list)

Assessment: The Pies grabbed a good mix with a view to the future. Seedsman will need time in the gym to build up for AFL level. According to recruiting manager Derek Hine, the players selected are versatile enough to play through a variety of positions to give the team more flexibility.


8 - DYSON HEPPELL (Gippsland Power), 18, 189cm (6'2"), 80kg (176)  Tall, attacking player who can play defense and midfield. Has a long, accurate kick and a strong vertical leap for his size. Reads the play well and is committed and focused. Leadership potential as he captained Gippsland in 2010. Tested well at the draft camp - top 10 in beep test, hand efficiency and running and standing vertical jumps. Won the 2010 Morrish Medal, represented Vic Country at the U-18's and was named All-Australian. Grew up an Essendon supporter.

31 - ARIEL STEINBERG (Bendigo Pioneers), 18, 191cm (6'2"), 83kg (182) Only recently returned to Australia as his family was living in Canada for several years. He played gridiron while there. Speedy, nimble and well-balanced forward who can also play through the midfield. An Essendon supporter, James Hird was his idol growing up.

48 - ALEX BROWNE (Oakleigh Chargers), 18, 187cm (6'1"), 84kg (185) Strong running half back/winger who can break the lines. Powerfully built, uses the ball well. Vic Metro representative at U-18's.

64 - LUKE DAVIS (West Adelaide), 17, 189cm (6'2"), 82kg (180) Quick, strong, running defender. Placed third at state screening tests (alternative for players who cannot attend the draft camp).

80 - MICHAEL ROSS (Gippsland Power), 19, 183cm (6'), 72kg (159) Running half-back.

95 - passed

106 - BEN HOWLETT (promoted rookie) Quick midfielder who is hard at the contest. Peel Thunder's (WAFL) best and fairest in 2009.

Assessment: needed to add some speed to the midfield. Also needed, and got, some quality defenders and forwards. Recruiting manager Adrian Dodoro believes the club found some "gems".


20 - JAYDEN PITT (Geelong Falcons), 18, 189cm (6'2"), 70kg (154). Lightly built defender/winger with excellent skills on both sides of his body, delivers the ball well. Can also go forward. Will need time to develop. Named 2010 All-Australian.

44 - VIV MICHIE (Oakleigh Chargers), 18, 187cm (6'1"), 78kg (171). Versatile player who can play a variety of positions in defense, forward and in the midfield. Strong overhead, excellent kicking skills and uses the ball well.Represented Vic Metro at U-18's.Top 10 at draft camp in agility run.

56 - JOSH MELLINGTON (Murray Bushrangers), 17, 187cm (6'1"), 76kg (167). Clever, creative forward and a strong mark.

72 - passed

87 - MICHAEL BARLOW (promoted rookie).  Prolific midfielder, practically a shoe-in for the 2010 Rising Star award until a badly broken leg ended his season in Round 14.

100 - MATTHEW DE BOER (promoted rookie) Hard-running and prolific ball winner in defense and the midfield. Played 17 games in 2009 and 20 in 2010.

109 - ALEX SILVAGNI (promoted rookie) Second cousin to former Carlton champion fullback Stephen, he is a tough competitor in defense, played 15 games in 2010.

112 - JAY VAN BERLO (promoted rookie) Brother of Adelaide's Nathan, a tough and disciplined defender or negating midfielder. Has good endurance and leadership skills.

Assessment: With Tarrant and Hasleby gone, the club needed to add some depth in defense and shore up the midflied. Most will need time to develop but still have the potential to play senior football in 2011 with Coach Mark Harvey's penchant for giving kids opportunities.


15 - BILLIE SMEDTS (Geelong Falcons)18, 190cm (6'2"), 76kg (167). Priority selection for the loss of Gary Ablett to the Gold Coast. Clever utility who is good under pressure. Can play almost anywhere on the ground, has footy smarts and sets up play for teammates. Played very well in the 2009 junior finals series, but injury set him back a bit in 2010, also had school commitments which limited his time with the Falcons. Tested very well at the draft camp - top 10 in fitness, sprint test and standing vertical jump, first in agility test. Represented Vic Country at U-18's. His father Albie played 51 games for the Western Bulldogs 1976-79 and 10 for St Kilda 1980-81.

23 - CAMERON GUTHRIE (Calder Cannons), 18, 186cm (6') 79kg (174). Priority selection for loss of Gary Ablett to the Gold Coast. Versatile, diligent utility, can play a variety of positions. Does well as a tagger in stopping his opponent, is good in contested situations and works hard. Represented Vic Metro and won Calder's best and fairest. Top 10 at draft camp for running and standing vertical jumps.

37 - GEORGE HORLIN-SMITH (Sturt), 17, 186cm (6'), 78kg (171). Didn't play much footy until this year due to cricket and school commitments. A tough midfielder who can also play forward. Has good hands and is a good kick.

54 - JORDAN SCHRODER (Calder Cannons), 17, 182cm (5'11"), 85kg (187). Hard, tough and classy midfielder who can also go forward. Strong competitor.

58 - JAMES PODSIADLY (promoted rookie) One of the fairy-tale stories of 2010. Drafted as a mature age rookie after starring at VFL level for years, he had an impressive season. Played 18 games and kicked 48 goals.

Assessment: while the list remains strong, some of their stars are getting older. With Scarlett and Milburn close to the end and Ablett gone to the Gold Coast, the Cats definitely had an eye on the future. They picked up some serious talent who will develop and should be ready to go when the likes of Milburn, Scarlett, Ling, Wojcinski and others call it a day.


1 - DAVID SWALLOW (East Fremantle/Gold Coast), 18, 185cm (6'), 86kg (189).
Younger brother of North Melbourne's Andrew, he is a skilled and fast midfielder with good endurance clean ball skills, can kick goals from just about anywhere. Played senior football for Perth in the WAFL for two seasons and another season with the Gold Coast's VFL team.

2 - HARLEY BENNELL (Peel Thunder, 18, 185cm (6'), 75kg (165). Extremely talented midfielder/defender with speed to burn, excellent awareness, clean user of the ball, can find space and does well as a link player. Can go forward as well. Cousin to Melbourne Demon Jamie Bennell, he won the Larke Medal as the best Division One player at the U-18's.and was named All-Australian.

3 - SAM DAY (Sturt), 18, 196cm (6'4"), 97kg (213). Compared to NIck Riewoldt by Sturt's football manager, Day is big, strong-marking and athletic with a huge leap. Can play ruck, forward and defense.

7 - JOSH CADDY (Northern Knights), 18, 186cm (6'), 82kg (180). Strong, bullocking and courageous midfielder who is good overhead which means he can be effective up forward as well. Top 10 at draft camp for 3K time trial, hand efficiency test and beep test.

9 - DION PRESTIA (Calder Cannons), 18, 174cm (5'7"), 82kg (180). Powerful and fast midfielder with a booming kick with good agility and endurance. Good ballwinner who can break through opposition lines. Tackles strongly. Finished top 10 at draft camp in sprints and agility. Represented Vic Metro at U-18's.

10 - DANIEL GORRINGE - (Norwood), 18, 200cm (6'5"), 88kg (193). Competitive and skilled ruckman, excellent at ground level and can play like a midfielder at times. Was a member of the AIS team which went overseas and was named All-Australian.

11 - TOM LYNCH (Dandenong Stingrays), 18, 199cm (6'5"), 91kg (200). Played as a midfielder until growing 20 cm (almost 8") in two years. Primarily a big, strong marking forward with the ground level ability. Strong workrate, represented Vic Country at U-18's.

13 - SEB TAPE (Glenelg, 18, 191cm (6'2"), 81kg (178). Creative, well-balanced and deceptively quick running defender who can push into the midfield and play forward. Played senior football for Glenelg during the finals and kept senior Adelaide player Trent Hentschel quiet in one game. Captained the U-18 SA team..Top 10 at draft camp for repeat sprints and standing vertical jump.

39 - JEREMY TAYLOR (Geelong Falcons, 18, 191cm (6'2"), 83kg (182). Athletic and quick mdifelder/defender, strong in the air, good aerobic capacity.

49 - JACOB GILBEE (Lauderdale), 18, 184cm (6'), 76kg (167). No relation to Western Bulldog Lindsee. Medium-sized, agile forward who can hold his own against bigger opponents in marking contests, can also play midfield and applies plenty of defensive pressure against opponents. Represented Tasmania at U-18's. Top 10 at draft camp in agility run and beep test.

105 - passed

Assessment: The team has been a work in progress for some time and received plenty of help from the AFL and was allowed to chase down out of contract players from other clubs - Geelong's Gary Ablett, Adelaide's Nathan Bock, Brisbane's Michael Rischitelli to name a few. Still needed to fill gaps and add enough talent and versatility to allow plenty of onfield flexibility and rotation. List manager Scott Clayton said the Suns are pleased with the mix of players they got and the challenge now will be to develop them as they face the challenge of competing at the elite level.


19 - ISAAC SMITH (North Ballarat VFL), 21, 187cm (6'1"), 77kg (169). One of the quickest midfielders in the league with neat foot skills. Can kick goals. Played in North Ballarat's premiernship win.

38 - MITCH HALLAHAN (Dandenong Stingrays), 18, 184cm (6'), 81kg (178). Tough and competitive midfielder who can win the ball. Long kick, good tackler and has leadership skills. Among the best for Vic Country at U-18 tournament and in the leadership group. Named All-Australian.

55 - ANGUS LITHERLAND (Claremont), 18, 190cm (6'2"), 86kg (189). Running defender with great closing speed and concentration. Good spoiling skills and can shutdown opposition forwards. Top 10 at draft camp in 20 meter sprint.

66 - PAUL PUOPOLO (Norwood), 22, 175cm (5'7"), 75kg (165). Small, speedy defender who improved his fitness this past season. Shut down fellow draftee Jared Polec during the preliminary final against Woodville-West Torrens.

86 - passed

Assessment: needed a defender or two and got them as well as adding some midfield speed.


12 - LUCAS COOK (North Ballarat Rebels), 18, 196cm, (6'4"), 81kg (178). Mobile forward with clean hands and good marking skills. Reads the play well and can play defense. Named All-Australian. Top 10 at draft camp in kicking test.

33 - JEREMY HOWE (Hobart), 20, 190cm (6'2"), 80kg (176). Tall forward capable of taking screamers (high-leaping marks).

50 - TROY DAVIS (Geelong Falcons), 18, 192cm (6'2"), 90kg (198). Big-bodied, strong, competitive tall defender who moves well. Developed well in 2010, improving his speed and mobility.

53 - TOM McDONALD (North Ballarat), 18, 194cm (6'3"), 88kg (193). Has a great leap and can run. Has played mainly in the ruck, but the Demons could groom him as a forward.

81 - JORDIE McKENZIE (promoted rookie) good endurance, clean hands, works hard, played 3 games in 2009 and 19 in 2010.

96 - JAKE SPENCER (promoted rookie) A developing ruckman, 2010 was his third season on the rookie list. He got his chance in 2009 when Mark Jamar was out injured. Played only 2 games in 2010.

Assessment: Low finishes in the standings over the past few years has allowed Melbourne to grab some serious talent in the likes of Jack Watts, Jack Trengrove, Jamie Bennell, Tom Scully and others. Midfield is loaded with talent so the Demons really needed some quality tall defenders and forwards. They got what they needed.


17 - SHAUN ATLEY (Murray Bushrangers, 18, 198cm (6'5"), 81kg (178). Although taller, has already been touted as the next Chris Judd with his breakaway speed, ballwinning ability and ability to win the ball in congestion and get it out to teammates. Can play midfield or across half back. Two-time runner-up in state hurdles underlines athletic ability, co-captain of Vic Country at the U-18's and was named all-Australian.

27 - KIERAN HARPER (Eastern Ranges), 18, 187cm (6'1"), 80kg (176). Traded David Hale to Hawthorn for the #27 selection which was Hawthorn's compensation for losing Campbell Brown to the Gold Coast. Injuries (appendicitis, plantar facitis, hip surgeries) hampered his start to the season. Quick, skilled midfielder/forward who is a good mark. Did well at the U-18 tournament (Vic Metro) and tested well at the draft camp. Top 10 for repeat sprints and standing vertical jump, first for running vertical jump.

69 - CAMERON DELANEY (Geelong Falcons), 18, 194cm (6'3"), 82kg (180). Gangly defender who reads the ball well and is a good decision maker. Determined to play despite injury, soldiered on after the U-18 tournament despite suffering a bone chip in his foot to be a part of the Falcons' finals campaign. Compared to Essendon's Dustin Fletcher by the Falcons' regional manager. Vic Country rep at the U-18's.

71 - BEN MABON (North Ballarat), 18, 200cm (6'5"), 81kg (178). Aggressive, athletic, running ruckman with a good leap, good at stoppages and good tap work. Excellent work ethic, wiling to learn and develop. Wants to improve his contested work around the ground and his aerial and marking ability. Represented NSW/ACT at the U-18's.

98 - BEN SPEIGHT (promoted rookie) Quick winger/forward who uses the ball well. Debuted in 2010 and played 2 games.

Assessment: Needed to add some speed and another forward/ruck with the loss of Hale. Regarded the top 30 as major talent and opted to use their compensation selection for Atley. Were prepared to go for the best talent for their needs.


16 - BEN JACOBS (Sandringham Dragons), 18, 186cm (6'1"), 82kg (180). Powerful ball winner across halfback and through the midfield. Can sneak forward and kick a goal. Excellent attitude and a hard worker. Top 10 at draft camp for running vertical jump.

35 - BEN NEWTON (South Fremantle), 18, 184cm (6'), 77kg (169). Aggressive half forward/midfielder who loves a contest, has good disposal skills and is a good kick. AIS-AFL Academy graduate and WA U-18 representative.

36 - AARON YOUNG (Eastern Ranges, 17, 187cm (6'1"), 76kg (169). Disciplined, athletic forward who take take a good overhead mark. Has some speed and finished second at the draft camp for kicking skills. Vic Metro representative. Top 10 at draft camp in kicking assessment.

52 - CAMERON O’SHEA (Eastern Ranges), 18, 192cm (6'2"), 84kg (185). Tall, disciplined defender who loves a contest and works hard. Vic Metro representative. Second at the draft camp in the 3K time trial (1.8 miles). Vic Metro player in 2010. Top 10 at draft camp in beep test.

68 - CAMERON HITCHCOCK (promoted rookie) Lightly-built, elusive forward. Played 17 games and kicked 20 goals in 2010.

83 - DANNY MEYER (promoted rookie) Drafted by Richmond but struggled with injury. Played a total of 17 games for the Tigers before being delisted at the end of 2008.  A good kick and can play defense, forward, or midfield. Played three games in 2009 and six in 2010.

Assessment: Could use some strength up forward but wanted to add to its midfield depth. Did so with Jacobs, Young and Newton. All three will need time to develop.


6 - REECE CONCA (Perth), 18, 185cm (6"), 79kg (173). Athletic, quick midfielder with excellent ball-handling skills. A good mark and can push into defense. Vice-captain of U-18 WA team.

30 - JAKE BATCHELOR (Dandenong Stingrays), 18, 188cm 6'1"), 79kg (173). Good running half back flanker who can close down an opponent and create play for teammates.

47 - BRADLEY HELBIG (West Adelaide), 18, 185cm (6'), 79kg (173). Midfielder who can win the ball and use it well, a good kick on his left and right and can push forward.

51 - DEAN MACDONALD (Gippsland Power), 18, 184cm 6'), 87kg (191). Strongly built forward.

63 - TOM DERICKX (Claremont), 22, 201cm (6'5"), 100kg (220). Big, strong ruckman.

79 - passed

94. DAVID GOURDIS (promoted rookie) Quick forward with a big leap, he was initially drafted to the senior list in 2008 but failed to play a senior game and was delisted. The Tigers redrafted him to their rookie list. He finally debuted in 2010 and played 3 games.

Assessment: Midfield in good shape with the Tigers snaring some good young talent last year. Needed a few key position players. Recruiting manager Francis Jackson believes the club has been able to fill the gaps with a good mix of small and tall players. The club has been watching Conca all year and rated him very highly. With the loss of Troy Simmonds, another ruckman was also a must.


24 - JAMIE CRIPPS (East Fremantle), 18, 183cm (6"), 75kg 165). Quick, skilled,  attacking defender who can also play midfield. Represented WA at U-18's. Finished top 10 at draft camp in 3K time trial and hand skills.

43 - SAM CROCKER (Oakleigh Chargers), 18, 178cm (5'8"), 71kg (156). Small forward who can also play on the wing, good overhead for his size and an excellent kick.

59 - TOM LEDGER (Claremont), 18, 178cm 5'8"), 73kg (160). Quick, elusive midfielder.

75 - ARRYN SIPOSS (Dandenong Stingrays), 17, 188cm (6'1), 82kg (180). Marking forward with long, strong and accurate kick. Represented Vic Country at U-18's.

90 - RYAN GAMBLE (Geelong), 23, 184cm (6'), 85kg (187). Debuted for the Cats in 2006 but was unable to cement a spot in the strong senior line-up. Played just 22 games in five seasons. Medium forward who can take a turn in defense.

103 - DEAN POLO (Richmond), 24, 187cm (6'1"), 84kg (185). Played 56 games for the Tigers since his 2006 debut, just two in 2010. Medium-size defender/midfielder who gets another chance with Saints.

111 - TOM SIMPKIN (promoted rookie) Tall defender yet to play a senior game but has been impressive in the VFL in the two seasons he has been on the rookie list.

Assessment: needed to add some midfield speed and depth which they have done.


21 - JED LAMB (Gippsland Power), 18, 181cm (5'9"), 79kg (174). Medium-sized forward/midfielder, a good mark, clever around goals, clean hands. Represented Vic Country at U-18's. Finished first at draft camp in kicking assessment.

40 - LUKE PARKER (Dandenong Stingrays), 18, 183cm (6'), 81kg (178). Tough midfielder, not afraid of a scrap in the packs, a good mark, can play forward. Excellent kick and decision maker who handles being tagged by the opposition well. Excellent endurance and running capacity. Represented Vic Country at U-18's.

57 - ALEX JOHNSON (Oakleigh Chargers), 18, 194cm (6'3"), 80kg (176). Quick defender/forward with excellent aerobic capacity, applies defensive pressure when playing forward. Captained Oakleigh in 2010 and represented Vic Metro at U-18's.

73 - MATT SPANGHER (West Coast), 23, 195cm (6'4"), 95kg (209). Tall defender who debuted in 2008 and played 26 games with the Eagles. Told the club at the end of 2009 he wanted to come home to Victoria but the club convinced him to stay for another year. The Eagles were unable to arrange a suitable trade. Spangher rolled the dice and lost to an extent. He is closer to home in Sydney than he was in Perth.

101 - MIKE PYKE (promoted rookie) Another international import who has made the grade as a ruckman. From Canada where he played rugby, he played eight games in 2009 and a further 18 in 2010.

Assessment: needed to add to the midfield as well as bolster key positions. According to recruiter Kinnear Beatson, with their selections spread out fairly wide the club was happy that Parker was still available. Added more midfield depth and an experienced defender in Spangher. With Kirk retired and Kennelly, Goodes and Roberts-Thomson and others getting close to the end, the club should be well-set for the future.


4 - ANDREW GAFF (Oakleigh Chargers), 18, 182cm 5'11"), 78kg (171). Tough, mentally strong midfielder who can run all day. His Oakleigh coach described him as a gut-runner, a la Ben Cousins. Very good anticipation. Can also play forward. Named All-Australian. Finished first in 3K time trial and second in beep test at draft camp.

26 - JACK DARLING (West Perth), 18, 191cm (6'2"), 87kg (191). Tough-nut, competitive forward who can take a strong mark, break through packs and has great endurance. 2009 All-Australian and represented WA in 2010.

29 - SCOTT LYCETT (Port Adelaide Magpies), 18, 202cm (6'6"), 98kg (215). Ruckman/forward, very agile for his size. Played some senior games for Port and represented SA in U-18's.

62 - JACOB BRENNAN (father-son selection) (East Fremantle), 20, 188cm (6'1"), 82kg (180). Son of former defender Michael. Developed well in 2010 in the WAFL as a half-back flank. Able to shut down opponents and can go forward.

78 - LEWIS STEVENSON (promoted rookie) After two years on the rookie list, finally cracked it to play 10 games in 2010. Midfielder/wingman.

84 - CALLUM WILSON (promoted rookie) Full forward, debuted in 2009 and played three games. Managed a further four in 2010.

93 - ANDREW STRIJK (promoted rookie) A running half back with a long kick, he debuted in 2010 and played 10 games.

Assessment: needed and got a key forward as well as adding depth to the midfield and defense. Darling has had some off-field issues so his selection by the Eagles was a bit of surprise. Hopefully, he will mature enough so as not to become another Eagles "problem child". Another ruckman is helpful with Cox is coming into his 11th season. Recruiting manager Trevor Woodhouse said the Eagles needed to add some height with the loss of Spangher, Seaby and Staker.


22 - MITCH WALLIS (father-son selection) (Calder Cannons), 18, 185cm (6'), 80kg (176) Ball winning midfielder. His father Steve played 261 games 1983-1996.

41 - TOM LIBERATORE (father-son selection) (Calder Cannons), 18, 182cm (5'11"), 77kg (169) Inside midfielder with excellent ball winning and disposal skills. Good at clearing the ball from stoppages. 2010 All-Australian. Top 10 at draft camp in kicking. Father Tony played 283 games 1986-2002 and won the 1990 Brownlow Medal.

74 - JAYDEN SCHOFIELD (East Fremantle), 18, 179cm (5'9"), 75kg (165) Speedy defender.

88 - ZEPHANIAH SKINNER (Noonkanbah Blues - NT), 21, 190cm (6'2") High-leaping, athletic forward with exceptional speed and agility, ability to apply pressure on opposition defenders, willingness to learn and improve.

89 - TOM HILL (Northern Knights), 19, 199cm (6'5"), 82kg (180) Athletic key forward with good hands.

102 - BRODIE MOLES (promoted rookie) Spent two years on Geelong's rookie list but was cut at the end of 2009 and rookie listed by the Dogs. Played 13 games in 2010. An accurate kick who can play across half back or half forward.

110 - ANDREW HOOPER (promoted rookie) Quick, small midfielder who played one senior game in 2010.

Assessment: have been in need of a tall key forward since Darcy and Grant retired years ago. Brad Johnson did well as their key forward despite his size. Their first two selections were already determined under the father/son rule so they were fortunate to get Schofield so late in the draft. Ditto Skinner and Hill. Recruiting manager Simon Dalrymple believes that Hill, with further development, could be another Kurt Tippett. Skinner, who comes from the far reaches of northern WA, will need time and help in adjusting to life in Melbourne.

Of all the delisted or out of contract players who nominated for this year's draft, only three were taken by other clubs: Dean Polo, Ryan Gamble, and Matt Spangher. The rest have one more chance in the preseason draft to be held December 7.

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  • Only what you need, nothing that you don’t.
  • All vitamins are manufactured in Australia at the highest quality standard, ingredients come in the best form for their absorption by your body.
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