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by Lisa Albergo reporting for AFANA from Chicago

Most club games: Ryan O’Keefe (SYD) played his 260th game in Round Three, putting him equal with John Rantall in fourth spot on the club's games list. Ahead of him are Adam Goodes (322 games, 1999-Round Three), Michael O’Loughlin (303 games, 1995-2009) and Jude Bolton (304 games, 1999-Round Three). They are followed by Mark Browning (251 games, 1975-87), Stephen Wright (246 games, 1979-92), Mark Bayes (246 games, 1985-98), Daryn Cresswell (244 games, 1992-2003) and Brett Kirk (241 games, 1999-2010).

Most club games: Andrew Embley WCE) played his 242nd game in Round Three, putting him equal with Ashley McIntosh in eighth spot on the club's games list. The leaders are Glen Jakovich (276 games, 1991-2004), Guy McKenna (267 games, 1988-2000), Drew Banfield (265 games, 1993-2006), Dean Cox (254 games, 2001-2013 Round Three), Peter Matera (253 games, 1990-2002), Darren Glass (245 games, 2000-Round Three) and Dean Kemp (243 games, 1990-2001). They are followed by Ben Cousins (238 games, 1996-2007).

Most Games, Rookie List Player: Darren Jolly (COL) played his 231st senior game in Round Three, putting him equal with Michael Doughty in sixth position for the most games played by anyone who began his career on a Rookie list. Ahead of them are James McDonald (264 games, 1997 Rookie Draft), Stephen Milne (260 games, 2000 Rookie Draft), Dean Cox (253 games, 2000 Rookie Draft), Brett Kirk (241 games, 1999 Rookie Draft), and Mal Michael (238 games, 1997 Rookie Draft) Behind them are Russell Robertson (228 games, 1997 Rookie Draft), Tarkyn Lockyer (227 games, 1998 Rookie Draft) and Martin Mattner (218 games through Round Three, 2002 Rookie Draft).

Most Games as Captain: Darren Glass (WCE) captained West Coast for the 105th time in Round Three, putting him equal with Ben Cousins in second spot for most games as captain in the club’s history. The leader is current senior coach John Worsfold (138 games, 1990-98).

Most Games Together as Teammates: Stephen Milne, Nick Riewoldt, Nick Dal Santo (StK) played their 200th game together in Round Three. They are the eighth trio of players in the game’s history to achieve this feat. Most games together by three teammates: Brad Johnson/Rohan Smith/Scott West (253 games, WB Round 22 1994-SF 2006), Jude Bolton/Adam Goodes/Ryan O'Keefe (245 games, SYD Round 8 2000 - Round 3 2013), Chris Grant/Brad Johnson/Rohan Smith (232 games, Western Bulldogs- R22 1994 - SF 2006), Chris Grant/Rohan Smith/Scott West (231 games, WB - Round 11 1993-SF 2006), Chris Grant/Brad Johnson/Scott West (231 games, WB Round 18 1994-Round 22 2007), Nathan Burke/Robert Harvey/Stewart Loewe (212 games, StK Round 19 1988-R2 2002) and Cameron Ling/Darren Milburn/Matthew Scarlett (200 games, GEEL Round 4 2002-Round 24 2011). Behind them are Paul Chapman/Joel Corey/Corey Enright (182 games, GEEL Round 2001-Round3 2013) and Don Scott/Michael Tuck/Leigh Matthews (155 games, HAW R8 1972 - R22 1981).

200 games: Daniel Cross (WB)
200 club games: Luke McPharlin (FRE)
100 games: Tom Lonergan (GEEL)
50 games: Andy Otten (ADE) and Jack Darling (WCE)
50 club games: Jay Schulz (PA)

Source: Patrick Keane, AFL Media Release

Article last changed on Tuesday, April 16, 2013 - 8:26 PM EDT

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