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by Lisa Albergo reporting for AFANA from Chicago

500 games, brothers: the Selwood brothers will become the 11th set of brothers in League history to reach a combined total of 500 games in Round Eight. The breakdown is 182 games for Adam (WCE), 75 games for Troy (delisted by Brisbane), 142 games for Joel (GEEL) and 99 games for Scott (WCE).

The leading families in history are Daniher 752 games (Terry 313, Neale 82, Tony 233 and Chris 124); Madden 710 (Simon 378, Justin 332); Morwood 611 (Paul 170, Tony 229, Shane 212); Nankervis 578 (Ian 325, Bruce 253); Coventry 533 (Syd 227, Gordon 306); Richardson 518 (Wayne 277, Max 241); Ablett 515 (Geoff 229, Kevin 38, Gary Sr 248; Wakelin 513 (Shane 252, Darryl 261); Cornes 506 (Chad 255, Kane 251) and Shaw 502 (Ray 146, Tony 313, Neville 43).

Most Club Games: Stephen Milne (StK) will play his 265th match in Round Eight, putting him equal with Gary Colling in sixth place on the club's all-time games list. Ahead of them are Robert Harvey (383 games, 1988-2008), Nathan Burke (323 games, 1987-2003), Stewart Loewe (321 games, 1986-2002), Barry Breen (300 games, 1965-82) and Lenny Hayes (268 games, 1999-current). They are followed by Kevin Neale (256 games, 1965-77), Justin Peckett (252 games, 1992-2006), Nick Riewoldt (244 games, 2001-current) and Nick Dal Santo (244 games, 2002-current).

250 games: Darren Glass (WCE)
250 games: Heath Scotland (CARL)
150 games: Marc Murphy (CARL)
150 games: Andrew Walker (CARL)
100 games Scott Selwood (WCE)
50 games: Dyson Heppell (ESS)
50 games: Nick Lower (WB)

Most Games Together as a Trio of Players: Adam Goodes, Jude Bolton, Ryan O’Keeffe (SYD) will play their 250th joint game since their first appearance together in 2000. According to AFL historian Col Hutchinson,this is just the second time in League history that three players will have appeared together in 250 matches. The leading trio is Brad Johnson, Rohan Smith and Scott West (253 games for Western Bulldogs between R22 1994 and SF 2006). They are followed by Chris Grant, Brad Johnson and Rohan Smith (232 games for Western Bulldogs between R22 1994 and SF 2006), Chris Grant, Rohan Smith and Scott West (231 games for Western Bulldogs from R11 1993 to SF 2006), Chris Grant, Brad Johnson and Scott West (231 games for Western Bulldogs R18 1994 - R22 2007), Tyson Edwards, Andrew McLeod and Mark Ricciuto (221 games for Adelaide Crows between R11 1995 and EF 2007, Nathan Burke, Robert Harvey and Stewart Loewe (212 games for St Kilda R19 1988-R2 2002), Nick Dal Santo, Stephen Milne and Nick Riewoldt (203 games for St Kilda R4 2002-current), Tyson Edwards, Ben Hart and Andrew McLeod (200 games for Adelaide Crows from R11 1995 to R21 2006) and Cameron Ling, Darren Milburn and Matthew Scarlett (200 games for the Geelong Cats R4 2002-R24 2011).

Source: Patrick Keane, AFL Media Release

Article last changed on Tuesday, May 14, 2013 - 8:52 PM EDT

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