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by Lisa Albergo reporting for AFANA from Chicago

The AFL Rookie and Preseason drafts were held in the first week of December. Only one player was taken in the preseason draft with Carlton officially selecting Jason Tutt, who quit the Western Bulldogs to join the Blues. Tutt played only seven games in 2014 and a total of 26 with the Dogs in four seasons.

Here is a club by club of the players selected in the Rookie draft. The number in front of the player name is the draft selection. In parentheses are his club, his height and his weight.

9. Reilly O'Brien (Calder Cannons, 6'6", 196). Ruckman with good agility for his size.

27. Keenan Ramsey (SANFL Port Adelaide, 6'2", 193). Key position player and an excellent kick. Lost an eye from a childhood disease, but he has adjusted very well.

44. Anthony Wilson (Norwood, 5'9", 178). Half forward who can push up the ground and knows where the goals are.

4. Billy Evans (Bendigo Pioneers, 6"2", 191). Tough and ballwinning midfielder, skilled and has some speed for his size.

22. Hugh Beasley (Oakleigh Chargers, 6'2", 191). Quick, agile defender, very competitive and can play on bigger forwards.

39. Pass

56. Cian Hanley (International Ireland). Lion Pearce Hanley's brother.

6. Billy Gowers (Oakleigh Chargers, 6'1", 183). Versatile, skilled and well-balanced, can play defense or wing. Son of former Brisbane and Hawthorn player Andy Gowers.

24. Bradley Walsh (Peel Thunder, 5'9", 185). Agile midfielder who is good in the contest. Captained Western Australia in the Under-18 tournament.

41. Tom Fields (South Adelaide, 6'3", 202). Defender with a booming kick, son of former Essendon and South Melbourne player Neville.

58. Fraser Russell. Athletic runner who is giving football a try. Listed as a Category B rookie, he will spend 2015 in the VFL developing his skills.

8. Michael Manteit (Sandringham Dragons, 6'1", 187). Defender/midfielder who uses the ball well.

26. Brenden Abbott (Claremont, 61", 198). Strongly built, has explosive speed and can play a variety of positions. Mainly a forward.

43. Tony Armstrong (Collingwood). Originally drafted by the Crows, he played 14 games 2010-11 before being traded to Sydney where he played 15 games 2012-13. Joined Collingwood at the end of 2013 as a free agent. Can provide run from defense. The Pies decided to delist him as a senior player to add him to their rookie list.

60. Mason Cox (International USA, 6'9"). Recruited from Oklahoma State University, he will develop his skills in the VFL. The Pies see him as a back up ruckman but believe he could also play forward.

12. Shaun McKernan (Adelaide) Drafted by the Crows in 2008, he played a total of 34 games with the Crows as a ruckman/forward, but managed just two games in 2014. The brother of former North Melbourne and Carlton player Corey.

30. Kurt Aylett (Essendon). Originally drafted by GWS in 2012, he played just one game in two seasons due to ongoing knee injuries and was traded to Essendon but managed just two games in 2014. An athletic and skilled running defender. Delisted from the senior list so the Bombers could add him to the rookie list.

47. Jake Long (St Mary's). The son of former Bomber champion Michael, he has speed and agility and reads the play very well.

62. Conor McKenna (International Ireland). Essendon believes the Irish import could play half forward or half back.

13. Ethan Hughes (Swan Districts, 6'1"). Agile and strong-running defender with clean hands, good evasive skills and awareness.

31. Tanner Smith (Fremantle). Injuries have cruelled the key defender's first two seasons with the Dockers, but the club still has high regard for him.

48. Sean Hurley (International Ireland, 6'4"). Has strong aerobic running capacity and his ball handling and kicking skills are coming along very well. Trained with the Dockers in 2013.

14. Tom Read (Sturt, 6'6", 200). Has been battling an illness for the past several years. Has speed and is good in the air and at ground level for his size.

32. Cameron Delaney (North Melbourne). Drafted by North in 2010, he debuted in 2012 but managed just 6 in four seasons due to injuries. A tall defender who is strong in air.

49. Padraig Lucey (International Ireland)

7. Joshua Glenn (Central Districts, 5'9", 171). Midfielder/forward who was eligible for the draft in 2013 but opted to stay in the SANFL.

25. Adam Saad (Calder Cannons, 5'8", 163). Dashing defender, clever and a fine kick, also spent two seasons playing with Coburg in the VFL which means he is ready for the AFL.

42. Keegan Brooksby (South Adelaide). A mature-age ruckman (24) who turned down a basketball scholarship in America, Athletic and competitive, he won SA's best and fairest award. His father played 278 games for SA as a full back.

59. Tyrone Downie (Bendigo Gold, 5'9"). Another mature recruit (26), a forward and is an excellent mark (catch of the ball) for his size. Has also done some coaching so the club believes he can also provide on-field leadership.

67. Greg Broughton (Gold Coast) The club reluctantly delisted the out of contract Broughton to cut their list to the required 38 players but always intended to redraft him. He has already been declared the club's "nominated" rookie which means he can be re-elevated to the senior list if a place opens up.

71. Andrew Raines (Brisbane) Played 56 games for Richmond 2004-09 before being traded to Brisbane where he played a further 67 games. Managed only four games in 2014 as the club focused on youth development. Disciplined and a workhorse on the training track, he is an excellent run-with midfielder who is often assigned the job to stop the opposition's most dangerous midfielder and is rarely beaten.

Had picks 3, 21, 38, 55 and 70 but did not utilize any of them.

18. Jared Hardisty (Claremont, 5'8", 193). Hard-running midfielder who never gives up, wins plenty of the ball, is a long kick, has good endurance and can apply defensive pressure.

36. Jermaine Miller-Lewis (South Fremantle, 6'1", 196). Versatile, can play forward, defense or on a wing, has some aggression, is clean with his hands and mobile for his size. Missed the 2014 season first because of stress fractures in his shins then an ankle injury but showed enough in 2013 to keep recruiters interested.

53. Lachlan Langford (Melbourne Grammar, 6'2"). The brother of premiership player Will, it is the first time two brothers have played with the Hawk since Shane and Justin Crawford in 1999. An athletic half forward who is an excellent mark (catch of the ball), the club believes he could be a key position player.

65. Sam Grimley (Hawthorn). An athletic and mobile ruckman, Grimley debuted in 2013 after four seasons on the Hawks' list and played three games that year. He spent 2014 with Hawthorn's VFL affiliate Box Hill, playing primarily as a forward. He had an excellent season with Box Hill winning the Frosty Miller award as the VFL's leading goalkicker. It was always the club's intention to redraft him to the rookie list.

2. Aaron Vandenberg (Ainslie). Mature-age (22) midfielder who was regarded as one of the best in the NEAFL, a prolific ballwinner and can kick long.

20. Mitchell White (Dandenong Stingrays, 6'2", 187). Hard-working winger who can play forward and defense, uses the ball well and can kick it the proverbial country mile.

15. Braydon Preuss (Surfers Paradise, 6'7", 231). Ruckman/forward who leads well and is a good mark (catch of the ball). Comes from a rugby background so is still learning the game. Spent 2014 with Gold Coast's academy.

33. William Fordham (Sandringham Dragons, 6'2", 196). Hard running midfielder with excellent aerobic capacity and evasive skills, can break the lines, kicks well and applies defensive pressure. Has the ability to go forward or back.

50. Max Warren (North Ballarat). Small running defender originally added to North's rookie list in 2012 but managed just one senior game in 2014 after having most of 2013 wrecked due to a shoulder injury which required surgery.

63. Robin Nahas (NM). The small midfielder/forward played 83 games for Richmond 2009-13 before falling out of favor, the Roos got him as a delisted free agent. He managed only eight games in 2014 due to a shoulder injury in Round 14.

16 Nathan Krakouer (SANFL Port Adelaide). Gets another chance with the Power with whom he played 40 games 2006-10. He then joined Gold Coast for the 2011 season for 13 games but was delisted at the end of that year. He continued his football in West Australia for two seasons before returning to SA to join Port's new SANFL Academy in an effort to resurrect his AFL career. Through 2014, he worked on his form and fitness and played with the Port Adelaide Magpies.

4. Tom Logan (Port Adelaide). The small defender was originally drafted by Brisbane in 2003 and debuted in 2005 but played only three games that year before being delisted. Port picked him up as a rookie and later elevated him to the senior list. Could not cement a spot in Port's strong lineup in 2014 and played only three senior games for a total of 114 with the club.

51. Johann Wagner (Central Districts, 6'2", 189). Winner of reality TV show "The Recruit" (Fox Footy). A half forward with good finishing skills, he beat out five other contestants on the show which was run in part by former Brisbane star and coach Michael Voss and Port's high performance manager Darren Burgess. Wagner had the choice of Gold Coast, Sydney and Port.

11. Jayden Short (Northern Knights, 5'8", 161). Excellent kick on both sides of his body, he can play midfield, wing or forward.

29. Jason Castagna (Northern Knights, 59", 171). Athletic and speedy small defender/forward.

46. Kane Lambert (Williamstown, 5'8", 171). Midfielder with excellent ball-winning skills and is dangerous around goal.

61. Matthew Arnot (Richmond). Drafted in 2011, the defender played a total of eight games with the Tigers. Delisted for list management reasons he continued to train with the Tigers on the promise of being rookie-listed.

68. Ivan Soldo (6'6", 226). The cousin of Ivan Maric, he is a former state basketballer who has been training with the Tigers all year.

1. Jack Sinclair (Oakleigh Chargers, 5'9", 176). Well-balanced midfielder who is a prolific ballwinner, can also play forward.

19. Ahmed Saad (St Kilda). The talented small forward was suspended for 18 months after a sports drink he consumed was found to contain a substance banned on game day. He kept himself fit during that time and the club is delighted to have him back.

37. Brenton Payne (Western Jets, 6', 183). Speedy forward who can also play defense, has good endurance.

54. Adam Schneider (St Kilda). The former Sydney premiership forward struggled with injury in 2014. Played 98 games for the Swans 2003-07 and 115 for the Saints. The club believes he can still play an important role and be a mentor for the younger players.

17. Sean McLaren (Sandringham Dragons, 6'4", 202). Competitive ruckman/defender.

35. Nicholas Newman (Frankston, 6'1", 176). Defender who excels at intercepting the ball and kicking it out of defense.

52. Lewis Melican (VFL Geelong, 6'3"). Versatile key defender who can play on tall or small forwards, has some speed for his size.

64. Pass
69. Pass

10. Kane Lucas (Carlton). Was thought to be a required player with the Blues, then was surprisingly delisted. Debuted in 2010, played 42 games with Carlton, an play wing or half forward.

28. Cory Adamson (6'1", 187). He was an under-15 All Australian, but then chose a baseball career. After six years and a stint with the San Diego Padres, he retired to return to football and has been training with the Eagles since August.

45. Patrick Brophy International Ireland, 6'2", 185). The first Irish recruit for the Eagles, the club believes he could play a variety of positions. Athletic, competitive and has a strong work ethic. Scored highly in the clean hands and goalkicking tests at the draft combine.

5. Roarke Smith (Calder Cannons, 5'9", 163). Close-checking athletic defender with speed and is a very good kick.

23. Jordan Kelly (Hawthorn, 6'2", 187). Versatile defender could not break into the strong Hawk team after being drafted in 2011 and was delisted.

40. Daniel Pearce (Western Bulldogs, 5'9", 167). Small defender managed only managed five games in his debut season of 2012 with the Dogs and gets a second chance as a rookie. Career has been hampered by injury.

57. Brett Goodes (Western Bulldogs, 6', 196). Creative running defender who played only two senior games in 2014 for a total of 15 in two seasons. Was a member of the Bulldogs' VFL premiership team and won the VFL club's best and fairest award to earn another chance as a rookie.

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