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Location: Honolulu, HI

Venue: Maddogs Waikiki

Venue Telephone: (808) 924-3400

Directions to the party: 
Maddogs is located on the second floor of the International Market Place at the corner of Nahua and Kuhio streeets. Across from Starbucks and above Payless Shoes. Date of the event: 09/30/11

Date of the party: 09/28/12

Starting time of the event: 5:00 pm

Contact e-mail for the organizers: buddy[at)maddogsaloonwaikiki[ dot }com

Age Restrictions? Yes (21+)

Additional Information:
We will be having the Jagermeister girls at Maddogs from 7-9 giving away a lot of free merchandise (hats, tees, etc). Jager will be $3.50 during the entire match and there will be other drink specials as well that have yet to be determined. Please contact us and we will fill you in more. We are standing room only every year by game time so get here at least one hour early if you want a seat.

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