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Location: Decatur Island, WA (near Seattle and Vancouver)

Venue: Home of Lee & Janet Wheeler

Venue Telephone: 360-375-6154

Directions to the party: 
198 Centerview Drive
Division 2 Decatur Shores
Decatur Island, Washington

Date of the event: 09/27/13

Starting time of the event: 7:30 PM

Contact e-mail for the organizers:  burbidge[at)centurytel[ dot }net

Age Restrictions? No

Additional Information:
Decatur is a small private island in the San Juans. If coming by boat or plane, please contact me for details. Overnight accommodation can be arranged if required.

Bring $5 for an Aussie pie/lamington dinner, $5 to place your bet on the winning team and points margin, and some liquid refreshment, preferably with "Made in Australia" on the label.

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