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Looking for an AFL Grand Final Party in your area?
You can reach all of our listings by clicking on the drop down box at the bottom of this article. (If you are reading this on the front page of our web site "click to read more" first.)
Western Bulldogs Celebrate Winning the Grand Final in 2016
Are you hosting a party and would like to promote it?  Once again, AFANA is accepting announcements of Grand Final parties.  If you are hosting a Grand Final party and want AFANA to post it on our site, send us the details by going to: our party entry page. Plan to subscribe to the finals or GF on WatchAFL? Then be sure to go to our party entry page to find out more.




For US parties: As of 9/28/2017, the Grand Final is expected to be live in the USA on Fox Soccer Plus (FSP) from 12:23 AM US EDT to 4:00 AM and on WatchAFL also beginning approximately 12:23 AM. Some pre-game will be available via WatchAFL - see our TV schedules page. The only live US coverage is on FSP or WatchAFL. AFANA will post this and any updates on our TV pages (TV schedules). For Canadian fans, as of 9/29/2017, TSN2 coverage is expected to be live with pre-game at 11:30 PM and match coverage beginning at 12:23 AM EDT. Coverage will also be on WatchAFL for Canadians.

For more details about the party you're interested in, use the contact information provided.  AFANA has no part in organizing the parties and would therefore not be the group you would need to contact regarding party-specific information.

Sponsors of the Grand Final in North America in 2017 include:




If you don't find a party listed below for your city please stop back again. AFANA receives announcements and posts parties right up to Grand Final time and many announcements are not received until a few days before the Grand Final.  We also suggest that you do one or more of the following:



Please note: All times are listed in their respective time zone and are listed alphabetically by city name. Cities listed more than once have multiple parties so check all links. Also note, all dates will be listed in the US format, which is MM/DD/YY. If you know of a party we do not have listed please encourage the host to visit this site and submit their party for the benefit of other fans. AFANA does not organize or manage the parties; they are the sole responsibility of the organizer or venue.

Parties in North America

Parties Outside of North America

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