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This is the weekly update on the AFANA Top 4 Tipping Competition.

Each week we will post the results here for the competition.   You can follow who is atop the standings.

As per last year's Top Four competition you will have 2 chances to change your tips, but that will be whenever YOU decide. You can send in completely new teams, or make some small edits. To do this, just send another e-mail with "Top Four" in the subject header and your teams will be changed. It's that simple. The ladder will reflect how many changes each has made so you can track progress and plan your next change!

To sign up and to learn the unique rules for this comp go to:  Top 4 Tipping Contest Registration page.

The AFL draw for each round is here:  AFL Fixture.

Good luck - now onto the details:

The 2021 season will commence on 18th March 2021 however as we would all be aware the 2020 season was suspended just after that. Hopefully this year will be a clear sailing so the Top4 competition can continue on.

I will leave the 2020 results up until after Round 1 of 2021. 

The final Top4 ladder is


and our Top 4 ladder up to Round 18 of 2020 is:

Name Change PICK 1 PICK 2 PICK 3 PICK 4 R18 SCORE
Ron Abrahams 1 POR BRI GEE COL 8 99
Rob de Santos 2 POR BRI GEE WCE 7 77
Jon Zeitler 2 WCE BRI POR RIC 6 74
Philip Rusch 0 GWS BRI RIC POR 6 69
Lisa Albergo 0 RIC WCE GEE COL 3 39
Alan Prager 0 WCE RIC GEE HAW 3 34
Ian Woon 0 WCE RIC COL GEE 3 34
Jim Baldwin 0 RIC WCE GWS BRI 3 31
Most popular picks 0 RIC WCE GWS GEE 3 27
Michael Cline 0 RIC WCE HAW GWS 2 18


0 indicates no changes made
1 indicates 1st change made
2 indicates 2nd change made

2020 Season Wrap

So the topsy turvy season of 2020 has seen Ron Abrahams top the ladder and take the title of AFANA 2020 Top 4 Champion. Due the financial issues with this season no prizes are to be had, apart from the prestige of the title.

Congratulations Ron Abrahams as the 2020 AFANA Top4 Competition Champion.

Hopefully you will all be back in 2021 and the season will be more defined and keep the interest up.

So come along and join the fun, sign up on the AFANA Top4 Joining page and be part of it.

AFANA Top 4 Tipping Comp Coordinator

Article last changed on Tuesday, March 16, 2021 - 9:52 PM EDT

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