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4. Other Australian Football Leagues

    1. What other Australian leagues exist?
      1. South Australian National Football League (SANFL)
      2. Victorian Football League (VFL)
      3. West Australian Football League
      4. Australian Football League Canberra (AFLC)
      5. Sydney Australian Football League (SAFL)
      6. Northern Territory Football League (NTFL)
      7. Queensland Australian Football League (QAFL)
      8. Australian Football League Tasmania (AFLT)
      9. Other helpful addresses:
    2. Non-Australian Australian Football Leagues

      1. AFL Europe
      2. AFL England
        1. AFL Central & Northern England
        2. AFL London
        3. AFL South
        4. English Clubs in Welsh League (WARFL)
        5. University Clubs
        6. Aussie Rules UK
      3. Danish Australian Football League (DAFL)
      4. AFL Italy
      5. Catalunya Liga de Futbol Australia de Catalunya
      6. Croatia Savez Australskog Nogometa Hrvatske
      7. AFL Iceland
      8. Australian Rules Football Club of Ireland
      9. AFL Russia
      10. AFL Espana
      11. AFL Germany
      12. Welsh Australia Rules Football League
      13. Netherland Dutch Australian Football Association
      14. Norway
      15. France CNFA France Football Australien
      16. AFL Scotland
      17. AFL Sweden
      18. Portugal
      19. Finland
      20. Czech Republic
      21. Belgium
      22. Austria
      23. Andorra
      24. Canadian Australian Football Association (CAFA)
      25. Japan Australian Football Association (JAFA)
      26. New Zealand Australian Football League
      27. United States Australian League (USAFL)
    3. Probability of an Aussie Rules "Super League"

    What other leagues exist?

    Each state has its own elite level of competition. As stated previously, the VFL, which was the strongest competition, has expanded and become the AFL. The original Victorian Football Association (VFA), which was left behind when the former VFL was formed in 1896, took the name Victorian Football League (VFL) in 1997 and now stands as the premier league in Victoria. For more information on the VFL, go here.

    There are two other leagues which have provided the majority of non-Victorian players. These are the West Australian Football League (WAFL), which was known as Westar Rules for several years before reverting to its original name, based in Western Australia, and the South Australian National Football League (SANFL) based in South Australia. ("National football" and "Victorian Rules" were archaic names for Aussie Rules.)  Contact addresses for each of these leagues as well as the other state leagues are provided below:

    South Australian National Football League (SANFL)

    South Australian National Football League. Inc.
    Adelaide Oval
    Level 2, Riverbank Stand
    War Memorial Drive
    North Adelaide, SA 5006

    Phone:(08) 8424 2200
    Fax: (08) 8445 7385

    Mailing Address:
    PO Box 606
    Tynte Street
    North Adelaide, SA 5006


    The SANFL currently has 10 teams:

    • Adelaide Football Club
    • Central Districts Bulldogs
    • Glenelg Tigers
    • North Adelaide Roosters
    • Norwood Redlegs
    • Port Adelaide Magpies
    • South Adelaide Panthers
    • Sturt Double Blues
    • West Adelaide Bloods
    • Woodville-West Torrens Eagles

    Victorian Football League (VFL)

    Anthony Stanguts Communications Manager
    email: anthony[ dot }stanguts[at)aflvic[ dot }com[ dot }au
    Victoria Football League
    GPO Box 4337
    Vic 3001
    Twitter: @VFLnews

    Phone: (03) 8341 6000
    Fax: (03) 9380 1076
    General email address: vflnews[at)aflvic[ dot }com[ dot }au

    The present VFL is the former Victorian Football Association (VFA), whose oldest league was formed in 1877.
    The name change was made in 1996, several years after the current AFL abandoned the name.
    The league was restructured in 2000

    The current 15 teams in the Peter Jackson Victorian Football League are:

    • Box Hill Hawks (Hawthorn)
    • Casey Scorpions (Melbourne)
    • Coburg Tigers
    • Collingwood
    • Essendon
    • Footscray
    • Frankston Dolphins
    • Geelong Cats
    • North Ballarat Roosters (North Melbourne)
    • Northern Blues (Carlton)
    • Port Melbourne Borough
    • Richmond
    • Sandringham Zebras (St Kilda)
    • Werribee Tigers (North Melbourne)
    • Williamstown Seagulls

    West Australian Football League

    West Australian Football League
    Gate 6 Domain Stadium
    Subiaco Road
    Subiaco, WA

    Mailing Address:
    PO Box 275
    WA 6904

    E-mail: reception[at)wafc[ dot }com[ dot }au
    Telephone: +61 8 9381 5599


    The WAFL currently has 9 teams:

    • Claremont Tigers
    • East Fremantle Sharks
    • East Perth Royals
    • Peel Thunder
    • Perth Demons
    • South Fremantle Bulldogs
    • Subiaco Lions
    • Swan Districts Swans
    • West Perth Falcons

    Australian Football League Canberra (AFLC)

    David Wark
    PO Box 3759
    ACT 2603

    Email: David[ dot }Wark[at)aflact[ dot }com[ dot }au
    Phone: (02) 6228 0337

    The six teams that compete in the First Division AFLC are:

    • Belconnen Magpies
    • Eastlake Demons
    • Queanbeyan Tigers
    • Ainslie Tricolours
    • Tuggeranong Hawks
    • Gungahlin Jets

    The are additional divisions in Canberra

    Sydney Australian Football League (SAFL)

    Matthew Graham
    NSW Australian Football League
    PO Box 333
    Strawberry Hills
    NSW 2012
    Phone: (02) 8333 8021
    Fax: (02) 9360 2255
    E-mail: /mspooner[at)aflnswact[ dot }com[ dot }au">matthew[ dot }graham[at)aflnswact[ dot }com[ dot }au

    Sydney AFL 9 Premier Division teams are:

    • East Coast Eagles
    • North Shore Bombers
    • Pennant Hills Demons
    • St. George Dragons
    • Sydney University
    • Manly Warringah Giants
    • UNSW-Eastern Suburbs Bulldogs
    • UTS Bats
    • Western Suburbs Magpies

    Sydney also has 5 additional Divisions.

    Northern Territory Football League (NTFL)

    Mr Robert Kingston (CEO)

    Northern Territory Football League
    PO Box NTFL 1
    NT 0811
    Competition Manager Darryl Griffiths Phone: 08 8980 4807
    email: ntfooty[at)aflnt[ dot }com[ dot }au

    The NTFL currently has 8 teams in their Premier League

    • Buffaloes
    • Nightcliff
    • Palmerston
    • Southern Districts
    • St. Marys
    • Tiwi Bombers
    • Wanderers
    • Waratah

    Queensland Australian Football League (QAFL)

    Mr Michael Conlan (CEO)
    Queensland Australian Football League (Inc)
    Postal Address;
    PO Box 3132
    Yeronga LPO
    Qld 4104
    Physical Address:
    Queensland Administration and Training Centre
    Cansdale Street
    QLD 4104

    The QAFL Senior Division currently has 10 teams:

    • Broadbeach
    • Labrador
    • Morningside
    • Mt Gravatt
    • Palm Beach Currumbin
    • Sandgate
    • Surfers Paradise
    • University of Queensland
    • Western Magpies
    • Wilston Grange
    Other divisions include:
    • QWAFL 7 teams
    • QFA (North) Seniors 7 teams
    • QFA (South) Seniors 9 teams
    • QAFA (A) Seniors 11 teams
    • QWAFA 6 teams
    • Colts North 9 teams
    • Colts South 8 teams

    Australian Football League Tasmania (AFLT)

    AFL Tasmania - South
    Blundstone Arena
    15 Derwent Street
    PO Box 405
    Rosny, TAS 7018
    Phone: (03) 6282 1800

    AFL Tasmania - North
    Aurora Stadium at York Park
    Invermay Road
    PO Box 1896
    Launceston, TAS 7250
    Phone (03) 6333 0842
    Fax: (03) 6333 0842

    AFL Tasmania Northwest
    Ulverstone Football Bround
    Victoria Street
    PO Box 40
    Burnie, TAS 7320
    Phone: (03) 6425 1755
    Fax: (03) 6425 4603

    Media Inquires:
    Shaun Young
    TSL General Manager
    Phone: 0438 437 456
    email: shaun[ dot }young[at)aftlas[ dot }com[ dot }au

    Website: http:/

    There are currently Ten AFLT clubs:

    • Burnie
    • Clarence Roos
    • Devonport
    • Glenorchy Magpies
    • Hobart City
    • Lauderdale Bombers
    • Launceston
    • North Lauderdale
    • Tigers
    • Western Storm

    Other helpful addresses:

    Australian Football League
    140 Harbour Esplanade
    Docklands, VIC  3008
    Membership Postal Address:
    GPO Box 5275
    Melbourne, VIC 3001
    PH: (03) 9643 1999

    Australian Amateur Football Council (AAFC)
    Bill Armstrong Secretary/Treasurer
    Email: ncouch[at)wafc[ dot }com[ dot }au
    Phone: 08 9381 5599
    Postal Address:
    P.O. Box 275
    Subiaco, WA 6904

    Non-Australian Australian Football Leagues

    The AFL provides financial or practical assistance to Leagues in Britain, Canada, Denmark, Japan and New Zealand. Respective details of several of these leagues are:

    AFL Europe

    3rd Floor Australia Centre
    London WC2B 4LG England, UK
    Phone: +44 7 952 873 813
    email: admin[at)afleurope[ dot }org

    AFL Europe is affiliated with the following leagues:
    To contact the individual clubs go to: and click on the list of countries.

    AFL England

    Adam Bennett, President
    E-mail: info[at)aflengland[ dot }org

    AFL GB became AFL England in 2011.
    AFL England is affiliated with AFL Europe

    The clubs:

    AFL Central & Northern England

    • Birmingham Bears
    • Huddersfield Rams
    • Leeds Minotaurs (currently not active)
    • Manchester Mosquitoes
    • Nottingham Scorpions
    • Sheffield Thunder
    • Tyne Tees Tigers
    • Wolverhampton Wolverines
    • Merseyside Saints

    AFL London

    • London Swans
    • North London Lions
    • Putney Magpies
    • Reading Kangaroos
    • South East London Giants
    • Wandsworth Demons
    • West London Wildcats
    • Wimbledon Hawks

    AFL South

    • Bournemouth Demons
    • Surrey Stags
    • Portsmouth Pirates
    • Southampton Titans
    • Sussex Swans

    English Clubs in Welsh League (WARFL)

    • Chippenham Redback
    • Bristol Dockers

    University Clubs

    • University of Birmingham
    • Cambridge University
    • University of Gloucester
    • Newcastle University
    • Newmans University
    • Oxford University
    • Exeter University

    Aussie Rules UK


    Danish Australian Football League (DAFL)

    President Simon Malone (Farum)
    Vice President Gavin Ward (Odense)
    E-mail: /marks[at)dafl[ dot }dk">exec[at)dafl[ dot }dk
    Twitter: @danskafl

    Season runs from late April to late August for 14 rounds, with three weeks off in July, depending on the conference.
    McIntyre Final Four system is used for finals; Grand Final to be held September 12.

    The DAFL is comprised of three conferences and one area league:

    Jutland Conference Teams:

    • Aalborg Kangaroos
    • Randers Dockers
    Funen Conference Teams:
    • Odense Australian Football Lions
    Zealand Conference Teams:
    • Copenhagen Barracudas
    • Copenhagen Giants
    • Farum Cats
    Sweden Conference Teams:
    • Port Malmo Maulers

    The origins of Australian football in Scandinavia are the stuff of legend. Mick Sitch, an expatriate Aussie, was missing the footy so much that he placed an ad in a Copenhagen newspaper in 1989 offering a kick to all comers. He got two responses the first time out. But the game attracted so much interest from the locals that a three-team league was in operation just two years later, and is now a seven-team international league.

    AFL Italy


    Catalunya Liga de Futbol Australia de Catalunya


    Croatia Savez Australskog Nogometa Hrvatske


    AFL Iceland


    Australian Rules Football Club of Ireland


    AFL Russia

    AFL Espana

    AFL Germany


    Welsh Australia Rules Football League


    Netherland Dutch Australian Football Association



    France CNFA France Football Australien


    AFL Scotland


    AFL Sweden




    Czech Republic




    Canadian Australian Football Association (CAFA)

    Website: This website will forward you to the following:

    There is also information on the following website:
    This page does not appear to be updated frequently.

    Ontario Australian Football League

    AFL Ontario Executive
    E-mail: exec[at)aflontario[ dot }com
    Add'l Website:
    Add'l website:

    10 team competition, formed in 1989. Season runs from end of May to start of October, for 14 rounds (play every other team twice with two byes.) McIntyre Final Four system is used for finals.

    The clubs:

    • Toronto Eagles
    • Toronto Dingos
    • Ottowa Swans
    • Grand River Gargoyles
    • Broadview Hawks
    • Hamilton Wildcats
    • Toronto Rebels
    • Central Blues
    • Etobicoke Kangaroos
    • High Park Demons

    Australian Football League of Quebec

    Nova Scotia Australian Football League (NSAFL)


    British Columbia Australian Football League (BCAFL)


    Alberta Australian Football League (AAFL)

    Website Calgary:
    Website Edmonton: ?

    See the North American Footy Links page to get the links for all Canadian clubs.

    Japan Australian Football Association (JAFA)

    Telephone: 03-4520-9930
    E-mail: info[at)jafl[ dot }org
    Additional information check AFL Japan on Twitter

    • Tokyo Bay Suns
    • Tokyo Goannas
    • Eastern Hawks
    • Senshu Powers
    • R246 Lions
    • Komazawa Magpies
    • Shonan Poseidons
    • Osaka Digoes (not active in 2015)
    • Nagoya Redbacks (not active in 2015)

    New Zealand Australian Football League (NZAFL)

    Postal Address:
    C/-Sports House
    P.O. Box 300633
    Albany, Auckland
    New Zealand 0752
    Physical Address:
    Sports House
    Stadium Drive
    Albany, Auckland
    New Zealand
    Phone: +64 9 448 0305
    Fax: +64 9 415 4594
    E-mail: playafl[at)aflnz[ dot }co[ dot }nz
    Twitter: @aflnz

    The NZAFL is broken into five different leagues. Visit the league site to get a listing and contact details of the clubs:

    • Auckland AFL
    • Canterbury AFL
    • Waikato AFL
    • Wellington AFL
    • Otago AFL

    United States Australian Football League (USAFL)

    Doren James Operations Manager
    E-mail: operations[at)usafl[ dot }com
    Phone: 872-228-7235

    The USAFL currently has 36 teams across the country. Clubs play regional footy during the season (such as the Mid-America Australian Football League, or MAAFL) with results contributing to a team's overalll USAFL standing at the end of the season, which in turn determines its ranking at the annual National Tournament. Several years ago, many cities with USAFL registered teams also established a "Metro Footy League" which does not compete in the USAFL, but allows USAFL players and players not interested in playing USAFL games to compete at a lower level.

    Teams marked with an * also have a Women's team:

    USAFL Leagues:

    USAFL Clubs:
    • Arizona Hawks*
    • Altanta Kookaburras
    • Austin Crows
    • Baltimore Washington Eagles*
    • Baton Rouge Tigers
    • Boise Australian Football Club
    • Boston Demons*
    • Chicago Swans Football Club
    • Cincinnati Dockers
    • Cleveland Cannons
    • Columbus Jackaroos ARFC*
    • Dallas Magpies
    • Denver Bulldogs*
    • Des Moines Roosters
    • Fort Lauderdale Fighting Squids
    • Golden Gate Roos*
    • Houston Lonestars
    • Indianapolis Giants
    • Kansas City Power
    • Kentucky Fury
    • Los Angeles Dragons
    • Louisville Kings
    • Milwaukee Bombers
    • Minnesota Freeze*
    • Nashville Kangaroos
    • New York Magpies*
    • North Carolina Tigers
    • Orange County Bombers
    • Philadelphia Hawks
    • Portland Steelheads*
    • Sacramento Suns*
    • Saint Louis Blues
    • San Diego Lions*
    • Seattle Grizzlies
    • Tampa Bay Larrikins ARFC
    • Tulsa Buffaloes*
    USAFL National Teams
    • USA Revolution Established in 1999 competes in the International cup held every three years in Australia
    • USA Freedom is the Women's National Team Established in 2007

    Probability of an Aussie Rules "Super League"

    The Australian Rugby League experienced massive upheaval in 1997 as Rupert Murdoch's News Ltd. started a new Rugby League competition - the Super League - in direct competition with ARL, and offered massive contracts to Rugby League players. Massive division resulted, with threatened expulsion of teams from the ARL - and a substantial real exodus - and threatened extinction of others. News Ltd. broadcast Super League matches over its pay-TV empire. (Murdoch has already done this in the UK with Premier League soccer, and Murdoch's Fox network televises National Football Conference NFL games here in the USA.)

    There was speculation a few years ago that the AFL might be the next target for a Super League. This never happened, and is unlikely for many reasons:

    • a) Australian Rules Football is very much a tribal game - the allegiances are to your specific team.
    • b) Clubs leaving the AFL can't use their name, logo, uniform, etc., for two years afterwards - the AFL retains the rights to them.
    • c) The AFL has exclusive playing licenses for practically all major football grounds in the country.
    • d) Murdoch already owns part of the Channel Seven Network which owned the broadcast rights for 45 years. They lost those rights in 2001 to a Channel 9/Channel Ten/Fox consortium, but regained the rights when they outbid the consortium in 2006 in a partnership with Channel Ten, which abandoned its partnership with the consortium during the negotiations. Seven and Ten held the rights for the next 5 years, 2007-2011. The situation has remained in a similar state since with Seven and Foxtel owning rights.
    • e) AFL doesn't have the broad international appeal on pay TV that would justify the massive expenditure of setting up a Super League.
    • f) AFL clubs receive much higher dividends from the AFL than ARL clubs from their league.
    • g) Player contracts revert to the AFL if a team happens to leave the League (originally in place to protect players should a team fold).
    • h) AFL don't have private ownership in the way other sports have.

    The rugby Super League in fact bled mass quantities of money and failed, and the 20-odd former ARL clubs reunited to form the National Rugby League. The Hunter club in the suburbs of Sydney failed, and the Perth club became the Melbourne Storm. NRL eventually reduced the number of clubs.

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