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NOTICE:  Copyright 2003-2024 Australian Football League; fax 61-3-9650-1485. Reproduction of any of this material - in whole or in part - is permitted only with the written approval of the Australian Football League. Fixture subject to change without notice. Reproduced by permission.

The 2024 AFL Fixture 

also known as the "Draw" or schedule of matches.

- Rounds will be updated when AFL releases information with updated times, dates, and locations.  The AFL initially releases locations and times only for rounds through 15. The remainder are released progressively throughout the season. In 2024, there will be a round zero or "opening round" and the teams playing that week will get additional byes in the subsequent weeks. 

Go directly to a specific round:

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Dates and times are for the Australian venue.  See table here for guide to times and conversion to North American time zones.   For key to grounds and other abbreviations go here.   


Round 0

Date Time Home Away Venue
03/07 7:30 PM Sydney Melbourne SCG
03/08 7:40 PM Brisbane Carlton G
03/09 4:20 PM Gold Coast Richmond PF
03/09 7:30 PM GWS Giants Collingwood EN
BYES   Essendon Fremantle Geelong
    Adelaide Hawthorn St. Kilda
    Port Adelaide North Melbourne West Coast
    Western Bulldogs    

Round 1

Date Time Home Away Venue
03/14 7:30 PM Carlton Richmond MCG
03/15 7:40 PM Collingwood Sydney MCG
03/16 1:45 PM Essendon Hawthorn MCG
03/16 4:35 PM GWS Giants North Melbourne EN
03/16 7:25 PM Geelong St Kilda GMHBA
03/16 8:10 PM Gold Coast Adelaide PF
03/17 1:00 PM Melbourne Western Bulldogs MCG
03/17 4:00 PM Port Adelaide West Coast AO
03/17 6:50 PM Fremantle Brisbane Lions OS

Round 2

Date Time Home Away Venue
03/21 7:30 PM St. Kilda  Collingwood MCG
03/22 7:40 PM Adelaide Geelong AO
03/23 1:45 PM North Melbourne Fremantle MVS
03/23 4:35 PM Hawthorn Melbourne MCG
03/23 7:30 PM Sydney Essendon SCG
03/24 1:00 PM Western Bulldogs Gold Coast EU
03/24 4:00 PM Richmond Port Adelaide MCG
03/24 6:50 PM West Coast GWS Giants OS
BYES   Brisbane Carlton  

Round 3

Date Time Home Away Venue
03/28 7:30 PM Brisbane Collingwood G
03/29 4:20 PM North Melbourne Carlton MVL
03/29 7:20 PM Fremantle Adelaide OS
03/30 4:20 PM Essendon St. Kilda MVL
03/30 7:30 PM Port Adelaide Melbourne AO
03/31 1:00 PM Western Bulldogs West Coast MVL
03/31 4:00 PM Richmond Sydney  MCG
04/01 3:20 PM Hawthorn  Geelong MCG
BYES   Gold Coast GWS Giants  

Round 4

Date Time Home Away Venue
04/04 7:40 PM Adelaide Melbourne AO
04/05 5:10 PM Brisbane  North Melbourne NO
04/05 8:10 PM Port Adelaide Essendon AO
04/06 1:30 PM West Coast Sydney AH
04/06 4:20 PM Fremantle Carlton AO
04/06 8:10 PM Western Bulldogs Geelong AO
04/07 12:30 PM Gold Coast GWS Giants AH
04/07 3:20 PM Richmond St. Kilda NO
04/07 5:10 PM Collingwood Hawthorn AO

Round 5

Date Time Home Away Venue
04/11 7:30 PM Melbourne Brisbane MCG
04/12 7:40 PM Western Bulldogs Essendon MVL
04/13 1:45 PM GWS Giants St. Kilda MO
04/13 4:35 PM Carlton Adelaide MVL
04/13 7:30 PM Port Adelaide Fremantle AO
04/13 7:30 PM Gold Coast Hawthorn PF
04/14 1:00 PM Geelong North Melbourne GMHBA
04/14 4:00 PM West Coast Richmond OS
BYES   Sydney Collingwood  

Round 6

Date Time Home Away Venue
04/18 7:30 PM St. Kilda Western Bulldogs MVL
04/19 7:40 PM Adelaide Essendon AO
04/20 1:45 PM Collingwood Port Adelaide MCG
04/20 4:35 PM Carlton GWS Giants MVL
04/20 7:30 PM Brisbane Geelong G
04/20 8:10 PM West Coast Fremantle OS
04/21 1:00 PM Sydney Gold Coast SCG
04/21 4:00 PM North Melbourne Hawthorn MVL
BYES   Melbourne Richmond  

Round 7

Date Time Home Away Venue
04/24 7:25 PM Richmond Melbourne MCG
04/25 3:30 PM Essendon Collingwood MCG
04/25 7:30 PM GWS Giants Brisbane MAN
04/26 7:40 PM Port Adelaide St. Kilda AO
04/27 1:45 PM North Melbourne Adelaide BA
04/27 4:35 PM Geelong Carlton MCG
04/27 7:30 PM Fremantle Western Bulldogs OS
04/28 1:00 PM Gold Coast West Coast PF
04/28 4:00 PM Hawthorn Sydney MCG

Round 8

Date Time Home Away Venue
05/02 7:30 PM Adelaide Port Adelaide AO
05/03 7:40 PM Carlton Collingwood MCG
05/04 1:45 PM Sydney GWS Giants SCG
05/04 4:35 PM St. Kilda North Melbourne MVL
05/04 7:30 PM Melbourne Geelong MCG
05/04 8:10 PM West Coast Essendon OS
05/05 1:00 PM Richmond Fremantle MCG
05/05 4:00 PM Western Bulldogs Hawthorn MVL
05/05 7:10 PM Brisbane Gold Coast G

Round 9

Date Time Home Away Venue
05/09 7:30 PM Carlton Melbourne MCG
05/10 7:10 PM Geelong Port Adelaide GMHBA
05/10 8:20 PM Fremantle Sydney OS
05/11 1:45 PM Hawthorn St. Kilda UTAS
05/11 4:35 PM Essendon GWS Giants MVL
05/11 7:30 PM Gold Coast North Melbourne TIO
05/11 7:30 PM Richmond Western Bulldogs MCG
05/12 1:00 PM Collingwood West Coast MVL
05/12 4:00 PM Adelaide Brisbane AO

Round 10

Date Time Home Away Venue
05/16 7:30 PM Gold Coast Geelong TIO
05/17 7:40 PM Sydney Carlton SCG
05/18 1:45 PM Collingwood Adelaide MCG
05/18 4:35 PM GWS Giants Western Bulldogs EN
05/18 7:30 PM St. Kilda Fremantle MVL
05/18 7:30 PM Brisbane Richmond G
05/19 1:10 PM Essendon North Melbourne MVL
05/19 3:20 PM Port Adelaide Hawthorn AO
05/19 7:20 PM West Coast Melbourne OS

Round 11

Date Time Home Away Venue
05/23 7:30 PM Western Bulldogs Sydney MVL
05/24 8:10 PM Fremantle Collingwood OS
05/25 1:45 PM North Melbourne Port Adelaide BA
05/25 1:45 PM Carlton Gold Coast MVL
05/25 4:35 PM Geelong  GWS Giants GMHBA
05/25 7:40 PM Richmond Essendon MCG
05/26 1:10 PM Hawthorn Brisbane MVL
05/26 3:20 PM Melbourne St. Kilda MCG
05/26 4:40 PM Adelaide West Coast AO

Round 12

Date Time Home Away Venue
05/30 7:30 PM Port Adelaide Carlton AO
05/31 7:40 PM Collingwood Western Bulldogs MVL
06/01 1:45 PM Hawthorn Adelaide MCG
06/01 4:35 PM West Coast St. Kilda OS
06/01 7:30 PM Geelong Richmond GMHBA
06/02 1:00 PM Melbourne Fremantle TIO
06/02 4:00 PM Gold Coast Essendon PF
BYES   Brisbane North Melbourne  
    Sydney GWS Giants  

Round 13

Date Time Home Away Venue
06/06 7:30 PM Adelaide Richmond AO
06/07 7:40 PM Western Bulldogs Brisbane MVL
06/08 1:45 PM Hawthorn GWS Giants UTAS
06/08 4:35 PM West Coast North Melbourne OS
06/08 7:30 PM St. Kilda Gold Coast MVL
06/09 3:20 PM Sydney Geelong SCG
06/09 7:20 PM Essendon Carlton MCG
06/10 3:20 PM Collingwood Melbourne MCG
BYES   Port Adelaide Fremantle  

Round 14

Date Time Home Away Venue
06/14 7:40 PM Brisbane St. Kilda G
06/15 1:45 PM Western Bulldogs Fremantle MVL
06/15  4:35 PM Hawthorn Richmond MCG
06/15 7:30 PM Adelaide Sydney AO
06/16 1:00 PM North Melbourne Collingwood MVL
06/16 4:00 PM GWS Giants Port Adelaide EN
BYES   Gold Coast Carlton  
    Geelong Essendon  
    Melbourne West Coast  

Round 15

Date Time Home Away Venue
06/21 7:40 PM Carlton Geelong MCG
06/22 1:45 PM Port Adelaide Brisbane AO
06/22 4:35 PM GWS Giants Sydney EN
06/22 7:30 PM Melbourne North Melbourne MCG
06/23 1:00 PM Essendon West Coast MVL
06/23 4:00 PM Fremantle Gold Coast OS
BYES   Adelaide Collingwood  
    Western Bulldogs Hawthorn  
    St. KIlda Richmond  

Round 16

Date Time Home Away Venue
06/28 7:40PM Brisbane Melbourne G
06/29 7:30PM Geelong Essendon MCG
06/29 4:35PM Gold Coast Collingwood PF
06/29 1:45PM North Melbourne Western Bulldogs MVL
06/30 3:20PM Richmond Carlton MCG
06/30 1:10PM St. Kilda Port Adelaide MVL
06/29 1:45PM Sydney Fremantle SCG
06/29 7:30PM Adelaide GWS Giants AO
06/30 4:40PM West Coast Hawthorn OS

Round 17

Date Time Home Away Venue
07/07 4:10PM Brisbane Adelaide G
07/05 7:40PM Collingwood Essendon MCG
07/06 4:35PM Geelong Hawthorn GMHBA
07/06 7:30PM GWS Giants Carlton EN
07/07 1:10PM Melbourne West Coast MCG
07/06 1:45PM North Melbourne Gold Coast MVL
07/07 3:20PM St. Kilda Sydney MVL
07/06 1:45PM Port Adelaide Western Bulldogs AO
07/06 8:10PM Fremantle Richmond OS

Round 18

Date Time Home Away Venue
07/12 7:40PM Collingwood Geelong MCG
07/14 1:10PM Gold Coast Port Adelaide PF
07/13 1:45PM Hawthorn Fremantle UTAS
07/13 7:30PM Melbourne Essendon MCG
07/14 3:20PM Richmond GWS Giants MCG
07/13 1:45PM Sydney North Melbourne SCG
07/13 4:35PM Western Bulldogs Carlton PF
07/13 7:30PM Adelaide St. Kilda AO
07/14 4:40PM West Coast Brisbane OS

Round 19

Date Time Home Away Venue
07/21 1:10PM Brisbane Sydney G
07/21 4:40PM Carlton North Melbourne MVL
07/19 7:40PM Essendon Adelaide MVL
07/20 7:30PM Geelong Western Bulldogs GMHBA
07/20 1:45PM GWS Giants Gold Coast EN
07/20 4:35PM Hawthorn Collingwood MCG
07/20 1:45PM St. Kilda West Coast MVL
07/20 7:30PM Port Adelaide Richmond AO
07/21 3:20PM Fremantle Melbourne OS

Round 20 

Date Time Home Away Venue
07/26 7:40PM Carlton Port Adelaide MVL
07/28 1:10PM Collingwood Richmond MCG
07/27 4:35PM Gold Coast Brisbane PF
07/27 7:30PM Melbourne GWS Giants MCG
07/27 1:45PM North Melbourne Geelong BA
07/27 4:35PM St. Kilda Essendon MVL
07/28 3:20PM Sydney Western Bulldogs SCG
07/28 4:10PM Adelaide Hawthorn AO
07/27 8:10PM Fremantle West Coast OS


Round 21

Date Time Home Away Venue
08/03 7:30PM Collingwood Carlton MCG
08/04 3:20PM Essendon Fremantle MCG
08/03 4:35PM Geelong Adelaide GMHBA
08/04 1:10PM GWS Giants Hawthorn MO
08/03 1:45PM North Melbourne Richmond MVL
08/04 4:40PM St. Kilda Brisbane MVL
08/02 7:15PM Western Bulldogs Melbourne MVL
08/03 7:30PM Port Adelaide Sydney AO
08/02 8:30PM West Coast Gold Coast OS

Round 22

Date Time Home Away Venue
08/10 1:45PM Brisbane GWS Giants G
08/11 1:10PM Carlton Hawthorn MCG
08/10 7:30PM Essendon Gold Coast MVL
08/10 7:30PM Melbourne Port Adelaide MCG
08/10 1:45PM North Melbourne West Coast BA
08/11 3:20PM Richmond St. Kilda MVL
08/09 7:40PM Sydney Collingwood SCG
08/11 4:10PM Adelaide Western Bulldogs AO
08/10 4:35PM Fremantle Geelong OS

Round 23

Date Time Home Away Venue
08/17 4:35PM Collingwood Brisbane MCG
08/16 7:40PM Essendon Sydney MVL
08/17 1:45PM Gold Coast Melbourne PF
08/17 1:45PM GWS Giants Fremantle EN
08/17 3:20PM Hawthorn Richmond MCG
08/17 7:30PM St. Kilda Geelong MVL
08/18 1:10PM Western Bulldogs North Melbourne MVL
08/17 7:30PM Port Adelaide Adelaide AO
08/17 4:40PM West Coast Carlton OS

Round 24

Date Time Home Away Venue
TBC TBC Brisbane Essendon G
TBC TBC Carlton St. Kilda MVL
TBC TBC Geelong West Coast GMHBA
TBC TBC Hawthorn North Melbourne UTAS
TBC TBC Melbourne Collingwood MCG
TBC TBC Richmond Gold Coast MCG
TBC TBC Sydney Adelaide SCG
TBC TBC Western Bulldogs GWS Giants EU
TBC TBC Fremantle Port Adelaide  OS



Week 1 - Qualifying and Elimination Finals

Date Time Home Away Venue


Week 2 - Semi Finals


Date Time Home Away Venue


Week 3 - Preliminary Finals


Date Time Home Away Venue


Week 4 - Grand Final


Date Time Home Away Venue



  • AS: Accor Stadium (formerly Stadium Australia, Telstra Stadium, Olympic Stadium) (Sydney)
  • AO: Adelaide Oval (Adelaide)
  • AH: Adelaide Hills (Adelaide)
  • BA: Blundstone Arena (Hobart)
  • CS: Cazaly's Stadium (Cairns)
  • DS: Domain Stadium (formerly Patersons Stadium) (Perth)
  • EU: Eureka Stadium (formerly Mars Stadium) (Ballarat)
  • EN: ENGIE Stadium (formerly Giants Stadium, Sydney Showgrounds Stadium) (Sydney)
  • G: The Gabba (Brisbane Cricket Ground / Woolongabba) (Brisbane)
  • GMHBA: GMHBA Stadium (formerly Simonds Stadium and Kardinia Park) (Geelong)
  • MCG: Melbourne Cricket Ground (Melbourne)
  • MO: Manuka Oval (Canberra)
  • MVL: Marvel Stadium (formerly Etihad Stadium, Docklands Stadium) (Melbourne)
  • NO: Norwood Oval (Norwood)
  • OS: Optus Stadium (Perth)
  • PF: People First Stadium (formerly Heritage Bank Stadium, Metricon Stadium, Carrara Stadium) (Gold Coast)
  • RS: Riverway Stadium (Townsville)
  • SCG: Sydney Cricket Ground (Sydney)
  • TIO: TIO Stadium (Darwin)
  • TP: TIO Traeger Park (Alice Springs)
  • UTAS: Aurora Stadium (University of Tasmania Stadium at Launceston)
  • UNSW: University of NSW Canberra Oval (Canberra)
  • WS: Westpac Stadium (formerly Wellington Regional Stadium) (Wellington, NZ)



The time differentials for AFL games to US EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) (adjust accordingly for other North American time zones) -DST in the US begins 10 March and ends 3 November in 2024; it ends 7 April in Australia and begins 6 October in 2024) are:

Match Time of Day

Australian City and Time

America (EDT)

Afternoon Melbourne 2:10 pm 12:10 am same day
Night Melbourne 7:40 pm 5:40 am same day
Afternoon Adelaide 1:40 pm 12:10 am same day
Night Adelaide 7:10 pm 5:40 am same day
Afternoon Perth 2:10 pm 2:10 am same day
Night Perth 5:40 pm 5:40 am same day
Afternoon Sydney 2:10 pm 12:10 am same day
Night Sydney 7:40 pm 5:40 am same day
Afternoon Brisbane 2:10 pm 12:10 am same day
Night Brisbane 7:40 pm 5:40 am same day


Article last changed on Friday, June 28, 2024 - 9:25 PM EDT

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