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Play match radio from K-Rock's live coverage during AFL matches. This will only work during matches and for a short time immediately before and after matches.*

*Your device must be able to process HLS live stream audio and this is not something AFANA controls. Our HLS player is known to work on these browsers and platforms: Microsoft Edge v.16 and later, Safari v.11 and later, Safari on iOS v10.3 and later, most recent Apple iPhones and Android (v.4.1 and later) phones, Chrome for Android v64 / iOS v30 and later, UC browser for Android v11.8 and later, Samsung internet browser v4 and later, Firefox v57 and later, Firefox Android v50 and later, VLC v3.0 and later, Media Player Classic, TuneIn for Android and iOS v3.3 and later, MPlayer, XiiaLive v3.0 and later, Bitmovin player, iTunes v10.1 and later.


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