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Once again this site shows it is not up to date, and has no info on Teams and games in the finals or pre- finals, is anyone working this site or is it just late news. because I can what and get late new from friends and family in Australia or use Yahoo7 Australia or the official AFL website. This site is becoming as big of a joke as the rest of my time in America and Americain I have meet


Posted by admincms on September 08, 2007

The site is now 98% current and all the TV  info is current.

The host network in the US and Canada (Setanta) has not yet released a Grand Final schedule.  We expect to get that middle of next week.  The coverage will be at least 4 hours and be live. 

The listings of the teams for the matches known thru this weekend and announced by the AFL is on the TV pages.  We will update the listings with the Semi Final info as soon as the AFL and networks provide it to us.   We get that directly from the sources. 

As explained in another post here, all 3 of the senior managers of AFANA have had family issues to deal with.  The rest of the staff has done a super job in keeping things going and we're pretty much back on track now.   Calling Americans or their personal lives a joke won't make you friends, anywhere, including on this site.    AFANA is a small operation.  We are not AFL funded, what money we have to do what we do is raised from advertising, memberships, and donations.  That means all of our staff work as volunteers.  Care to help?

This is more appropriately placed in our forums, rather than a blog per site policy.  If we want to repost a more polite message on the forums, we'll be happy to answer it.  
Posted by nicoduka on June 02, 2008

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Posted by Brenda Breeze on September 10, 2007

I wanted to give you a little tip. Don't judge all Americans by California standards.  I have always found Californians rude and have never met a Californian that I liked. Please don't group us into one category-that's just not fair. Travel the country a bit and you'll see what I mean.

As for me, I live in the Great Pacific Northwest in a little town of 5000 people where as you walk down the street perfect strangers say hello, how are you, where when someone needs help their friends and neighbors are quick to act. You might scoff but there are still places like that and where I live is one of them. I consider myself very lucky to live where I do.

 So give us Americans a fair chance and you might be surprised!!


Posted by Swans500 on September 11, 2007

I concur with Brenda....I am from Perth and now living in small town, and I find people generally very friendly. Same as Brenda....just walking down the street strangers often say good morning etc....something I rarely found in Perth or Sydney. I have not been to Calif and dont thi nk I want to now.
As for Afana, I think it does the best job possible and i have found some of the info invaluable these last 2 seasons.
There are a million Aussie sites available on line anyway for instant gratification.
Posted by PortPower on June 07, 2008

I think it's rather unfair and hateful that, based on their experiences with only a few Californians, someone from outside CA (Pacific Northwest, specifically) jumps to the assumption that "all" Californians are rude. Isn't that a little hypocritical that they say "Don't Judge all Americans.." and yet they then turn around and just pre-judge ALL Californians without them really getting to know us? Maybe that person they had interacted with may have not been Northern Californians, because I have known from personal experience for years that SoCal people tend to be a little rougher around the edges compared to us in the Northland, but I know that not every single SoCal person is like that, unlike what that person's flat-out generalisation makes it out to be. That person makes it out to look like all Californians are the West Coast equivalent of a stereotypical New Yorker!

You'll have rude people everywhere, not one state or country has it where 100% of the population are warm and fuzzy. Sacramento, where I was born and raised for 27+ years before moving to Topeka where my fiancee is from, has been deemed rather friendly by people who have moved there from other parts of the state, country and world. It's rapidly expanding and has been deemed one of the most multicultural cities in the USA. I'd even go as far to say that Sacramentans tend to be more friendlier than quite a number of the native Topekans I've met for the past 2 years living here, and this is supposed to be the Midwest!

All I'm saying is: the more Americans you interact with, the more you'll see that we're just like the rest of the world with a few differences here and there - instead of only listening to one person's uneducated & assumptional write-off of an entire state. Besides, Benny Hill said it best when it comes to assuming.. ;)

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