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(Update 09/21/09: US coverage complete from start of international feed until end of telecast.) ESPN Classic and ESPN360 in the USA and TSN2 in Canada will carry the Grand Final between St. Kilda and Geelong LIVE on Friday night / Saturday morning, September 25th / 26th.  US coverage will begin at 11:30 PM EDT Friday including most pre-match festivities; Coverage will continue until 4:00 AM EDT Saturday concluding after the awards ceremony.   Canadian coverage begins at 12:27 AM EDT and concludes at 3:30 AM on TSN2.  If you have no access to any of the preceding options, the game will be live on Omnisport tv.  The cost for the game on Omnisport is $5.99, and you can signup at this link (link removed, no longer works).  Fans should check our TV Schedule page for details on the coverage and our TV Info page for more information on ESPN Classic, ESPN360, and TSN2.   For those looking for parties, see our listings on our Grand Final Party page.  We have a timeline of Grand Final Day events here.   (Note:  the only live coverage in North America is via these outlets and they are available nationally via cable and satellite services -- see our TV Info page.)

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Posted by PhilVa on September 24, 2009

I was very excited about seeing the GF on ESPN Classic.  Now I'm totally bummed out.  I have Direct TV.  For the past 2 years, at least, I've gotten ESPN Classic.  I don't remember it being in my viewing package, but I assumed it was added by Direct TV at some point because it's always been there.  So Wednesday I'm surfing around the channels, come to ESPN Classic, and it's a blank screen.  It says I'm not a subscriber to that channel.  2 days before the GF!  I've never watched much on that channel, and now that there's finally something I *really* want to watch, it's not available.  :(  After going to the Direct TV site I found that ESPN Classic is part of their top of the line premium package, which I don't want or need (except for Friday night).  Horrible timing.  I hope nobody else is in the same boat as me.  

Posted by billB (not verified) on September 24, 2009

I just ordered the sportspac from directv. It was $12.99 for a month, with a cancelation fee of $10 if I cancelled within 30 days. This move by ESPN and Directv is just another reason to keep AFL off of ESPN. Thanks to AFANA over the years for avoiding ESPN until now. Bill

Thanks, billB, for the compliment but it isn't deserved.  We haven't kept footy off of ESPN, rather they weren't interested for many years.  Truthfully, this is a problem with DirecTV not ESPN anyway.   My sense is that even with a cancellation fee, if the Grand Final isn't worth or unaffordable to fans with DirecTV at $12.99 for 30 days of ESPN Classic then that is a personal value judgment you have made not a problem with the coverage. 

The bottom line here is the same as always:  1) footy isn't now and isn't going to be "free" and fans have to accept that.  There are no free lunches for live sports on TV.  2) No matter what network it is on, some fans will be inconvenienced and unhappy  3) How much is footy worth to you? Each fan must answer that for themselves based on their commitment to the sport and their personal circumstances. 

As I said on another thread, if I had a dollar for every fan that wrote AFANA since 1997 telling us that "if the (AFL / AFANA) were competent, then footy would be on ESPN", we'd have tripled our income over the years...  

AFANA Chairman Emeritus and Site Admin

So call up DirecTV, subscribe.   After the game, unsubscribe.  Even minus any special offers, that can't cost you more than a few dollars pro-rated and your time on the phone or online doing it. 

FWIW, this move by DirecTV has caused satellite dealers all across the US much grief... 

AFANA Chairman Emeritus and Site Admin

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