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Aussie Sport TV carries all AFL matches in full on a promised 12-24 hour delay (experience suggests it can be much longer) all season.  They are now offering prior subscribers the chance to renew at a discount.  (For full overview of TV coverage see our TV Info page!)  The offer states the following: 

"The 2010 Season is here, with the NAB Cup well underway we wanted to remind you of all the 100% official AFL video available throughout the season for subscribers to Aussie Sport TV:

• The latest full match replays
• Highlights and features on every team
• Analysis and comment on each round
• The latest AFL news bulletins

As a registered user to Aussie Sport TV, we’d like to offer you a very special email only offer – 30% off the price of a 12 Month Pass (full price $59.95).   So sign up to AFL on Aussie Sport TV for only $41.95 and never miss any of the action in 2010!

Past experience (as noted on comments elsewhere on this site -- search on "Aussie sport" or "ASTV") was decidedly mixed.  The service no longer supports non-Windows users.  Fans can subscribe (Ed. note: link removed as obsolete) (Internet Explorer browser highly recommended - sorry, this not something AFANA controls!).  (Disclaimer:  AFANA benefits from subscribers to ASTV who click through from this site.  This helps fund what we do.  However, we cannot guarantee the service will work for you or be satisfactory.  Please read comments on this site about the service before subscribing!)

We also have confirmation that TSN will be carrying footy for Canadian fans.  One match per week will be live on TSN2 and two more will be live or delayed on  We expect the 3 matches to parallel those on ESPN360 in the US.  We will have schedules posted on our TV page shortly. 

ESPN360 changes on 4 April:
On 4 April becomes  We are learning more about what will also change when the name changes.  The following excerpt is from  "MLBAM To Power  Online Sports Portal To Drop Move Networks' Player  By Todd Spangler -- Multichannel News, 3/8/2010 2:06:39 PM

ESPN signed a deal with Major League Baseball Advanced Media to host the live streaming video for when the service rebrands to on April 4, at which point the site will drop the Move Networks video player and move to Adobe's Flash Media Server.

Financial terms of the deal between ESPN and MLBAM were not disclosed. With the switch, will add new features including customizable widgets with scores, chats and schedules and also will offer more HD streaming of live events and additional viewing options via picture-in-picture and split screens."

The change to Flash driven video should allow the service to work on any computer which can handle services such as which also use Flash.

MHz on Roku
Fans are reminded that MHz is now available free via the Roku Internet TV service.  Go to the Roku web site.

Article last changed on Monday, September 07, 2015 - 12:26 PM EDT


Posted by admincms on May 20, 2010

Dear Anonymous,

As you should have noted, we indicate that opinions on the ASTV service have varied widely.   Others have had different experiences than yours and if ASTV is someone's only option for footy, it might have to be "good enough".  How much footy is worth to you from an expense standpoint and whether quality of the picture is more important than no footy at all, is a personal value judgment.  Obviously, for you the service was a disappointment.  (It has been for me, too, for what it's worth.)

Opinions which are not anonymous get taken more seriously.   A further benefit to registering and logging in is that your posts are available immediately rather than going into moderation. 

AFANA Chairman Emeritus and Site Admin

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