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(Revised 3/23/2011 to add more detail, correct typos, and clarify which matches are covered.)
Major changes have been announced to the AFL weekly highlights programs and online coverage by the AFL.  Details were made available to AFANA in the past 24 hours.  (There are no other changes we are aware of besides what is reported here.)  The traditional AFL highlights programs have been replaced by a FOX Sports produced program called "AFL Winners" and the the online service previously provided by Aussie Sport TV (ASTV) has been replaced by LiveAFL.TV.  The new service is supposed to support platforms other than the Windows based PC's including Apple Mac's.  (We have not tested this as yet but there are at least two reports that it does work on Macs.)

The new weekly AFL wrap is called "AFL Winners".  This new highlights show continues to be available in North America only via MHz Networks.  Thus, all access options for MHz as detailed on our TV Info page apply to this program.   The new show is described as follows (we have not seen a preview at AFANA yet):  "Hosted by former Geelong Cats player Dwayne Russell, AFL Winners offers a comprehensive wrap of the completed round of AFL matches, including all the weekend results, highlights, injury updates and tribunal reports from the 17 AFL teams, plus the picks for mark, goal and play of the week."  Our TV schedules page will have a schedule for coverage via MHz posted shortly. 

The new online service has replaced ASTV and all accounts have been moved (or so we have been told). Season subscription costs are also rising. The service is sending out e-mails that read as follows: 

"AFL video coverage on Aussie Sport TV has moved - Watch Live AFL on LIVEAFL.TV

LIVEAFL.TV is the new home of AFL video online with official live coverage of over 200* AFL games each season plus full match replays and interviews.

What's more unlike Aussie Sport TV, LIVEAFL.TV is available on both PC & Mac.

By subscribing today you'll be able to watch live* action from the long anticipated opening weekend of the 2011 Toyota Premiership.

As an existing Aussie Sport TV registrant your registration details have been moved from Aussie Sport TV to LIVEAFL.TV so subscribing is easy, simply click here and sign in using your existing username & password (below) and select a new subscription plan.

Username: XXXXXXXX
Password Hint: XXXXXXXX

Click here to visit LIVEAFL.TV and watch the best of the action from round 1 of the 2011 Toyota Premiership Live.

We hope you enjoy the new season and look forward to seeing you on LIVEAFL.TV.

*Subject to your geographical location click here for more information.

We will post more details and revise this article as we receive them including prices, etc.  The matches available in North America will be the 5 each week NOT available through  It's AFANA's belief that the underlying service is still being provided by Perform, Ltd. under contract to the AFL and Telstra/BigPond but on a dedicated domain name and with updated Adobe Flash technology.  Our TV pages will also be revised in the next day or so to reflect this. 

Article last changed on Sunday, May 19, 2013 - 3:21 PM EDT


Posted by rstevenson on March 23, 2011

Being a subscriber, I can affirm the change from to, and that it works on Mac. Hooray!! The reason it works is that they now use Adobe's Flash Player to show the video, and I suppose it's the Flash Player that manages the rights issues which kept the content from running on Macs in the past. I can also attest that the quality is better, though still not anything I'd describe as high def. At least now the pixels are smaller than the Sherrin!

I believe the latest Flash Player is required, and that means Mac OS X v10.5.x or 10.6.x, but others should confirm that.

Yes, the fees will go up, but I get to watch as many games as I can stand all year long, so it's still a bargain. Plus one game a week on TSN2 in HD. Short of emigrating to Oz, it's the best I can do for now.


Posted by Chris (not verified) on March 24, 2011

is ESPN3 no longer carrying replays of the games they show? I've been waiting all morning for the Carlton v Richmond to come on the replay page. I then called ESPN, they said if it hasn't come on by now, don't expect it too come on, or any other AFL games to be offered as replays??? you guys know anything about this?
Posted by admincms on March 24, 2011

Hi Chris,

To the best of our knowledge, there hasn't been a change but I will contact ESPN and the AFL for clarification on this.  The policy, as given to us last year, is that the shows are to be available for 48 hours following match start on ESPN.  My guess would be that the person you spoke to was misinformed.  Being the first match of the year, it's possible that the failure to post the match immediately was an error.   To be sure, we will check and if necessary post any changes. 

To all readers:

If you post a comment and are not logged into the site, your post immediately goes into moderation (and the screen you see after posting should tell you that).  Please do NOT re-post your message as this may get you tagged as a spammer.  If you register at the site (FREE) and then log in, your posts will appear immediately. 

AFANA Chairman Emeritus and Site Admin

Posted by taipan7 on March 26, 2011

I agree with Rob, the quality is better and the speed with which the content is available is light years ahead of Aussie Sport TV. It works on my PC with XP AND on my Macbook.  It looks REALLY good on the Mac (OS 10.6, I believe). The only problem is that after watching a quarter, I get an error message that the site does not recognize what my browser is telling it.  By going back and starting over, I'm able to watch quarter by quarter without any issues. 

Posted by Swans500 on April 07, 2011

.... As usual, anything to do with does not seem to work for me!

I am trying to sign up with the new site but can get nothing from the test video, on any browser. I have high speed fibre optic cable which works perfectly with Omnisport or ESPN3 but, no....nothing from this new idea????!!!!

Wish they'd left well enough alone....

Anyone else noticed this?


Posted by Shane D. (not verified) on April 09, 2011

The service does indeed work on a Mac but NOT on an iPad or an iPhone. requires Adobe Flash, which cannot be downloaded to an iPad or iPhone. UGGGH! By the way, I also don't understand the AFL's business model on video highlights. Why is it that ABC, CBS, and NBC in the US have all figured out that they can distribute their own programming online with an advertisement or two interweaved and the AFL has not? Wouldn't Qantas or V-Australia love to have those advertising opportunities? as always does a fantastic job keeping us estranged foreigners updated on how we can see the footy and there's no doubt that access to coverage has gradually improved over time, likely because of AFANA. No complaints there at all. My complaints are with the narrow-minded and short-sighted AFL.
Posted by admincms on April 09, 2011

Hi Shane,

The key to understanding what is going on with the AFL web site, video, etc. is to understand that the AFL contracts out the production of the site to Telstra Corp., the former Australian government telecommunications monopoly.  Telstra paid (IMHO vastly overpaid) a huge sum for those rights.  It subcontracts out the video to Perform Ltd of the UK, this year under the brand  Neither Telstra nor Perform have any incentive to see advertising siphoned off and moreover since it is a subscription service, they are sensitive to the presence of advertising.

AFANA has lots of issues with the way it's all done and we continue to suggest changes.  The next 5 year contract for 2012-16 for the AFL internet rights is up for negotiation. As soon as the Australian TV rights are settled, that will be next.  Whether any entity other than Telstra will have a realistic chance is doubtful so long as Telstra is willing to pay a premium to keep them. 

Thanks for the words of support.

AFANA Chairman Emeritus and Site Admin

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