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Does anyone know if footy will back on Setanta this year?  I am hearing that the channel hasn't secured rights to it as of yet for the 2007 season:-(

Hi Travis,

Welcome to the site.   "Anyone" at AFANA is me and my staff and we always working with the AFL and our sources and so we do know as much as there is to be known outside of the parties concerned.   Here's what our TV page says:

"Networks, schedules, and other details for 2007 will be posted when available but this may not be before Mar. 2007.  At this time we expect the coverage for 2007 to be similar to 2006 but somewhat expanded however this is not official and has not been confirmed by the AFL or the networks.  Our assessment is based on our extensive sources in the industry."

and here is what our last TV and Media newsletter included, in part:

"AFANA's sources indicate that fans can expect that AFL coverage for the US and Canada will continue on the same networks as in 2006 but with significant improvements.  ... As soon as we receive confirmation of the contracts from all parties concerned we will issue a newsletter and post a summary of the information on the web site.   We do not have a timetable for that confirmation."

The negotiations are on-going according to our sources but we have no reason to expect that they will not come to a successful conclusion.   The AFL manager responsible recently left the AFL and that has probably slowed things down a bit.  Historically though, we have only had confirmation of the TV situation before the first week in March maybe 2 or 3 times in the 12 years I have followed this and those years were the exceptions.  I do believe that Setanta and MHz are both seeking multi-year deals which would mean that next year we won't have this uncertainty.  

If AFANA was concerned, anyone who knows our track record will tell you that we would be saying that.  We aren't concerned.

Further updates will be in our TV and Media newsletters and summary information on the TV page of this site.

AFANA Chairman

Good to hear.  I was just concerned that I might have ordered the INTV service only to find that Setanta might not carry footy from what I was reading over on the message boards.   I can hardly wait for the first game of the season to be broadcastImage removed.


Travis Tarrant



I just saw an advert on Setanta  stating they will carry  Aussie rules Football starting March! I guess there is everyone's confirmation :)

Hi Tony1097

That is encouraging and definitely good news but not really anything more than what AFANA has been saying for 2 months.   We are awaiting official notice from the AFL and Setanta which AFANA has not yet received.   We will follow up with Setanta about this.

It's good that they are promoting the coverage but 12 years of experience tells me not to get too excited until I hear something directly from them.   Hope it does mean what you think it does but being cautious is always a good idea.   As soon as AFANA has official word, we will post it.   You can count on it.


Setanta has told AFANA that they are not running any promos for Aussie rules at this time.   If one aired, it was a production error. 

The contract has not been signed yet and negotiations are continuing.   AFANA is still anticipating that a successful conclusion will be reached soon.


I have seen the promo a couple times now.. it's  was not all about Aussie rules, just stuff coming up in march, and  it said at the end "2007 Aussie Rules Football Season"Obviously there is a mix up somewhere.. rather someone was uninformed  at the Setanta HQ, or someone else was misinformed.

Thanks for all you do for footy though!

I just got an e-mail from Setanta regarding footy coverage.  They are still finalizing things and for everyone to keep an eye an eye out on their website for further updates.  They really do want to provide the 2007 season coverageImage removed.


Travis Tarrant


Posted by admincms on March 05, 2007

They really do want to provide the 2007 season coverage

Umm, you didn't believe us? 

We've been saying for months that they would likely continue.  We'll have full details on this web site as soon as we have confirmation of the deal from Setanta and from the AFL.  And that's important to note... we will get confirmation from both parties to the contract before we say it's a done deal.  Ditto for the coverage on MHz, if it continues. 

I had written Setanta to find out why Super 14 Rugby coverage was blacked out on ITVN and I had asked if footy coverage would be blacked out as well if it was going to be carried at all.  And the e-mail reply was that they were still finalizing the deal for footy coverage and that they really wanted to get the coverage started for the season.

Travis Tarrant


Posted by Swans500 on March 23, 2007

As of today, March 22, Sentanta informs me agreement still has not been reached....really frustrating as I have signing up to ITVN on hold and would love to see the GF replay next Sat....????!!!!
Posted by Bob on March 23, 2007

You can still see the GF replay and all the other NAB cup games on the AFL website if ITVN doesn't come through in time.
Posted by admincms on March 23, 2007

AFANA is in regular contact with the various parties to the TV negotiation and we have again been assured this week that there is no cause for concern.  This is a multi-year, multi-country, multi-party deal and it has taken longer than expected.   Watch our TV Schedules page and the front page of the site for updates.    We have a TV and media newsletter ready to go shortly.    Given that the season is nearly upon us, we'll keep watch on the situation daily.  Long time members of AFANA will know that this sort of last minute suspense is par for the course.  

I, for one, am going to think positive about footy on Setanta.  The weird thing to me is if they [Setatnta] have nothing etched in stone, then why is it posted that an AFL game is scheduled to be broadcast live at 5:30 AM next Saturday?


Travis Tarrant


Posted by admincms on March 23, 2007

Yes, I know it's frustrating but this isn't unusual historically.  Fans should be happy that Setanta is NOT following the lead of networks (not to be named here) who didn't plan ahead.  Or those networks which did but embargoed the information so AFANA could not publish it.   These contracts are complex and involve a lot more than "let's put a game up on the satellite".   I'm not happy it has taken this long but believe me when I tell you that everyone involved knows the clock is ticking.    As I have repeatedly said, IF we thought there was any potential show stopping problem, we would say so.  Go ahead and plan your viewing.   I am.

just wanted to thank those footy fans that keep this site going.

well here we go 22 weeks of what we love and then it heats up to the Grand Final.
   i'm sure all the coverage stuff well be sorted out. it seems to get better all the time.  the sad part is that all the outlets the are going to carry the games could not promote it a month or so back.  that's the powers that be. LOL
    anyone know how many people paid for the games last year ? 
    i bet Setanta knows.  well the ones like me that ordered then shut it down after the GF.  I'm sure some liked the other programing and stayed on.  the gaelic football is pretty cool  but 15 $ a month...  not so much.
  will give DTV a call thursday.  live games so nice.  after 20 years of the 1 hour hi-lite show.(heck was happy to have that) 

 hope your team 's  win  well unless they are playing mine. haha

Posted by admincms on March 29, 2007

Hi mcpish,

The Canadians haven't been forgotten.  Quite to the contrary.  As soon as the situation in Canada is sorted out, we'll let everyone know.   AFANA is working the issue every day.  Hang in there.


I was all set to watch last night's game and something happened that seems to happen EVERYTIME I try to watch anything on Setanta through ITVN.  The picture becomes distorted and I keep getting these messages that the server can not connect and I spend a majority of the time having to adjust the bandwith or move my wireless broadband receiver around to get a better signal.  And this problem only seems to happen on Setanta and not the other channels that ITVN broadcasts.  I completely missed the first period of the game because of the signal problems and I was able to watch the second and third periods wiht no problems.  But, duirng the fourth period, the problems came back and when eveything was resolved I had missed how in the world the Magpies were able to come back and win the game-AGGHH!!!


Travis Tarrant


Posted by admincms on March 31, 2007

Hey Travis,

Did you try switching from the primary server to the second or third feed?   I've found that I usually get better service from the second feed which is on a server in eastern Canada than from the first which is the west coast of the US.   (when you click thru on ITVN and get to the Setanta screen you get three boxes with Feed 1, 2, 3.... that's where you choose the server).

I had great service last night... a couple of very brief dropouts in the fourth quarter but that's all.    So good that in watching a recording of it today, you couldn't tell it was over the internet. 

Also, how fast is your broadband connection?
Posted by Swans500 on April 04, 2007 my ITVN installed without problem today and found that using server 3 on a middle bitrate worked very well at peak internet usage time for me here in Pittsburgh, so maybe the midnight games will come in even better. On a digital telly it wasn't half bad and way better than the vids.

However....I notice now that the Setanta coverage is somewhat diminished as compared to last weeks announcments!  While it is HEAPS better than ever before....the "remaining 5 games" (schedule permitting) appear to be simply repeats of the 1 or 2 live games. Hmmmm. Time will no doubt tell, and ....beggars can't be choosers.

Posted by admincms on April 04, 2007

Hi  Swans500,

It is heaps better and it is great to hear ITVN is working for you.  Just a mere 2 years ago we were facing no coverage at all.   Not even taped.  The coverage hasn't diminished in week 2 in any way from week 1.   Two live games, one on delay.   That will probably be the case throughout April until Setanta can sort out the schedule conflicts they have.   They want to show as many matches as possible but to add 13 hrs of live coverage plus at least that many hours of taped coverage to an already full schedule takes a bit of time.  Patience please...  it took us 11 1/2 years to get this and surely we can give them a chance to do it right.  They've already shown they believe in the sport or they never would have done the deal for this season.   AFANA is working with them daily and it will get better or we'll state the facts otherwise.  The "remaining five games" haven't even begun to be aired yet.   The repeats are NOT alternatives for that, the issue is the logistics and expense of pulling the other games from the host network, processing them for airing, etc.  That isn't an insignificant exercise and there is cost associated with it.  So, until they can fit them into the schedule, they won't do that. 

Now is the time to enjoy the gains we've made and there will be time to hold Setanta to their promises... five years, in fact. 
Posted by Swans500 on April 04, 2007

ALL points taken admin....I shall just relish the fact that the first live game I will see in the last 2 years will be Swannies. Thanks again for all the good work.
Posted by admincms on April 05, 2007

You're  ahead of the game, mcpish.   Setanta has yet to "officially" launch Setanta Canada or set a date for beginning the channel.  Since they lack a CRTC license it's a given that they are going to partner with someone who does.  Who hasn't been revealed.   So, it's way premature to speculate on whether Shaw or anyone else will offer it and when.  Hang on, when we get the details we will make them available on the site and in our newsletters.  I'm sure as soon as the management of Setanta can discuss it with me they will.  (Securities regulations and other things prohibit disclosure of some of that sort of "material" information in some situations.)   We are however assured that it will be launched in next few months (June or July is what we're told to expect).
Posted by gowers on April 21, 2007

Out of interest, which commentators do you get on the Setanta feed?

As an aussie I will let you in one one secret: when I watch the superbowl each year I love the fact that US commentators are used! This year that guy who said about fifty times " they [Chicago] are getting near the top of the cliff..." hilarious Image removed.

This is what Australians think of the AFL TV commentators:

Bruce Macavaney: so over the top he is PAINFUL to listen to. He's done a special ...

Malcolm Blight: pretty good/.

Dennis Commeti: the best. He is understated and doesn't interfere with the play.

Robert Walls: quite good with quite a nature, relaxed delivery.

Dermott Brereton: tries to turn AFL into rocket science. He drives you NUTS.

But it could be worse for you in the US. I will say to thre person oin this thread who wants Aussie expat careful what you wish for; it might come true. Imagine this aussie [?] commentator:

"Matthew Lloyd. His shoulders are as broad as those in my legion when I was commander of the north. Essendon: a mighty empire that I must tell the Emperor about. Hird. I swear that I saw him conquer three lions in the gladiator pit. Essendon can only be defeated if things are thorwn at them. Throwing...something I know about. "

Image removed.











Posted by Swans500 on April 21, 2007

The Setanta feeds seem to all be the Foxtel/Fox Sports coverage....with the original Aussie commentators who I am not really familiar with having been out of Oz for several years. Certainly have had no Seven or Ten games Cometti, McAvaney etc.

In fact it seems on the surface that the Setanta deal is with Foxtel only which thus far has been limited to 3 games live or on repeat per week.

Posted by admincms on April 21, 2007

The coverage we get here is exactly the same as goes out over the air in Australia except we do not see their commercials.   We get games from all three networks.  For example, the Saturday match between Collingwood and Port Adelaide was the 10 Network coverage with their commentators.  It simply is not true that we only get Fox commentators.   During Round 1 we got a game from Seven.   To the extent that any network is preferred it is an accidental consequence of the available timeslots on Setanta.

AFANA tracks which networks are selected each week as well as which match times (e.g. Saturday afternoon, Sunday evening, etc.) as well as the source network.   We use this information for analysis which we share with the AFL and Setanta as appropriate.    Our goal is to insure that fans get the best footy possible given the schedule restraints Setanta is under and to insure that fans of no AFL club are disadvantaged any more than is necessary.
Posted by admincms on May 14, 2007

Thru Round 8 we will have seen the following matches from each network:
Seven  5 
Ten  8
Foxtel 11
Yes, Foxtel has been used more often but it is certainly not true that we haven't seen telecasts from the other networks.

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