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The AFL-TV internet service is returning for 2014 (see this earlier announcement) but has now been rebranded "Watch AFL Global" which we are referring to simply as Watch AFL here at AFANA. This season we will be including Watch AFL schedules on our TV schedules page right along with Fox and TSN. Here is the announcement from Rightster, which produces the service the for the AFL: "Watch every game of the 2014 AFL Premiership live or on demand with Watch AFL Global Pass. It's the official international subscription service for fans outside Australia. Watch AFL Global Pass allows you to watch games live on personal computers, tablets and mobile devices. You can also catch up on any of the action you've missed, or want to re-live,  with our On-Demand service. Watch AFL Global Pass also gives you Watch 24/7, a round the clock TV channel dedicated to AFL, so you can get your fix between matches. Watch 24/7 shows include classic quarters, football panel shows, player interviews, match replays and other great AFL content. Being overseas doesn't mean you can't keep up to speed with all the footy action and we offer a wide range of great value subscriptions to suit everyone those on both long and short trips abroad. To find our more and subscribe just visit WatchAFL

*Service not available in Australia"

(Ed note: updated 2/20/14:) Subscription prices are similar to 2013 with an annual "pass" priced at US$139 (A$149). You can also subscribe with a monthly payment of US$25 (presumably about $150 for the season) or you can buy it week by week when you want at US$15. Finals only passes may be offered later in the year. Coverage of the NAB Challenge is free so you can try it out now at no cost and see if it works for you. Another option is to bundle Watch AFL with an AFL club overseas membership. At least 14 of the 18 clubs are participating so far. Contact the respective club membership departments for more information. Bundles typically include a Watch AFL Global Pass, club merchandise, and member benefits plus a subscription to AFL Record for iPad. AFANA hopes to add it's own affiliate sales option later. Thus far, only an Android (Google Play) app link is on the Watch AFL page (and which will soon be available in an updated version). AFANA has been advised that an Apple app is being tested so that link will appear eventually. (Disclosure: AFANA receives a small portion of subscription revenues made through our links to WatchAFL Global and these funds are used to promote footy in the USA and Canada.)

Windows 8 apps will be considered "in the future". If the service is similar to last year it will run on Windows, Linux, and Apple computers as well as many smartphones and tablets.

E-mails are going out to subscribers which read like this: "Hi ****,
Welcome to Watch AFL Global, the new name for AFLTV.

While we have a new name, we're still the only place to watch The 2014 NAB Challenge and 2014 Toyota AFL Premiership Season live and on demand.

In the coming months you can expect a host of new features including a 24/7 AFL TV Channel featuring all the action and the best of the AFL season with replays, player interviews and more.

Make sure to watch the rest of the NAB Challenge matches with our FREE Live coverage.

So visit watchafl now and sign up for your FREE NAB Challenge Pass.

The WatchAFL Team

*WatchAFL not available in Australia

Article last changed on Saturday, April 01, 2017 - 11:12 AM EDT


Hi Fred,

Two notes: We haven't heard anything one way or the other about Windows 8 support so we will ask Rightster. (Update: this will be "considered in the future" per Rightster.) As for FS2, since coverage there is not guaranteed by the contract, we could get two or three matches a week or nothing. Given the evolution of their schedule since last September, I would be surprised if we get more than 1 or 2 a week and won't be surprised if we get none most weeks. At this point, Fox has neither indicated in their replies to us what we will get on a on-going basis nor has it appeared on their schedule.

AFANA Chairman and Site Admin

Note on the coverage from AFL Global Pass: Those that have International Membership in most if not all of the AFL teams will have a special code that will have the subscription for free. I do know that Carlton and North Melbourne offers the subscription as part of the International Membership coverage. The price for that is less than $120 US. Hope everyone enjoys 2014's season.
Posted by Rick Dawes (not verified) on February 26, 2014

Thanks for the info. I'm curious about the membership option to get the afl global/live tv. My questions are this: Has anyone signed up/ became a member of their favorite club and done this before (AFANA readers)? If so, was it worth it? Does joining your club as member allow you access to view all afl games and not just those of your favorite team. Any insights or comments would be appreciated. Thanks Rick Dawes
Posted by Bob on March 02, 2014


I just got a response back from Carlton regarding this.  They said their international membership includes a subscription to all AFL games.  My guess is other clubs would be the same.  So even though Carlton is only my 2nd favorite club I'll  probably sign up to get the subscription and other goodies.
Posted by Anonymous (not verified) on March 02, 2014

Thanks Bob.i just heard back from them also. Still debating which way to go, buying membership or just paying up on the site. If I can get the membership without any delay in watching the games, I'll probably do that. Rob will tell you, I dont like having my afl games delayed. Thankfully our current provider for the internet (Rightster) seemingly has their act together Also for those of us who have an adroid tablet like I do- the new afl app (watch afl global pass) has recently been relaunched and looks like its a winner Rick
Posted by Rick (not verified) on March 09, 2014

Bob I did the same. Although I'd love to be a member of my beloved navy Blues, they did not accept PayPal and couldn't tell me how long before the afl would contact them with verification of my purchase to allow my afl live to be activated. I want it active from the minute the season kicks off which for me is approx 330 am this coming Friday. Maybe next year I can get on board a little earlier and join the membership of Blues "barrackers". Also did a search on my cable this evening and saw that FS2 has the Freo- magpie game on live. All I can say is kudos to Rob and all the gang here at afana for the outstanding job they are doing to bring us a quality product. Thank you all Rick Dawes
Posted by admincms on March 09, 2014

On behalf of Jeff. Paat, Ben, Mike, Janet and all the staff you're welcome. Thanks to Fox and the AFL for working with us. The AFL has listened to us on the TV coverage and we appreciate that.

We have the first two FS2 matches on our TV page and hope to add more shortly. We have most of the live matches for FSP through Round 6 now and have started adding TSN2 matches for Canada.  All WatchAFL coverage for the first two rounds is up and round 3 will be added sometime this week. We also updated all of the FSP changes we know about, too. The new TV page is working very well so far but if you have any suggestions or problems, let us know.

AFANA Chairman and Site Admin

Posted by Bob on March 09, 2014

I already had the occasion to use my season membership.  I was going to watch the Cats - Demons replay last Saturday night, March 1.  Got myself all set up, went to the AFL live site, and it wouldn't let me watch.  The free membership expired March 2.  I forgot that even though it was only March 1 here it was already March 2 in OZ.  So anyway I repeated the process last night and got to watch OK.  Now just a few more days 'till the regular season.
Posted by Mike (not verified) on March 03, 2014

This is my second year as a Swans member. I didn't know that this year I could have chosen a different membership package and had WatchAFL included. I had already subscribed to WatchAFL for this year. Next year I'll know to keep a closer eye with the membership options so I can just buy the more membership that includes the subscription. Which, for the Swans, is slightly cheaper to buy their Global Supporter option with WatchAFL than it is a separate WatchAFL subscription plus a Supporter membership. All good, though. Between FSP, FS2 and WatchAFL, it's another season of being totally unproductive around the house each weekend. :)

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