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This is a new thread for comments on the AFL coverage via the Internet in 2016. Please add your comments here rather than in an old thread. Thanks,

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When ever I email Rightster they get back within a few days. not much real help. asked them : I would find useful Being able to watch 2 live games on 2 devices at the same time like 2 PC's or a PC and a Laptop etc. from the same isp/address. ......said no you can't do that. like I knew that. Footy fan in USA since 1969. Best Team Sport on This Planet

Posted by Swans500 on May 02, 2016

I must at this stage congratulate Rightster on the excellence of the streaming content this season! Live or replays have been perfect and HD on my very large HDTV...No freezing, no stalling or replaying at any time. For me, no periods of pixelation.  This is very unlike previous years. The picture has been way superior to the costly SD of Fox Soccer Plus and equal to the HD FS1 and FS2. Very impressed. All in all coverage on internet and TV is better and more accessible for me than it ever was when I lived in Australia!

Posted by admincms on May 02, 2016

Hi Dennis,

Thanks for the feedback. Glad it is working for you this season. We've noticed the distinct lack of complaints this year about the WatchAFL service. Clearly the quality of the Rightster feeds is catching up to the technology and we also have fewer fans using older, slower computers and tablets or slower connections to watch the matches.

In fact, the only complaint we've been getting has been one we share, that the service is overpriced. At $150 WatchAFL is now equal to 10 to 15 months of FSP on a cable system (depending on who is your provider). Granted you get more games on WatchAFL but FS1/FS2/FSP cover 45 to 50% of the matches in a season. If your provider charges $10 a month for FSP like mine, then FSP and WatchAFL are almost equal in per game cost over a year. For the casual viewer and not "hard core" fan, FS1/FS2 now give you a free and widely available (over 75% of US homes) option. The AFL is costing themselves fans and audience with the high price for WatchAFL.

The quality of the HD service on Fox Soccer Plus seems fine. It is most likely the effects of multiple conversions of the signal from Australia and in particular, the HD to SD downcoversion that is causing the poor quality of the SD feeds of FSP. I've noticed the same problem if I compare the HD and SD signal on FSP and FS1.

I did remove two of your posts as you triple posted the same comment. Just as an FYI to all, the system can be slow when you post as it is doing considerable processing in the background to prevent spam and malware from getting onto our site. We suggest patience and waiting up to a minute for the system to respond. You should get a confirmation message in your e-mail that we received your post.

AFANA Chairman and Site Admin

Posted by admincms on May 04, 2016


Yes, that's unreasonable. $15 a month for the SD only is bad. All the more reason why the AFL needs to fix the pricing of WatchAFL.

AFANA Chairman and Site Admin

I've watched WatchAFL quite a bit less this year because I have been really enjoying the games on Fox Sports 1 and 2.  I do wish Fox would show post-game coverage up to where the winning team "sings" their victory song.  Fox has been very quick to end coverage after the 4th quarter.  Still, viewing options have been really good this year.
Posted by admincms on August 07, 2016

The Fox cutoff of the postgame is a sore point with AFANA.  We've complained and complained about it to no avail.
We speculate that it is related to costs somehow. That might be the fiber optic costs (saving 10 minutes per live telecast would add up) or it could be related to other issues we aren't aware of.
AFANA Chairman and Site Admin

Posted by Bob on August 21, 2016

Anyone had any problems with this weekend's replays (Aug 19-21)? I just sent the following Email to Rightster and wanted to know if I'm the only one... "There seems to be a problem with the replays for this weekend’s games. "When I try to replay them on my Chromebooks I get the following message… “Error loading media: File could not be played.” "When I try it with Internet Explorer on my Windows/7 machine it plays in a little space about the thumbnail size in the upper left corner of the screen. "However Firefox and Windows/7 Chrome seem to be OK. "These are the games in question…. "Hawthorne - West Coast "Sydney - North Melbourne "Carlton - Melbourne "Brisbane - Geelong "Essendon - Western Bulldogs "I don’t have any problems with the replays before this weekend. "(And don’t give me your standard “Clear your cache” answer because I already did that.)"

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