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The "AFL is on broadband!" thread seems to be getting a little jumbled, so maybe we can use this one just for "quality" postings and info.

I loaded the Bulldogs/Saints match at 5:30 PM EST on Friday. After an initial 20 second buffering I watched the rest with no problems. That was just 13 hours after opening bounce. Don't know how they did that, but Wow!Image removed.

Tried Kang/Haw @ 1:00 PM EST Sat. Took 5 attempts to load before it started to run correctly. Thought I was good until halftime, when it just quit playing, period. Gave up.

Sunday morning watched my Blues put on another defensive clinic against the Bombers. No problems---other than the final score.Image removed.

Sunday afternoon watched WCE/Frem and BL/Syd with no problems.

This afternoon I watched Adel/Port. Just to be perverse I tried using Firefox and got a good 512 kbps feed. No buffering. A great match. If you get the chance, watch it---or try.

Unfortunately my results don't match up with those of lowend5 who recently posted his woes on the other thread. Broadband can be fickle to begin with and BigPond/Telstra seem to have their own set of problems on top of that. I'm not going to get too excited about my string of good fortune. I just hope I haven't used it all up.Image removed.

Posted by ovalball on April 08, 2008

Today--watched Geel/Melb & Rich/Coll without interruption. That's 7 out of 8 for the round. Not bad. Six I watched with IE 7 & WMP11. Two I watched using Firefox 2. Firefox did a much better job, which is not surprising and I have passed that along to BigPond.

It looks like I have found the magic WMP settings---or not. It's also possible that BigPond has actually figured something out. Then, of course, there is the blind squirrel theory to consider.

We'll see what Round 4 brings.

Posted by lowend5 on April 09, 2008


What am I doing wrong? What are you using and what ar eyour settings? can you come up with a list for me? as you stated I placed a looong post of the 4 answers from the Big Pond/telstra folks. I just don't get it. :>(

Actually Can anyone tell me what the "perfect" settings are so I can watch a game.


[Whining] All I want to do is see some footy....Image removed.





Posted by lowend5 on April 09, 2008

Oh! By the way I have tried all kinds of no avail...


Any help is GREATLY appreciated!



Posted by ovalball on April 09, 2008

lowend---I feel your pain---and am not quite dumb enough to think mine is necessarily over!Image removed.

I'm using Firefox 2 & WMP 11. I use IE 7 only if the Firefox doesn't work.

I basically took their recs (below) and fiddled (in bold). This is what works for me:

1. Start Windows Media Player. Press "Alt" to get the "Tools" then take "Options".

2. Select the 'Network' tab and deselect the UDP option to only enable the Multicast, TCP and HTTP protocols.

3. Under the 'Streaming Proxy Settings' click on the 'Configure' button and ensure that 'Proxy Settings' are set to 'Do not use a proxy server'

4. Select the 'Performance' tab under "Connection Speed" click on "Choose connection speed". Select a speed appropriate for your connection. (I selected 768 kbps even though I'm way better than that).

5. In the 'Network Buffering' section make sure that the "Use Default Buffering Option" has been selected.

6. Under “Video Acceleration" my arrow is half way between "None" and "Full". That forces some changes under "Advanced" (only "Drop frames..." and "Display full screen controls" are checked on the right side).

7. Below this it should read “Some video acceleration. Select if you are experiencing playback problems".

8. Click Apply. Click OK. Close your Windows Media Player to ensure all settings take effect.

I hope this brings you some relief. Image removed.Since I have watched successfully multiple times with both Firefox and IE I think the "cure" has to be with the WMP settings---but wouldn't lay any money on it. If you have any other questions about what I may have "selected" or "deselected" please ask away.

And the whining is OK. If I had any hair I'd have pulled it out by now!Image removed.

Posted by lowend5 on April 09, 2008

Okay I just got up my 2.4 quad core 4 gig mem...screamer! This made the difference!!!! Plus your help!

One last thing.... When I go to full screen mode it is pixelated or just not clear if you know what I mean... How can I get this like TV quality?

I have a top line graphiocs card supports blue ray too!  also a Top line LCD Viewsonic professional.. so that isn't the issue.



Dangit! I am so happy! no buffering yet!!!! SWEEEEEET!!!




Posted by Bob on April 10, 2008

One last thing.... When I go to full screen mode it is pixelated or just not clear if you know what I mean... How can I get this like TV quality?

The quality of your picture is going to depend on the data transmission speed. More kps equals more pixels available to fill in the screen image.  This may not be a problem when the media player is in a small frame, but becomes more noticeable when you go to full screen. But more kps also produces the network-delay buffering problems.  Short of installing a direct line between yourself and the Telstra server, I’m not sure you can do any more.  


Posted by ovalball on April 10, 2008

Let's not get greedy, lowend!Image removed. I have just enough technical knowledge to know that Bob hit the nail on the head. You can't make things any better than what they're sending, regardless of your capacity.

When I use IE 7 the feed is at 387 kbps. At that rate there will be some blurring, particulalrly when there is fast action. For whatever reason my Firefox feed shows 512 kbps. That is noticeably better, but still not great. My other two broadbnd subscriptions run at 600 & 691 kbps. Better still, but not near TV.

I don't think broadband can reach TV quality without overcoming major issues involving bandwidth transmission and its cost.

I'm just glad I can get my footy. Enjoy!Image removed.


Posted by ovalball on April 10, 2008

At the moment there are absolutely no quality issues because is completely off line.Image removed. Guess I won't watch that Kang/Haw match I missed.

And speaking of quality (of smileys)---How do you use all the extra smileys above the subject line? I'm not bright enough to figure it out.Image removed.

Posted by admincms on April 10, 2008

To use the "smileys": 

If you see a plain textbox for your comment:

  1. click on the triangle to open the "smiley" box and display all the choices
  2. click on the smiley you want to use... it will insert it into the edit box

If you see the fancy edit bar above the textbox with icons (available for certain users depending on your security level):

  1. use the smiley icon on the bar by clicking on it to open a new window with the choices
  2. click on the smiley you want to use and it will insert it into the edit box

Hope this helps.  Post a question in the proper forum area if you still have problems.


Posted by ovalball on April 13, 2008

Everything I attempted to watch was perfect (three full matches and a couple of highlights).

At this point it looks like BigPond/Telstra have straightened things out. Barring any new glitches, that makes the $60 subscriber package a great deal as far as I am concerned. I can watch all the footy I want whenever I want---and they are getting the feeds up promptly.

No more quality reports from me unless something goes wrong. I'm happy as a pig in slops.Image removed.

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