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Okay, I still haven't got this goofy new site figured out.  I finally figured out that I needed to create a gallery before I could upload pictures into the gallery.  But how do I look at an image gallery?  If I click the "image galleries" link on the left, I can edit my gallery.  But I can't look at it.  Based on what I've seen so far, I would like to downgrade my vote regarding this site.  I find it confusing, hard to use, incredibly non-intuitive.  I am NOT impressed.

  -- KC Swan
Posted by admincms on June 10, 2006

We're aware that some aspects of the way this works, particularly when it comes to add on modules like the image one, are not intuitive.  We're working our way thru this, too, and making changes daily.  We're still 19 days from our target live date so it will get better.    Remember, all of the AFANA staff are learning as we go, too.   The menus still need a lot of work and I know that.

That said, it is actually rather logical that you would have to create a "gallery" first before you can upload to it.  The mistake is that we hadn't got around to doing that before you started uploading pictures.   You're just ahead of us.

I suspect what we need to do is to create a menu item or block for viewing the galleries.  I'll look into that in the next few days.   

It's a work in progress.  I'm only half way thru a several hundred item list of tasks for this changeover and it takes time for me to answer all the questions, hold the hands of our staff, etc.  We'll get there.  Ulitimately, this will be better for both our staff and the fans.







Posted by KC Swan on June 11, 2006

The logic of creating a gallery first is lost when the "create content" page doesn't have galleries in it, and no obvious way to move uploaded images into a gallery after the fact.  There really should be a way to create the gallery as the picture is uploaded, for the case such as mine.  Also, is there a way to add images in bulk? Or at least a faster way of getting to the image upload screen?  And can the website make me cappucino while you're at it.

I know, I're going through a lot just trying to get this live.  I'm just trying to pass along my own frustrations with the experience.  I'll just sit tight and watch for it all to get better.  In the meantime, I'll keep uploading my pictures from LA.

  -- Swannie
Posted by admincms on June 11, 2006

The public upload of images is an add-on module to this package.  Thus it isn't integrated as fully into the system as the content features ordinarily do.  Partly this is because it's not extensively developed and partly because this site has strict controls on who can create content of other types.   There is no way to add pictures in bulk, nor will one be implemented. 

We will be linking our Gallery from the old site to this site before we go live.  That has mass upload features and other things.  If you have more than a few photos and they are good, that's really where those belong.  This feature is not for loading 40 or 50 photos at a time.  In that case, we can arrange to get the pics and get them uploaded in bulk.

When we move from this version to the version just released, the menu structure is a bit more logical.  However the new version came along too late in our planning for this for it to make sense to switch over plus it still needs some time to "mature" and the bugs to be worked out.   We will upgrade later this year after the system has been live a while.


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