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Anyone know if/when/where a video of the GF might be available?

Posted by Paat K on October 03, 2008

Click on the featured video link, down and to the right (150 Years of the Melbourne FC), and search Sports Delivered for the 2008 Grand Final.  It is out and should ship soon.

Hope this helps...

Posted by admincms on October 03, 2008

Thanks, Paat.  Exactly right.   I will put the GF video up in the featured video listing shortly. 

AFANA Chairman and Site Admin

Posted by admincms on October 05, 2008


I'll bet you can.  Almost all DVD players sold today "autoconvert" PAL video to NTSC.   In the past five years, we have had only 2 or 3 reports out of hundreds of customers who haven't been able to play the DVDs.   Since SportsDelivered will accept the return of any defective or unplayable video you have little to worry about.   (The reason the DVDs aren't made in NTSC format is because it is rarely been necessary in recent years so they discontinued making two formats.)

AFANA Chairman and Site Admin

Posted by PhilVa on October 16, 2008

I looked at the manual for my DVD player - it's a few years old - and it didn't mention PAL or NTSC.  It did say that it would only play "region 1" - I'm not sure if that is good news or bad news.  Phil 

Posted by admincms on October 16, 2008

Actually, older and / or cheaper DVD players are often better.  But check the "Setup" screens.  It mostly likely has an option to set the video as "PAL". "NTSC", or "Auto" or something similar.  If it does, you are good.  If it doesn't, there is no way to know but try.

The DVDs from Sportsdelivered have no region setting.  So that isn't an issue. 

We have had only one or two returns for this problem in the past five years.  You will most likely be fine.  If not, I'll bet someone here will buy the DVD off of you at face value.

AFANA Chairman and Site Admin

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