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Editorial and commentary from the Chairman of AFANA.

Making North Americans Serious Fans of Aussie Rules

For nearly two decades, our mission at AFANA has been to bring "footy", the colloquial term for Australian football, to audiences in the USA and Canada. We've had some success at that, but we are still a long way from breaking through to widespread knowledge and understanding. The TV audience and exposure have come a long way in just the last few years but we haven't yet reached acceptance as a serious sport in the American landscape. To get there, we have to do more and this year we have launched a variety of initiatives to take the next step. You've seen a few of those changes with the web site and our increased presence in social media. Part of the job is education of the fans and media.

If you want to understand why it is important that we educate fans and journalists in North America about Australian football consider this quote:

AFANA Gets A Facelift

As you have likely already noticed, our look has changed just a bit. We've simplified the layout and moved things around. We're not done but this is the big start. If you are missing something you looked for in the sidebar that is now gone, look at the bottom of the home page. It's likely there. If you are seeing this message and the page is missing our blue banner at the top, press Ctrl-F5 or the equivalent on your browser to force a full reload. We haven't fully finished the reformatting of pages other than our home page and you'll see some missing info on other pages. That should change over the next week or so. We'll update this post if there are any urgent bits of information.

If you have other questions or need help, drop us a note by e-mail [aussiefb -at- afana -period- com] or go to our contact page at but see the note (click "read more") regarding the contact form.
(All known issues have temporary or permanent fixes in place as of 12/30/13. If you have any problems please let us know.)

Known Issues:

Comment submission: We have determined there is a problem with the "comment" system and if you are logged in your comment may not be accepted and the Edit box will be cleared and an error message will appear in red at the top of the page. We have a temporary "fix" in place, however it reverses the behavior of enter and shift-enter when creating new lines or paragraphs.
Should this still not work for you, there are workarounds: A. Submit your comment while you are logged out. It will be accepted and go into moderation. B. Before pressing "Preview", press the "Source" button in the Edit box. Wait for the screen to update. Press the "Source" button a second time. You can now proceed normally.

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Brief Note on International Rules Coverage

Coverage of the International Rules series between Ireland and Australia is on PremierSports TV (only) in the US (and probably Canada, too). It is available via online payment or at many Irish bars and pubs which carry Irish sports. There are two matches; October 19 and 26 at 2 PM EDT (delayed not live if the time they provided is correct). Go to

or call (415) 400-4869 for more info. Cost is $14.99 per match and online at Ustream TV. The AFL has confirmed be no coverage on AFL-TV or Australian radio for North American fans. See for more info.

RTÉ from Ireland will provide live radio coverage on RTÉ Radio 1 beginning at 2:45 PM Dublin time (9:45 AM US EDT) . You can listen at this direct link:

or via their web player at

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Password Safety

Secure Passwords are Important

Since the end of the last AFL season, our site has been under a steady attack from spammers, black hat hackers, and others. With considerable time and effort, we've managed to defeat all of the attempts so far. Not a single user account has been compromised and none of your personal information is at risk. We intend to keep it that way but we need your cooperation.

It is imperative that you have a secure password on all of the web sites you visit including ours.

AFANA Needs Your Support - Will You Help Us?

You can help AFANA!

(Please note:  if you supported us recently, we thank you for your contribution!  We look forward to your future support.)

AFANA is now in its 18th year. One of the things we are forced to do periodically is to ask you for your financial support.  We need your support because we do this for fans but do so without the financial support of the AFL or other footy organizations. Step up and help us in our efforts to continue to keep you informed about AFL coverage .If you benefit from the news and TV schedules we publish, or the assistance we give fans with their coverage problems, please consider making a donation, as without it we can’t continue. (If you are among those who have already donated, please seek out another fan of the sport and encourage them to support us!)

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Why support us? 

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Confusion or Deception: Mixed Messages from AFL

(Ed. note: the following is an editorial from the management of AFANA in response to recent public statements of the AFL CEO.)

Once again, the AFL has muddied the waters and discouraged those working to develop the game internationally  It reinforces the feeling that the AFL talks out of both sides of its mouth. Fans outside Australia are left wondering if they matter to anyone at the AFL headquarters.

Recently, AFL CEO Andrew Demetriou, as reported by the Australian Associated Press and the Melbourne Age newspaper, told the American Chamber of Commerce in Melbourne that the AFL does not plan on being an "international sport". Our

A Note on Advertising Policy

Since our web site first appeared in 1996, AFANA has had a strict policy of not accepting certain types of advertisements.  In part this was because we view this as family friendly site and do not want any content that is either offensive or inappropriate. There are also legal and practical reasons for this.

One particular type of advertisement we have stayed away from is anything to do with gambling, betting, card games, etc. We had legal advice early on, and it has proven to be good, that US law is harsh and unpredictable when it comes to online gambling and sports betting. Way too many websites have come under legal scrutiny in this area.The law is vague so we have foregone any revenue that might be generated by accepting such adverts.

This has proven particularly difficult

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AFL Coverage After FSC Shutdown

Before anyone panics or posts cries of anguish, we want to assure fans that at the time of this post, no change to AFL coverage is known. Should the situation ever change, we will advise fans with reliable, confirmed information on this site as we have done for the past 18 seasons. Now that this is out of the way...

As many readers are aware, Fox announced last week that Fox Soccer Channel will cease operations on August 17th and morph into a new youth oriented channel to be called FXX. Soccer coverage will move to the new Fox Soccer 1. It was previously announced that FS1 will be the basis of a Fox effort to compete with ESPN and will be the new name for the Speed channel. No announcement has been made about the future of Fox Soccer Plus.

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Preliminary Info on 2013 AFL Coverage on TV and Internet

[Revised 8 Feb 2013 with details on Fox plans and Canada and 10, 11, and 12 Feb with more on AFL-TV. Revised 27 Feb with more from Fox. Revised 13 March with more on Fox. Also initial TV schedules were posted on the main TV schedule page.. Readers on the home page please press "Read More" below to see this entire article. Also see the comments.] AFANA has some preliminary information on the internet and TV coverage for the upcoming 2013 season. We will be updating this post over the next few weeks as more information becomes available. Here are the main points to know:

* The AFL has indicated that Fox Soccer Plus (FSP) will provide the same coverage in 2013 as in 2012 and that means two live matches per week with occasional repeats. Fox has not yet responded to our inquiries so we do not have confirmation from their end. However, since this is consistent with what both the AFL and Fox said was the agreed deal for 2012-2014 we have minimal concern. [Update: 27 Feb.: Fox has replied, telling AFANA in part: "We will be broadcasting the 2013 AFL Season. There will be a minimum of 2 live games per week on FOX Soccer Plus, in HD, with the season kicking off Saturday, March 23rd. We will be broadcasting every playoff match including the Grand Final."]

* AFANA is aware of various reports on the plans by Fox to convert several existing channels to national sports channels

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Bulletin: MHz to Drop AFL Coverage After July 7 2012

AFANA was advised this afternoon (6/22/12) that following the July 7th telecast, MHz Networks will drop Australian football.  The announcement suggests financial costs are the reason however we have no detailed explanation.  We will post further information as it becomes available.  Coverage will continue on Fox Soccer Plus. AFANA is deeply disappointed at this unexpected news.  [Ed. note (07/09/12):  Please see the comment below regarding the AFL response.]

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