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AFL Weekly Preview Round 14 2007

by John Loffler


(Last week 5 from 8 total 60 from 104 =57.8%)

Tipsters, this will be a very short but hopefully confidence – inspiring preview this week. Due to commitments other than football, and I apologise profusely for allowing to be distracted by something as insignificant as WORK, and the fact that it is already after 11.00pm in Perth, my addled brain is not functioning cohesively enough to regale you with tall tales but true from the legendary past or with footy news that I am sure you have all read and personally interpreted in your own quaint way. This week we have the Heritage round

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AFL Weekly Preview Round 13 2007

by John Loffler


(Last week 5 from 8 total 55 from 96 =57.3%)

They say a week is a long time in football and there’s some truth in that because these two weeks have been an eternity!!! The Cousins saga continues, Judd out injured for a couple of weeks, Daniher resigns as Melbourne coach and collects $25,000 from the bookies because he was at longer odds than Laidley, Connolly and Wallace as the first coach to go in 2007, Tarrant does a Magpie on the Dockers reminding the Dorks just why they shouldn’t have taken him in the draft and Murphy’s Law takes a grip on Aussie Rules as the Oirish take over the sport by stealth!!

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AFL Weekly Preview Round 10 2007



by John Loffler

(Last week 5 from 8 total 42 from 72 =57.8%)

Yep, Chris Judd got off the eye gouging charge. Was there ever a doubt? I was so annoyed at the Eagles allowing the Hawks to beat them so easily that I was prepared to face the tribunal and punch someone on the nose. I would have got off as well claiming extreme provocation. We tipsters who are a few points down are forced to take a few chances and I bet many of you were thinking this guy is crazy picking Melbourne last week but, hey, it almost paid off and Melbourne suffered another 1 point loss while my tipping fell another point behind. Carlton gave Adelaide a fright and my word, weren’t the Power competitive against Geelong?

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AFL Weekly Preview Round Six 2007


by John Loffler

(Last week 4 from 8. 21 / 40 =52.5%)

Nobody said this was easy. I’m trying to remember a season that started so poorly for tipping based on some early season form exhibited by teams in previous years but alas, old age won’t allow the regression. Diabolical game results may require devilish tipping. There have been a number of assumptions made at the start of the season that probably need revisiting.

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