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Roving Mauls

I would a appreciate a definition and some discussion about "roving mauls".  Critics this year say it prevents the game from being free flowing.  What's this all about?
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Comparison of Contemporary Game Style with Past Decades


There have been articles published this year where senior fans of Australian rules football complain that the game isn't as exciting as it was decades ago.  Are there legitimate points that can be discussed here or are these simply old duffers who just don't seem to think that anything is as good now as when they were young?  I've been a fan for barely five years and I can't compare t



What is going on with LIVEAFLTV???

I can't get espn 3 , so this is my only option , and it hasn't worked for 2 weeks.

Anyone out there , with some info?

Grand Final Ends in a Draw


I think this is a great way to close out a season. It is unique and special, and I am disappointed that the players weren't viewing it from that angle.

Online Radio Coverage From AFL Site


Let's try posting this again - what's up with online radio coverage from the AFL site if you're on a Mac? Are we sc**wed again like we were a couple of years ago?

Boston AFL GF party???


Hey! We are a group of 3 aussies travelling the country and looking for a good AFL GF party!

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