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Friends Turned Out To Be Fans

Let me share a cool thing that happened a couple of weeks ago.  I have a couple of friends who live in Wichita.  We are not real close and don't see each other often.  We were all in Kansas City on February 4 and had dinner with about ten others.  As we were about to leave I put on my Geelong Cats logos hoodie (which I bought at the MCG).  They freaked-out.  "Oh my God! That's our team!" they gushed.  Turns out they are footy fans and I never knew!  Now we share info about the coming AFL season.

Motion Pictures and Television Series About Australian Rules Football

I would appreciate recommendations about motion pictures and or television series that are either about Australian rules football or where stories are set upon a backdrop of footy. I am referring here exclusively to scripted dramas or comedies, not documentaries. There seems to have been some, with varied quality. Are any available to view online or are still on DVD?

Gaelic Football Coverage for 2013


We know many AFL fans also follow Gaelic sports. The coverage of the all Ireland finals for 2013 in hurling and football are up soon. US TV coverage is on Premium Sports for $19.99  / $29.99 (single day / series). Check:

For info on the radio / internet side the folks at RTÉ have a summary here:

AFL Couch Coach


I came across a site named AFL Couch Coach yesterday.  Anybody know anything about this site?

This Isn't Rugby


Anyone know how to tell these fools this isn't rugby?  And this clown says he knows the rules of rugby.  Obviously not very well, or he'd know this isn't rugby.

AFL iPhone App by one of us..


 I have created an afl ladder app to track your fav team for the iphone.  We are looking to expand to BlackBerry and Andriod as well.

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